How To Make Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete is a great way to build structures and give your world a unique look in Minecraft. And the good news is that it can be made by anyone, even beginners, because it is really simple to make.

In the real world, concrete is utilized to build structures and buildings because it is robust and long-lasting, and it’s the same in Minecraft! Concrete makes for a fantastic building material because it is sturdy, long-lasting, and customizable in terms of color.

In this quick guide, I’ll walk you through how to make concrete, including white and powdered concrete. Plus, I’ll do a breakdown of the uses of concrete. 

Materials That You Need To Make Concrete

You must acquire the following resources in order to create concrete in Minecraft. 

  • 4 blocks of Sand
  • 4 blocks of Gravel
  • Colors (Dye)
  • Water source
concrete powder minecraft recipe

Let’s take a look at how to find each of these:


You can find sand in most biomes. You can find it along the edges of rivers and oceans, underground caves and mines and in desert biomes.

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You need to mine sand with a shovel and you need 4 blocks of it.


Gravel can often be found on mountain biomes, underground caves, mineshafts and at the bottom of ocean biomes. You can also buy gravel from locals.

Like sand you need a shovel to mine it. And you are going to need 4 blocks. 


You can find dye by either gathering flowers from the environment, craft them from various materials, or trade with villagers.

There are 16 dye colors and each has a different recipe, so decide which color you want concrete to be and craft that color dye.

Water Source

You can solidify concrete in almost any water source except on rain and water bottles.

Once you have the required supplies, you can start making concrete in Minecraft.

Making Concrete In Minecraft

The first thing to do is open up your crafting table. If you don’t have one, four wooden planks can be combined to make a crafting table. Then right-click on it or press E while facing it.

Next you need to combine Sand, gravel, and colors on the crafting table in order to create concrete.

  • Place the sand blocks on Grid numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Place the grave blocks on Grid numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • Place dye on the 1st box

This will give you 8 blocks of coloured concrete powder which can then be used to make 8 blocks of concrete.

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To make concrete from concrete powder, you need to put it into a water source. Once you put it into something like a river, it will instantly become a solid concrete block.

put in water

Now mine it using a tool like a pickaxe and you can pick these smaller blocks anywhere. Plus, you don’t need to put water in again because they’ll stay solid forever.

How To Make White Concrete In Minecraft

The process of making white concrete, a form of concrete, is pretty much the same except you color it. Sand, gravel, and a white dye are used to create white concrete.

Place four sand, four gravel, and one white dye must be mixed together in the same pattern we did earlier to create a block of white concrete.

Uses Of Concrete in Minecraft

So far we covered how to make concrete, now let’s talk about some uses of concrete in Minecraft. Remember, concrete is usually used as a decorative block, so there are no more uses than decorative uses.

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uses of concrete
  • Concrete can be dyed into different colors to give a certain structure a distinctive look and make it interesting.
  • Concrete can be used to make sounds. When placed under a note block it will make a snare sound. Another thing that can give your structures an interesting look.
  • Concrete is a hard material in minecraft. So it is pretty much immune to most attacks from mobs. 
  • Powdered concrete can be used to make bridges on water. When a powdered concrete block is placed on water it turns into a Solid Concrete Block. So it is an easy solution.

Bottom Line

Making concrete in Minecraft is a fantastic way to give your world a special touch. Due to its hardness and longevity, concrete makes a fantastic building material in Minecraft. 

We have examined how to get the ingredients, and how to make it and uses of concrete in this article. You should be able to create some very beautiful structures in your Minecraft world with this knowledge.