A cover image of CS:Go.

CS:Go is one of the most popular online multiplayer shooters out there. Even though the game is over a decade old as of 2022, it’s still being played by millions of players monthly. The game has also remained a popular game in the world of esports and other competitive tournaments.

CS:Go is mainly played on PC. However, the game is also available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There are still a handful of players out there who enjoy playing on these older consoles. If you happen to know some of these players, or you are one, you may be disappointed to learn of CS:Go’s cross-platform limitations.

CS:Go’s Limited Cross-Platform Feature

It’s unfortunate for some, but those who play CS:Go on PC will only be able to play with others who are also on PC. Similarly, those who play this classic shooter on Xbox 360 will only be able to play with other Xbox 360 players. The same applies to PlayStation 3 players.

However, CS:Go’s available on PC isn’t limited to Windows users. The game can also be played on macOS and Linux devices. This is where the game’s cross-platform feature becomes a bit more useful.

PC players can play with other PC players online whether they’re on Windows, Mac, or Linux. This is the only cross-platform feature CS:Go has implemented as of writing.

Should You Play CS:Go on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?

A gameplay screenshot of CS:Go.

Whether or not you should play CS:Go on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 solely depends on your preference. If you have other friends who are also playing on the same platform as you, then that’s even better.

However, you should know that Valve has stopped releasing updates for the console versions of the game. This means Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 CS:Go players are playing an outdated version of the game. Meanwhile, the PC version of the game has been consistently receiving updates, making it way smoother and more enjoyable to play.

On top of having a more updated version of the game, you’ll also be able to get matched to more players on PC. As mentioned earlier, most CS:Go players play on PC. Its lobbies are filled with more players. Thus, you’ll be a part of servers with more players to match with.

Is Cross Platform Play Available for Minecraft in 2023?

Cross platform play for Minecraft in 2023 is a highly anticipated feature among gamers. With minecraft cross platform in 2023, players hope to connect and play with friends regardless of their chosen gaming device. This seamless compatibility would create a vibrant and diverse player community, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the game. Many are eagerly awaiting official announcements regarding this exciting development in the world of Minecraft.

Will CS:Go Come Out on Newer Consoles?

At this point, it is very unlikely that Valve will work on CS:Go for newer generation consoles. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are both widely beloved consoles, but it seems they will never be home to the latest title from the Counter-Strike series.

Valve is very aware of the game’s popularity among the PC community. If CS:Go were to be updated, it wouldn’t be for the consoles. It would be for the PC version of the game.

This is yet another reason why players may as well stick with the game’s PC version. They’ll be able to do cross-platform matches with other PC players there, fight more players online, and receive more timely and progressive updates for the game.