Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

Whether you’re playing on a server or a single-player word, you’ve likely gotten tired of a massive space filled with the same boring-looking chests.

While there are many choices for storage if you mod your game, unmodded servers often get left behind in design ideas. These 10 Minecraft Storage drawers are vanilla-friendly and will transform your storage room.

10 Best Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

While most of these options should work no matter how you play, a few only work in Java Minecraft (desktop/PC Minecraft), and some only work in Bedrock (Console Minecraft). 

1. TV Stand Shelves

Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

This low-profile storage solution makes a great addition to a living room. It even has some floating shelves (made from trap doors) to keep your decor in place.

The “pulled out” drawer can be made using a wood slab and a sign on the front of a barrel. You can place items on top of a barrel (instead of opening the barrel for storage) by shift-clicking while holding the item you want to set.

2. Clothing Cupboard

Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

This clothing cupboard has some modded storage below the armor and clock, but the premise can stay the same in vanilla Minecraft by replacing the drawers with a barrel. 

It uses trap doors to create the thin frame of the cabinet. You can hang the clock on the wall using an invisible item frame and keep your armor “floating” by using an invisible armor stand. 

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3. Cubby Storage

This cubby storage is the perfect way to keep your items stored.

To create this eye-pleasing addition, you can shift-click to place barrels on the wall. You can use the same shift-click method to place items on top of barrels without accidentally opening them. 

Sprucewood trap doors make up the outside of this design to create a cohesive cabinetry effect.

4. Desk Storage

Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

This completely vanilla, survival-friendly desk will create an unmistakably homey feeling in your Minecraft house. It’s made from only stairs, bookcases, a lectern, barrels, spruce trap doors, a lantern, an item frame, and a journal. 

5. Barrel Drawers

Barrel drawers are a great way to add the illusion of handles to your storage. These four options are perfect for any Minecraft office or bedroom.

The armor stand is ideal for anyone with a complete set of Netherite (or other impressive) armor they’re saving for an important fight. 

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6. Armor Stand and Wardrobe

This armor stand and wardrobe use the barrel drawer design to create lower drawers and some other clever tricks to make a realistic clothing cabinet. 

In addition, it uses a spruce wood door to add a door to your cabinet. This approach helps sell the illusion that you’re storing many clothes in your closet.

7. Storage Wall

Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

One of the most versatile options in this list of Minecraft drawers is this storage wall. With one, you’ll be utilizing as much space as possible in your storage room—vertically and horizontally. While this wall is functional, it’s also pleasing to the eye with its hanging lanterns and carefully placed accent blocks. 

This storage wall uses a similar strategy as the barrel drawers, with a combination of signs, item frames, barrels, and slabs creating the illusion of drawer handles.

8. Over Bed Storage

Minecraft Storage Drawers Ideas

If you’ve ever found yourself using your bedroom in Minecraft to sleep and nothing else, this could be for you. 

The barrel “cabinets” over your bed will maximize your space, but you can also add some greenery and a run to get a bedroom you’ll want to re-create in every new game.

9. Bedroom Shelves

This design works well as a go-to for anyone that doesn’t want to use barrels but still wants a pleasing storage solution.

The pattern uses leaves, spruce wood trap doors, chests, an ender chest, a lantern, spruce slabs, and a pot with a tulip to create survival-friendly, easy-to-make storage. 

10. Potion Ingredient Storage

This potion ingredient storage looks good while expanding your available storage. Waterlogged stairs provide water to your brew stations, allowing you to save time constantly refilling potion bottles.

Nether Wart grows in the incomplete darkness underneath the barrels for easy access. Extra potion ingredients can also be stored in the barrels. 

You’ll only need a few easy-to-find ingredients, and no modding is required. 

How To Make a Drawer in Minecraft

A few entries on this list use a specific drawer concept common in vanilla designs. The key to creating these drawers in Minecraft is to use barrels. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make cabinets in Minecraft:

  1. Put down barrels where you want drawers
  2. Shift-click on the barrels to place an item frame. These act as the “faces” of your cabinet. 
  3. Place the item you want to use as a drawer handle in the item frame. Many creators use slabs, which come out to the size of a regular drawer handle. You can use any slab material you want.
  4. Shift-click on the barrels’ faces while holding a sign in your preferred color to finish the design.

Minecraft Containers

While Minecraft has come out with many decorative blocks (especially in recent years), the number of container blocks (blocks that can hold other blocks) remains limited. To give you an idea of what you can use in your storage room, these are the current Minecraft containers and their required ingredients:

  • Brewing Stands: Three cobblestones (or equivalent) and a blaze rod
  • Chests: Eight wooden planks
  • Trapped Chests: Chest and a tripwire
  • Shulker Boxes: Chest and two Shulker shields
  • Ender Chests: Eight obsidian and one ender eye
  • Furnaces: Eight cobblestones
  • Droppers: Seven cobblestones and one Redstone
  • Dispensers: Seven cobblestones, one Redstone, and one bow
  • Hoppers: One chest and five iron ingots
  • Barrels: Two slabs of wood and six wood planks

Wrapping Up

Minecraft players have found thousands of ways to customize their homes and storage in the game, even with limited tools and items. These Minecraft drawer designs are simple, many are pleasing to the eyes, and they all can transform how you use storage in your home.