How To Make Powered Rails In Minecraft

Powered rails were first introduced all the way back in 2010 and have been a staple block in transportation and redstone mechanics.

This block has gone through multiple updates with redesigns and bug fixes, though the crafting recipe has remained the same throughout the years.

Powered Rails can be found placed along the ground in Mineshafts and in minecarts with chests, but they can also be crafted for redstone projects.

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of how to make powered rails in minecraft and how to find the items you need to make it.

How To Make Powered Rails

Let’s take a look at what items you need to make powered rails first and how to craft or get them.

Make the Powered Rails

Items Needed

In order to make powered rails you will need 1 stick, 1 redstone dust and 6 gold ingots. You can only make powered rails in a 3×3 crafting menu so a crafting table is needed.

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Stick: To make a stick, you need wooden planks or bamboo which come from trees. Afterwards open up your crafting table and arrange them in a straight line which will craft sticks.

Redstone Dust: To make redstone dust, you need to mine redstone ore using a tool like an iron pickaxe. You can find this ore underground in the Overworld. Just put one block in the crafting table and it will give you redstone dust.

Gold Ingots: To make gold ingots you have to smelt raw gold or gold ore in a furnace. You can find gold ore in the Overworld as well and you need a pickaxe or something higher to mine it.

Making Powered Rails

After acquiring the necessary items, open up your crafting table and follow these steps:

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  • Place the stick in the middle of the crafting grid
  • Next place the redstone dust in the 8th square of the crafting grid right below the stick 
  • Afterwards fill the first and third columns with the 6 gold ingots in each square. 

The ingredients must be placed exactly like this in the crafting grid to acquire powered rails.

The crafting ingredients and recipe are the exact same in Minecraft Bedrock edition.

Why Make Powered Rails?

As mentioned earlier Powered Rails are used for transportation purposes and redstone machinery.

Powered Rails that are activated with a redstone signal can give a moving minecart a significant boost in speed, but inactive Powered Rails can also act as a brake and slow down or completely stop a moving minecart.

Why Make Powered Rails

Other than the “Powered” aspects of Powered Rails they’d act like the regular Rails found in the game.

Bottom Line

Making powered rails in Minecraft is a simple process as long as you have all the items you need. You can make powered rails by combining gold ingots, redstone dust, and sticks. These rails can be used to power minecarts and increase their speed.