Cursor Not Locked In CSGO

Did your cursor decide to wander off in the middle of a bloody gun battle in CSGO? Happened to me a number of times and it just messes up everything and is really annoying.

On the plus side, that made me research and master pretty much all cursor issues in CSGO. And you are in luck too because in this post, I’ll share everything I know! 

This guide will examine why your cursor not locked in CSGO and some of the typical cursor locking problems and offer some quick fixes to get you back into the game as soon as possible.

Causes of Cursor Not Locked In CSGO

Before we get into the causes, you need to double check if the cursor is actually locked inside the game.

Causes of Cursor Not locking In CSGO

To do this you must first hit the Shift key on your keyboard. After doing so, move your mouse over the Game Menu in the top left corner of the screen. If your cursor is locked, moving it over the menu options won’t move it.

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Your cursor in CSGO may lock for a number of reasons. These are some of the most typical reasons are either issues with the graphic card, or having other programs open.

Graphic Card Issues

Problems with the graphics card are one of the most frequent causes of cursor lock issues. 

Your cursor may become frozen in CSGO if your graphics card is out-of-date or malfunctioning. You need to either update or buy a new graphics card in this situation.

Conflicting Programs

Conflicts in the program are yet another prevalent cause of this issue. Your CSGO cursor may become frozen if two software packages you’re using conflict with one another.

In this scenario, you must locate the programs and close one of them.

Tips for Fixing Cursor Not Locked In CSGO

Hopefully at this point you’ve been able to resolve your CSGO cursor lock issues. If not, don’t panic; we still have some advice for you.

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Try rebooting your computer first. This is one of the simplest options, and it can be all that is required.

In the event that that fails, try using a different mouse and see if that works. If not, try checking the game cache. This procedure makes sure that all of your game files are current and working correctly. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

You can also try playing around with display settings to figure out if it’s an issue with your monitor.

If nothing of these approaches resolves the issue, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. By doing this, you can reset your game settings and data and start over. But before doing this, make sure to make a backup of any vital files.

How to Change the Windows Mouse Settings

Checking your Windows mouse settings should be your next step if you’re still having difficulties locking your cursor in CSGO.

How to Change the Windows Mouse Settings

The first step is to confirm that acceleration is turned on. Acceleration allows you to move the mouse at various speeds, which can improve your CSGO cursor speed. By selecting the Control Panel and then going to Mouse Settings > Pointer Options, you can make changes.

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Make sure to check the “Enhance pointer precision” option when you get there. This should improve your cursor control while playing CSGO.

The mouse speed slider can be modified as a second option. If it’s set too low, your cursor won’t have enough room to go around in CSGO normally.

Returning to Mouse Settings > Pointer Options, scroll down until you find the Speed slider bar to change this value. When playing CSGO, make sure it is adjusted so that the cursor movement seems natural (not too fast or too sluggish).

Making Use of a Mouse Optimization Tool

To ensure that your gaming mouse’s settings are perfect, one thing you can do is use a mouse optimization program. You can modify the DPIs, polling rates, acceleration levels, and other mouse parameters using this program.

However, It’s crucial to use caution when utilizing a mouse optimization tool. Excessive keyboard configuration tinkering exposes your device to compatibility risks and maybe harm. So go slowly and make just necessary adjustments until everything feels natural for your game experience.

Bottom Line

Try some of the troubleshooting advice we’ve outlined in this article if you’re experiencing difficulties locking your cursor in CSGO. Hopefully one of them will assist you with locking your cursor so you can begin playing without any uncomfortable pauses.