Minecraft Modpacks

The open-world, free-reign spirit of Minecraft has led to one of the largest modding communities in all of gaming. Overall, the number of mods spawned from pop culture, imaginative concepts, and other games is immeasurable, and it’d be impossible to explore all of them.

Enter modpacks.

Modpacks are convenient compilations of Minecraft mods that synergize and work well with each other to create a cohesive experience that deviates from vanilla Minecraft. These packs include dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of mods and are often loaded through mod loaders such as Curseforge, Technic launcher, and FTB.

There are so many modpacks out there that it’s hard to choose which one you want to dedicate your time to. Some sound good on paper, but once you load up a world, they’re underwhelming and not quite what you expected. 

So! To avoid ceaselessly scrolling through pages of hastily thrown-together packs that aren’t worth your time, here are the 22 best Minecraft Modpacks of all time.

Best Minecraft Modpacks

1. Tekkit

best minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.6.4

Download Tekkit here

If you like engineering and complex mechanics, Tekkit is a good Minecraft modpack.

A little backstory: Tekkit was one of the first modpacks ever. When Minecraft was gaining vast amounts of traction about a decade ago, this modpack came out and was highlighted by the popular group of YouTubers known as the Yogscast. Since then, it’s evolved and branched out into multiple versions.

Tekkit mainly revolves around building and crafting, but on a much higher level than Minecraft. The use of logistics, energy, circuitry, and industrial machinery are at the core of this pack, and you can do some pretty neat stuff. For example, you can create an automated factory that produces diamonds, develop weapons of mass destruction, and even explore space!

This classic pack isn’t for everyone, as it can get pretty tedious and requires lots of technical crafting, but those who enjoy Tekkit will agree that it’s one of the best modded Minecraft packs out there.

2. RLCraft

best minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download RlCraft here

If you think regular Minecraft is too easy and are looking to up the difficulty, then RlCraft is the pack for you. This awesome Minecraft modpack is notoriously hard, and you can expect to die repeatedly before making any sort of progress. If you want to play this one in hardcore mode, you can forget about it.

So what makes RlCraft so hard? Well, to start, there are added elements that change how you play the game. For example, you now must pay attention to hydration, temperature, and broken bones. You don’t heal automatically, but you’re a lot more fragile than regular Minecraft and can get done in just one shot from a skeleton.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the landscape is swarming with dangerous creatures like manticores and dragons that’ll ensure you lose all your hard-earned progress the moment they see you. 

RLCraft isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you think you’re up for the challenge, give it your best shot!

3. Pixelmon

fun minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download Pixelmon here

Have you ever wanted to play Pokemon in Minecraft? Well, now you can with one of the most popular Minecraft modpacks: Pixelmon.

Like Tekkit, Pixelmon is an older modpack that still exists and flourishes today. It combines the elements of Minecraft and Pokemon to create a uniform experience where you can go around the infinite blocky world and collect various Pokemon.

Something to note about this one is that the creature models are really well-designed and add a lot to your Minecraft world. Of course, Pokemon aren’t the only thing this modpack has to offer; there are also gyms, Pok√© Balls, new biomes, and a few other cool items.

Since Pixelmon has evolved alongside Pokemon throughout the years, many of the new-gen Pokemon have been added to the game, so this pack never gets outdated!

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4. Sky Factory 4

minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download Sky Factory 4 here

Skyblock is a Minecraft staple that takes the game to the extreme and has you survive on a tiny dirt island floating in the endless void with only a tree, a bucket of lava, and some water. Since its release, there have been many altercations to this twist, but none have been more in-depth and technical than Sky Factory.

Unlike skyblock, which wasn’t originally a mod, Sky Factory is a modpack that takes the concept of a cramped sky island and industrializes it. With the most recent version, Sky Factory 4, you’ll do far more than build cobblestone platforms and tree farms; you’ll create vast factories of mass production and literally create an empire from nothing.

The startup to Sky Factory 4 is a bit slow, but once you get the ball rolling, it becomes one of the more fun modpacks for Minecraft to play with your friends.

5. Crazy Craft

fun minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.7.10

Download Crazy Craft here

For those of you looking for some cool Minecraft modpacks, then look no further! Crazy Craft is here!

Crazy Craft is one of the most insane modpacks out there, and while it can be taxing on your computer without a decent setup, it has a lot to offer. At the core of this pack, Orespawn provides some of the biggest, baddest mobs you’ll ever face. Some are next to impossible to defeat even with the best items, and you’ll be scratching your head about what you can do. 

(Hint: the pack also adds in some stupidly overpowered weapons.)

With roughly 88 mods, Crazy craft adds in hundreds of new structures, creatures, tools, mechanics, magic, and much, much more.

Words fail to justify this incredible pack, and you should experience it firsthand to see how “crazy” it really is.

6. Hexxit 2

minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download Hexxit 2 here

The second installation of Hexxit is your gateway to a Minecraft experience filled with magic, dungeons, artifacts, and tons of loot.

Centered mainly around exploration, you can traverse the landscape battling pirates, mummies, and beasts while mastering the dark arts. There’s lots of treasure to be found and multiple dimensions to hop to, so you’ll never have a dull moment in the land of Hexxit.

If you’re tired of crafting complex recipes and want to get right into the nitty-gritty action, knee-deep in heart-pounding boss battles, then there are exciting adventures waiting for you in Hexxit 2.

7. Farming Valley

good modpacks for minecraft

Minecraft version: 1.10.2

Download Farming Valley here

The title “Farming Valley” is a not-so-subtle play on the hit indie farming game Stardew Valley, and it changes Minecraft to be focused on, well, farming.

Farming Valley is a more laid-back experience as you don’t have to grind like in Tekkit or worry about dying every few seconds in RlCraft. Instead, your goal is to create a small town where you’ll grow crops, raise livestock, and interact with the villagers. 

Unlike many other modpacks, there’s an economy in this one, and you’ll spend time accruing the money to expand your village. There are four seasons, and each one has a unique set of plants that you can grow for their duration.

There’s more to Farming Valley than just these aspects, but that’s the general gist of it. It’s not as intense as other modpacks and aims to give players a chill playthrough.

8. SevTech: Ages

good modpacks for minecraft

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download SevTech: Ages here

One common complaint about Minecraft is that the progression is a bit unbalanced. You can go from collecting wood to finding diamonds in a matter of minutes, and there isn’t an end goal other than defeating the ender dragon (which is, admittedly, underwhelming.)

SevTech: Ages eliminates this problem and adds a sense of progression to your Minecraft world. You quite literally start with the technology of a caveman and have to progress through the ages by completing tasks to become an advanced, space-faring civilization.

Playing through this one is extremely slow at first, but it’s engineered to be like that. It’s great for players who enjoy working towards something and seeing how far they can go.

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9. Better Minecraft

fun minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.16.5

Download Better Minecraft here

The Better Minecraft modpack is like an honorary Minecraft 2. It has a whole bunch of stuff not in the base game but doesn’t add anything that changes the gameplay.

Not only do you get some quality-of-life additions like minimaps and OptiFine, but this modpack overloads your world with tons of new features to explore. New bosses, dimensions, biomes, blocks, and more all give you something to play around with once you get bored with vanilla Minecraft.

This modpack also enhances some aspects of the base game, making them better. For example, there are new villager jobs, ender dragon taming, and more naturally generated structures. 

Better Minecraft is a pack for those who want to spruce up their Minecraft world without completely changing the game’s mechanics.

10. FTB Infinity Evolved

best modpacks for minecraft

Minecraft version 1.7.10

Download FTB Infinity Evolved here

Infinity Evolved is a Feed the Beast (FTB) modpack that facilitates pretty much any playstyle you could want. From questing to engineering to farming to magic, this pack has it all. 

If you want to play modded Minecraft with a few pals, but can’t decide which one to go for, then Infinity Evolved is your solution. It’s a multi-purpose modpack that gives you free rein of whatever you want to do and, overall, brings a lot to the table.

With over 150 exciting mods, you’ll never run out of things to do with this one.

11. TownCraft

best minecraft modpacks to play with friends

Minecraft version 1.12.2

Download TownCraft here

TownCraft is a massive modpack that focuses on creating civilizations and connecting them with various means of transportation. You’ll create railroad tracks, ships, and even airports to expand to far ends of the world.

Of course, you start from humble beginnings. You’ll spawn in a cave and have to make your way up to the surface world, where you’ll be provided with some supplies, a ship, and a few villages. From here, you will build, mine, and craft your way to success and rebuild an empire that has long been forgotten.

TownCraft is fun to play around with, and it’s highly recommended for people who love building.

12. Jurassic World Reborn

best minecraft modpacks to play with friends

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download Jurassic World Reborn here

Jurassic World Reborn adds some of the most amazing, well-animated dinosaur models in all of Minecraft. With this mod, you’ll get to see creatures of the land, sky, and sea, each with their own unique AI, in your Minecraft world and can choose to interact with them or stay clear of their path.

This mod pack adds more than just dinosaurs; there are a plethora of resources to help you along your journey and enhance your gaming experience. There are several weapons, vehicles, and other exciting machines that allow you to do some pretty cool stuff.

Just like in Jurassic Park, you can take DNA and revive ancient creatures in a lab built by you and even do some dinosaur husbandry. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and dig up some fossils!

13. PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse

popular minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.16.5

Download PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse here

For those of you survivalist experts out there who relish the thought of a challenge, then you might want to take a look at PwrDown’s Zombie Apocalypse modpack. It’s not quite as hard as RlCraft, but it’s still pretty difficult.

So what do you get with this graphic modpack? Zombies. Hundreds and hundreds of new, horrifying zombie types. That would be fine, except that they don’t burn in daylight, and they’re always on the hunt for you.

To help you out in your quest for survival, you can craft various weapons to combat the hoards of zombies, and there are many randomly generated structures filled with valuable loot.

Making it through the zombie apocalypse isn’t easy, but it’ll be a blast once you get the hang of it. Plus, it’s an extra experience for when the apocalypse DOES happen.

14. New Line (One Piece Modpack)

popular minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.15.2

Download New Line here

Wealth, fame, power; these elements and more comprise one of the top Minecraft modpacks and turn your vanilla world into an expansive sea of adventure. Based on the hit series “One Piece,” New Line stuffs your game with an incredible amount of mods to create an immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re really on the Grand Line.

If you’re familiar with the series, then you’ll adore what they’ve done with this pack. From character mobs to devil fruits, you’ll have the power to set sail and explore the vast oceans in search of treasure and lost history. 

So come aboard and raise the sails because adventure awaits in New Line!

15. Valhelsia 3

most popular minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.16.5

Download Valhesia 3 here

Another good Minecraft modpack that tries to accommodate everyone is Valhelsia 3. It takes all the most popular mods and combines them to produce an all-encompassing, playstyle expansive experience. 

If you play a lot of modded Minecraft, you’ll recognize a lot of the mods within this pack. It has anything and everything you could possibly want and is perhaps the pinnacle of modpacks. Well, it IS missing a few important ones, like Ender IO and Tinker’s Construct, but it gets a pass due to its sheer size.

In a sense, it’s kind of like Infinity evolved. They’re, of course, slightly different in the mods they incorporate, but the execution is relatively the same. Both modpacks aim to cover every base regarding how players want to play the game and allow free dictation over which direction someone wants to go.

16. Lapito’s Galacticraft

minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version 1.12.2

Download Laipto’s Galacticraft here

You’ve explored the oceans in New Line. You’ve created vast cities in TownCraft and caught all the Pokemon in Pixelmon: now it’s time to take to the skies and conquer space.

Using nuclear reactors to power your efforts, you’ll create spaceships and bases on other worlds to take over the universe. There are plenty of aliens to see and planets to visit in Lapito’s Galacticraft, and the stars are your limit. 

When you’ve got nothing left in your Minecraft world, there’s nowhere to go but up.

17. Text 3

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download Tekxit 3 here

Tekkit is centered around crafting, engineering, and science. Hexxit focuses on magic and exploration. Both have their ups and downs, and at the end of the day, it can be hard to choose between them.

Well, if you’re a person of science in the brain, but a magical wizard at heart, then Tekxit 3 is your gateway to euphoria. This modpack combines everything players love about Tekkit and Hexxit into a uniform experience and sprinkles in a little extra spice.

Whether you want to conquer your foes with dark arts or automate the world with unlimited power, Tekxit 3 has everything to satisfy your magical, scientific needs.

18. Regrowth

minecraft modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.19.2

Download Regrowth here

Regrowth is basically Wall-E meets Minecraft. You start in a barren wasteland with no signs of life and limited resources. Your ultimate objective is to replenish the world and revive the planet, so you can advance in science and society.

When you first load in, you’ll find that life is sparse, there are no ores anywhere, and the only thing that decorates the deserted lands are dead trees. Using the guidebook you spawn in with; you’ll have to get creative and find new ways of recreating resources that were once abundant in the world. 

This modpack completely breaks the game and changes how you would conventionally play Minecraft. It’s a unique yet compelling experience and highly recommended for players who enjoy progressing from rags to riches.

19. Fabulously Optimized

Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.19.2 (regularly updated)

Download Fabulously Optimized here

Out of all the entries on this Minecraft modpack list, Fabulously Optimized is probably the most different as it doesn’t add anything physical to the game but instead makes it run better.

If your computer doesn’t handle the base game too well, or you want to run some graphics-heavy resource packs, then this modpack can help optimize functions and allow your game to run much more smoothly.

Once again, this mod doesn’t add anything new to vanilla Minecraft. It seeks to enhance the player experience and improve overall performance.

20. Cottage Craft

Best Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.18.2

Download Cottage Craft here

Like Farming Valley, Cottage Craft aims to give players a more relaxing playthrough of Minecraft. Taking a break from all the crafting intense, battle-centric modpacks out there, Cottage Craft is a cutesy little compilation of mods and is an absolute aesthetic. 

When walking around your magical world, you’ll come across adorable creatures like frogs and birds, as well as giant beasts such as whales. You can also get in touch with your witch side, as there are tons to do with magic, brewing, and cooking.

What really ties the cottage-core aesthetic in all of this are the new blocks, textures, and biomes. It’s quite a cozy experience and a fun place to explore.

If you’re ready to take mysticism to the next level, you’ll have a great time questing and chilling in a tiny mushroom cottage in this comfortable modpack.

21. MineColonies

Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.19.2

Download MineColonies here

MineColonies is another one of those colony builder modpacks but does economy and societal structure better than all the competitors.

In this complex set of mods, you’ll create a town and rule over the NPC villagers that live there. Each villager has a unique job, such as a farmer, delivery person, fisherman, and more, and contributes to the economy in their own way. Your objective is to effectively manage them and ensure that you’re setting your colony up to be the best it can be.

Complete with well-designed buildings, character models, and new mechanics, MineColonies will fully change how you approach the game and provide an invigorating, tactical playthrough.

22. MC Eternal

Minecraft Modpacks

Minecraft version: 1.12.2

Download Mc Eternal here

To end this Minecraft modpack list, we’ll leave you off with a popular modpack known as MC Eternals. 

MC Eternals focuses primarily on questing and finding incredibly powerful artifacts (such as armor and weapons), but there are a whole bunch of other elements that create a versatile experience as well.

It’s crazy to think about when you see just how much content is loaded into this pack, and it’s another way to satisfy multiple play styles. The RPG-like systems run deep and offer over 750 quests, but the real highlight is the awesome boss battles. Not only do these bosses look cool, but their attack animations are top-tier in the modding community. 

If you can’t decide which modpack you want to go with after reading this list, then just go with MC Eternals. 

It’s easier this way.


Well, there you have it! This has been a well-rounded list of the top 22 Minecraft modpacks. If you were stumped on which pack you wanted to download before, hopefully, you have a much clearer picture of what each one’s about after reading this article.

The Minecraft modding community has a lot to offer, so, understandably, many people have trouble navigating it. Still, once you’ve found that perfect modpack, you won’t want to stop playing.

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