minecraft house ideas

Playing Minecraft is fun because there are always exciting things to build. You can travel the game gathering resources and making anything your imagination can create. You should start with houses to make a base or construct a village. 

Following Minecraft house designs step by step shows you the basic builds you can customize to suit your style. So, without further ado, let’s look at the best Minecraft house ideas!

1. Compact Modern House

Compact Modern House

Starting with small Minecraft house ideas gives you the basic knowledge necessary for building without wasting time or space in the game. This tutorial shows you how to build a house five blocks wide and five blocks long, so it fits in a compact area. But don’t worry about space for your bed and storage—it’s three stories tall, so there’s plenty of room.

The beauty of a compact house is that every square block has a purpose, so you’re designing with intention. This design gives you a good foundation for building with other blueprints.

2. Easy Minecraft Modern House

Easy Minecraft Modern House

Wooden structures are some of the most straightforward houses to build in Minecraft because the resource is so plentiful. Wooden blocks make up the foundation of this house, but the tutorial shows you how to add standard and dark Quartz blocks to level up the exterior aesthetic.

It’s a great way to learn more about building houses since it has a unique two-story blueprint. Once you have the structure, you can then customize the outside elements.

3. Modern Minecraft House

Modern Minecraft House

This tutorial plays on the skills you’ve built with the first two modern designs but adds an exciting element of an overhang. The final structure looks like two blocks stacked precariously on each other, but it’s a sturdy base for your character.

The entire house stands above the ground, requiring sleek stairs for access. Most of the walls are windows, keeping this minimalistic space bright during the day. Use the overhang as a roof for an outdoor patio to make the most of the area.

4. Minecraft Wooden House

Minecraft Wooden House

Minecraft house designs start simple so that you can harness your building ability. Using wooden blocks as your starting point is ideal because you can get many resources. This house uses all wood for the foundation, pillars, stairs, and balcony.

The tutorial shows you how to take advantage of all the space. You can put your animals beneath the balcony to make the most of your land.

5. Two-Story Wooden House

Two-Story Wooden House

Building a multiple-story house takes advantage of the land because you only need a particular area to build. Maximizing the space by building upwards gives you additional space, and this build makes your two-story house look inviting. The tutorial shows you how to build the necessary interior rooms and adds design interest to the exterior.

The outside steps are an excellent addition because you can run upstairs outside. It cuts down to opening the front door, going inside, and then climbing the stairs for safety or supplies.

6. Wooden Modular House

Wooden Modular House

Since everything in Minecraft is blocky, building houses with architecture that best suits all those angles is fun. The modular architecture looks like you created each portion individually and then combined it into one structure. The tutorial for this modular house uses different wooden blocks for each element to capture that aesthetic.

After you put the modular rooms in place, you can add design elements to tie the structure together. Vines and greenery help it look like an inviting house in your village, and windows keep the interior bright.

7. Beach House

Beach House

A beach house is a lovely vacation location, so why not build one in Minecraft? You’ll have a spawn point near the open water, which makes for a beautiful view, so this tutorial is a great experience.

The wooden blocks make this house complement the sand, but you can also add greenery to help it look lush. The entrance pillars look like an actual beach house raised above the waters, and you can decorate the interior with an ocean theme.

8. Apartment House

Apartment House

Some people live in apartment buildings instead of free-standing houses, so why not provide the same option in Minecraft? This apartment house is an excellent way to add several living spaces to a small area of your land. The modular design fits in with a contemporary town or village, and you can add greenery to the roof, so it looks nice with its surroundings.

The tutorial shows you how to build a four-story apartment building, but once you understand how to design each room, the sky’s the limit.

9. Aquarium House

Aquarium House

When you start building cool Minecraft houses, you’ll see that the basic knowledge helps you greatly. You know how to make a home, and this tutorial shows you how to add creativity to the structure’s rooms. You’ll add an aquarium that spans two floors. The glass walls keep the design open, which works nicely with the entrance stairs.

You’ll learn to add water, plants, and fish to the aquarium. Depending on the elements you add, you can put plants around the house’s border to enhance the look even more.

10. House With Swimming Pool

House With Swimming Pool

Once you’ve built a few houses, you can try changing the exterior. Make sure you have enough land to create the right size house, then leave the surrounding space for a swimming pool. You can follow the exact tutorial at first to get the hang of it, then have fun with the design. You can make the pool surrounding the house like a moat or a unique-shaped pool.

Put a fence around the pool just as you would in real life. You don’t want random critters walking around and falling into your pool, leaving a mess to clean up.

11. Minecraft Snow Houses

Minecraft Snow Houses

Finding Minecraft houses to build in a snowy biome is a great way to add interest to the blank white landscape. This tutorial shows you how to create a winter mansion with Christmas lights strung across the front balcony. You can add other decorations, like evergreen plants, in the windows and a Christmas tree inside.

Since you’re building in cold weather, make sure you add in the fireplace and chimney to stay warm inside. The wraparound porch and balcony give you a beautiful view of the snowy expanse.

12. Minecraft Pretty House

Minecraft Pretty House

You can argue that every Minecraft house is pretty, depending on your taste, but plenty of cute Minecraft house ideas are available. This one harnesses the cottagecore aesthetic to show you how to build a cottage that looks best in a forest.

You’ll build the white house and use wooden blocks for cute trim. Surround the exterior with a signature white picket fence, which you can use as a border for the second-floor balcony.

13. Minecraft Cozy Houses

Minecraft Cozy Houses

Minecraft cozy houses can refer to the size, with cozy meaning small, or the aesthetic. This tutorial combines both definitions of the word to teach you how to build a cute, tiny cottage. You’ll learn how to make a compact two-story structure with a cozy room added to the side.

Decorating with wooden window boxes that grow bright flowers adds to this property’s cozy element. Build a fire and watch smoke billow serenely from the stone chimney for 

14. Minecraft Treehouse

Minecraft Treehouse

When it comes to Minecraft’s unique houses, treehouses are some of the coolest. This building is ideal for forests and jungles because you already have the tree structure as the starting point. You don’t have to level them all to build a house on the ground because you can use what’s already there.

This tutorial completely embraces the idea of living in a tree with hanging interior lights, using the treetop as a natural roof, and using glass to keep the whole structure looking bright and open.

15. Underground House

Underground House

Most of the houses in Minecraft involve building on the land. You can even design homes above the ground, in the case of treehouses. But you can also make an underground structure to take advantage of every inch of the game’s area.

You’ll go one floor below the Earth to create four separate rooms for this house. The tutorial shows you how to make a rounded exterior wall, which you can hide with shrubs at the ground level. 

16. Underground Survival House

Underground Survival House

After your experience building an underground house, you should push yourself to start building in survival mode. This underground survival house is bigger and more detailed than the previous build, but it’s still minimalistic. You can dig down into the Earth and line the ground with stone, then use wood to build the interior design elements.

From above, you can look right into the house because it’s covered with glass panes. You’re still safe from invasions, though, since the tutorial shows you how to hide the entrance.

17. Modern City House

Modern City House

Instead of building an ancient-looking village, you can design a bustling modern city when you include this house. It looks sleek like it’s made of stainless steel, to give your town a futuristic vibe. However, the resource you’ll use most is concrete blocks to eliminate texture and color.

Keep the modern feel in mind as you decorate the grounds and interior. Nicely designed hedges provide the ideal exterior and can keep critters out of the pool.

18. Luxury Modern House

Luxury Modern House

While you’re practicing modern builds, this tutorial can help you elevate your skills with a design that will fit right in with the village you’re making. The contemporary house has an extra story coming out of the middle of a flat main floor. 

Build it with walls surrounding everything but the staircase to make it look like a self-contained compound. Vary the height of the barriers to add some visual interest along the exterior and fill the land with a pool, greenery, and gardens.

19. Water Modern House

Water Modern House

Instead of putting a pool beside your house, you can build your home in the water. This tutorial shows you how to make a house on platforms, keeping everything open so you can enjoy the surrounding water at all times.

You’ll also build floating platforms leading the way to the front door, either as a walkway or as stepping stones.

20. Epic Modern House

Epic Modern House

Modern design is stunning on its own, but epic is the only word for it on such a large scale. This tutorial shows you how to build a blocky house with a marble entryway next to the pool. The second story has lots of interesting wall designs, while the first floor is primarily open and supported by pillars.

You can add design elements like an interior aquarium room, using some of your recent building skills to customize the house.

21. Smile Emoji House

Smile Emoji House

By this point, you’ve built enough standard buildings that you can do it on your own. But you definitely want to follow the Minecraft house blueprints when it comes to something as unique as this smile emoji design.

The black border makes this face look like a massive pixelated emoji on the landscape. When you get inside, you’ll see that you can utilize every space for rooms and storage, including the eyes and mouth.

22. Smallest Minecraft House

Smallest Minecraft House

Making a house this tiny takes some effort, but once you learn how to make the most of the space, you’ll love what it has to offer. You can use it as a spawn point or keep some items in it for storage. Since it’s so compact, you’ll only need a few supplies, such as quartz blocks, glass panes, and some decorative blocks.

The outer steps are simple, but the tutorial shows you how to add greenery to ensure the exterior of this tiny house looks excellent in your landscape.

23. Vine-Covered House

Vine-Covered House

You don’t have to worry about the exterior of your house if you know you’re going to add interesting decorative elements. This stone house has wooden designs around the doors, balcony, and windows. But the rest of the walls have vines draped all over. The hanging vines make this house look mysterious and bright.

If you build this house in the mountains or forest, the vines make it blend in with the surroundings. You can also use the front area beneath the balcony to grow crops.

24. Mountain House

Mountain House

When you build a treehouse in an existing tree, you cut your building time down exponentially. The same is true when you use a mountain for your house structure. This tutorial shows you how to build a unique house on the side of a mountain.

Even though you’re living on a rock, the house will seem bright and open because of two round windows cut into the side. The glass panes let in light, and the wooden frames add a striking design element to the mountain exterior.

25. Pirate Base House

Pirate Base House

When you start making creative Minecraft houses, you’ll realize that all your characters can have a custom house. Building a pirate base house is a fun way to see how you can use your basic building skills to create something unique.

The tutorial shows you how to position the house close to the sea so your pirate can spawn happily. From a distance, with the water so close, the entire structure will look like a pirate ship floating in the ocean.

26. Modest Japanese House

Modest Japanese House

Borrowing from other cultures leads to some cool house designs in Minecraft. This Japanese house, for example, has the stunning natural elements found in Japanese pagodas. The tutorial shows you how to build attractive curved roofs in contrasting colors so your structure actually looks like it came from another country.

Decorate the exterior with lanterns and stunning pink sakura trees. You can also have greenery like bushes, vines, and bamboo to add visual interest to the house’s surroundings.

27. Massive Japanese House

Massive Japanese House

Once you learn how to make the elements commonly found in Japanese architecture, you can try your hand at a much larger structure. This massive Japanese house has a similar design, but the main house has multiple rooflines, along with a side structure providing additional storage space.

The tutorial shows you how to build this house on a large plot of land, which gives you plenty of room for a koi pond, archways, and beautiful flowers in the garden.

28. Japanese Compound House

Japanese Compound House

The next logical step after building bigger and bigger Japanese houses is to make an entire compound. This build is an engaging one because the fortress walls have the signature Japanese pagoda roof style over the entrances, so you’ll get a lot of practice using that style.

The center of the compound has a tall main structure, and the tutorial shows you how to build every building inside the walls. Since you already know how to make small and large Japanese houses, you can have fun customizing your compound beyond the blueprints.

29. Five-Story Japanese Pagoda House

Five-Story Japanese Pagoda House

The last style of Japanese structure you can learn to build is a five-story Pagoda house. This structure will look amazing in the center of the compound or in the village. The tutorial tells you exactly how many blocks you’ll need. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot because this structure is tall and detailed.

The ground-level floor is open, so you can see the surrounding gardens. Make sure you add some of the plants that are native to Japan to really capture the authenticity of this build.

30. Waterfall House

Waterfall House

When it comes to cool houses to build in Minecraft, the waterfall house is one of the best. To ensure it looks right, you’ll need shaders and additional tools from a modpack. The house’s basic structure is a simple cube, but the exterior walls have water pouring down, giving the illusion of a waterfall.

The tutorial shows you how to build this house on the side of a mountain for the best results. It will look like a waterfall coursing down the stone when it’s actually your home base.

31. Underwater Mountain House

Underwater Mountain House

You’ve learned how to build pools next to houses, how to place a house on the water, and how to build a house underground. The next step is to make a house underwater, which sounds difficult, but this tutorial shows you exactly what to do.

To simplify the build, you’ll learn how to dig into the side of a mountain beneath the waterline. You’ll use the rock structure for the rooms and just work to keep the water out on one side.

32. Mountainside Castle House

Mountainside Castle House

Building with existing structures is a good idea for Minecraft houses, so this mountainside castle takes advantage of that. You’ll use the mountain for walls and build a house jutting out from that landform. Using stone helps your castle house blend in with its surroundings.

You can keep the structure basic to make it look more like a house, or you can play up the castle angle. One great way to customize it is to add banners for decoration.

33. Snowy Cabin House

Snowy Cabin House

This winter cabin tutorial will give you a warm and cozy base in a snowy biome. The wooden blocks bordered with stone make the cabin resemble a gingerbread house, which adds to the charm. If you’ve ever considered building a winter village, this is one element you’ll want to include.

The cabin is compact, with a lovely front porch and a small room on the side of the house. Though you’re surrounded by snow, you can add some potted plants on the porch to add greenery to the landscape.

34. Fishing Dock House

Fishing Dock House

There have been a few houses you can build on the water, but those were mainly to give your base a unique appearance. This fishing dock house has a practical application. You can fish from any point on this house because it’s wide open and built over the water.

The blocks make this house look like the beach, but it has all the comforts you need in a base. You can fish all you need, then walk down the dock to access the land and get anything else you might need. Tie your boat nearby for easy sea exploration.

35. Bright Pink House

Bright Pink House

Building a bright pink house is a great way to liven up a drab landscape. If you make this pink house in the desert biome, you’ll love the vivid color against all the sand. However, it also looks fantastic in the forest biome because green and pink work well together.

The tutorial shows you how to use quartz blocks and wood to build this modern design. The overall structure is plain, so the pink elements really pop and make this a unique house.

36. Subdued Pink House

Subdued Pink House

Some builders want to use color, but not in a loud way. This subdued pink house looks more muted than the previous option. White concrete blocks balance the pink, and there are plenty of windows—including a skylight—to allow light to reach the interior.

Since there are so many windows, you can use a complementary or contrasting color for the interior design to help soften the overall pink feel of this house. The platform balcony is an excellent location for relaxing or growing a garden.

37. Blue House

Blue House

If you liked the modern, angular look of the bright pink house but wanted something a little different, this blue house is the build for you. The blue and white blocks keep the overall design minimalistic, but the result is eye-catching. The tutorial shows you how to arrange the blue blocks in a way that makes a stunning geometric pattern.

Mirror the house design in the pool for a unique plot of land. Then decorate the yard with lounge chairs, a table with a tree for an umbrella, and tall hedges for privacy.

38. Maximalist House

Maximalist House

Many of the houses on this list are relatively simple and teach you basic building skills. However, this maximalist house is something entirely different. You’ll love the blocky structure and how it combines many looks in one design.

There are two stories in this house, but every room looks different. You’ll design some plain white walls, some rooms that have white pillars, and an open garden room on the second floor. You’ll also make dark exterior walls with unique windows spanning most of the building.

39. Luxury Villa House

Luxury Villa House

If you have a big piece of land, consider learning how to build this luxury villa house. The more area you have, the more impressive this design will look. You’ll make two separate structures and connect them with a stone walkway. The grounds feature an elegant pool, so even if you’re not building near the water, you’ll have some nearby.

The color scheme is a simple black-and-white stone option, but you can customize it with whatever supplies you have on hand. Once you follow the blueprint to design the basic house, you can even make it more extravagant with a rooftop garden.

40. Mansion House

Mansion House

This mansion house stands out from the others because you’re not building a sprawling house on the ground. Instead, you’re building on the side of a mountain. It’s a precarious place for a base, especially for such a luxurious structure. But the tutorial shows you exactly how to build it for safety and to make a stunning impression in the game.

The house structure uses concrete blocks to build out from the mountain securely. But each wall is glass panes so you can see for miles when you’re inside the house.

41. Hotel House

Hotel House

This house could be your base, but it’s so big that it will make you think of a hotel. It uses white stone and concrete blocks for a sleek, timeless look. All the windows give glimpses of the interior, which you can decorate as meeting rooms and sitting areas. The lobby entrance has a grand staircase leading up to the open center floor.

Each side of the lobby has plenty of rooms you can customize. There are also outdoor areas in this tutorial, including a sitting area, garden, and swimming pool.

42. Spruce House

Spruce House

If you have a lot of spruce on your hands, you’ll want to build this impressive house and use some of your resources. The wood stands out as a sturdy, dignified structure regardless of where you build it. The cobblestone roof adds interest and contrast, so you don’t have an entirely spruce house.

If you don’t like spruce or have other resources on your hands, you can trade out the blocks for this structure. Acacia or oak are great options for a different look.

43. Spruce Mansion House

Spruce Mansion House

You can use spring for this mansion if you have enough in your supply. It’s a two-story house with extra rooms under the roof, giving you plenty of space for a base or storage. There are decorative elements around the doors, windows, and balconies, making this structure look much fancier than the standard spruce house.

44. Desert Librarian House

Desert Librarian House

Having a librarian in your village is helpful, so you want to provide them with a wonderful house to show your appreciation. This desert librarian house blends in with the sand but gives the librarian everything they need.

Use sandstone, terracotta, and wood for this house. The details with the balcony and entryways are fun to build and ensure this house stands out from others in the village.

45. Fairytale House

Fairytale House

If you grew up hearing stories like Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks, you’d love the vibe of this fairytale house. You’ll feel like you stumbled into a storybook when you place this house in a clearing. It looks like a cross between a cottage and a castle, and you can customize the blocks you use to change the color.

The tutorial will walk you through using white, brown, and pink blocks and also teach you how to have overgrown plants take over parts of the house.

46. Woodland Mansion House

Woodland Mansion House

The spruce mansion had a very cohesive look, but this woodland mansion takes that idea and merges it with a castle. You’ll use stones to make the first floor and then start adding wood elements to the entryway, second floor, and roof.

The tutorial even shows you how to build a turret coming from the roof. If you build this in the middle of the forest, you’ll love how impressive the turret looks when it pokes out above the trees.

47. Oak Fortress House

Oak Fortress House

You built a Japanese fortress earlier, and this build uses some similar elements. You’ll create a strong outer fortress wall with towers and walkways. There’s a ground-level entrance, too, and the courtyard can be a garden or area for your animals.

The central structure is a great place to spawn since you’re safely enclosed on the property. If you have a lot of lands and want space to keep everything close at hand, this oak fortress is a necessary build.

48. Clover-Shaped Underground House

Clover-Shaped Underground House

The first underground house you learned to build was round, so this tutorial plays off that idea. Instead of making a single round underground house, though, you’re making five in the shape of a cloverleaf.

The central room is the best place to start because you can work your way out, digging up as much ground as you need. The walls are stone with wood and glass on top, so you can see the contents of each room.

49. Desert House

Desert House

Creating a base in the desert biome is a great idea because it will keep you safe and secure in the sandy landscape. This house fits right in with the surroundings, using sandstone and acacia to spotlight the neutral tones.

The tutorial shows you how to make a patio roof on the second floor to keep you cool in the scorching sun. You can also choose to customize the blocks you use if you want to add pops of color to the bland landscape.

50. Container House

Container House

Architects repurpose containers to prevent waste and design interesting, modular houses, and now you can do the same in Minecraft. This tutorial shows you how to build three white containers and stack them in an interesting way to make a three-story house as you’ve never seen before.

One of the coolest aspects of this design is that the top container naturally creates a covered play area. In the tutorial, you’ll hang swings for fun, but you can do whatever you want with this innovative space.

51. Hobbit Hole House

Hobbit Hole House

Minecraft is the best game to pair with your fandom, as you saw with the fairytale house. Fans of hobbits will love the chance to build a cozy hobbit-hole house. It’s built into the side of a hill deep in the forest for privacy. The tutorial shows you how to make the signature rounded entryway that opens into a lush garden.

52. Rooftop Garden House

Rooftop Garden House

If you’re building a house in a compact area, you might hate that you’re using the land for the structure. One way to make the most of the area is to build a house with a rooftop garden. You’re able to have a base for your spawn point, but you can still grow crops and flowers.

This tutorial shows you how to build a house with plenty of interior space. There’s even a pool on the ground level, so you have everything you need. Once you start growing crops on the roof, you’ll appreciate how much one small area of the game can provide.

53. Beehive House

 Beehive House

This multi-story house strongly resembles a beehive due to the way it stands on stilts and has a unique shape for the main structure. There are several floors in the house itself, plus the exterior space in the center, like a courtyard. You’ll have plenty of room to store your resources, and since each room has windows and lanterns, you can clearly see what you need.

54. Multi-Level Garden Farmhouse

Multi-Level Garden Farmhouse

You might worry that a plot of land isn’t big enough for your farm, but this multi-level garden farmhouse shows you how much you can have in one square area. The tutorial shows you how to build a house in one corner of the property, maximizing the rest of the land for your animals and crops. You’ll build each plot into different levels to make it easier to maintain.

55. Red Roof House

Red Roof House

Some gamers get bored of using the same stone and wood colors to build structures in Minecraft. This tutorial helps you add a pop of color to the landscape by designing a house with a stunning red roof. The exterior uses white stone and bricks to make a unique structure. You can also add bright flowers to the front garden to ensure you have the most vibrant house.

56. Oak Treehouse

Oak Treehouse

The first treehouse you learned to build was fairly basic, using the base of an existing tree and adding a house to the trunk. This tutorial will teach you how to build the tree from scratch, meaning you have a wider, sturdier base and can build more rooms in the treehouse. You’ll also build a deck and hanging lanterns that suit the oak tree’s look.

57. Jungle Treehouse

Jungle Treehouse

The jungle treehouse is a little wilder than the oak version. There are rope ladders and vines dangling all over the place, so you can make room on every level of this tree’s branches. You can make the rooms any size you need, though the tutorial tells you the ideal dimensions.

58. Witch House

Witch House

This witch house resembles a compact cottage and a castle, making it look like someone used magic to put it together. You’ll have plenty of space for your witch to brew potions in the castle tower, and exterior lanterns will ensure no one wanders in and finds themselves at her mercy.

59. Wizard House

Wizard House

The wizard house is taller and more ornate than the witch house. There’s a tall tower with a pointy roof and a smaller tower nestled by its side. These two designs give you plenty of room to store magical elements for your wizard character. Using stone for the exterior makes it look weathered and ancient, perfect for your mysterious wizard.

60. Two-Story Minecraft Survival House

Two-Story Minecraft Survival House

When you’re building in survival mode, you don’t want to get too bogged down in the details. Spending a lot of time fussing over a build puts you at risk for Zombie and Skeleton attacks. Using wood and cobblestone for this build keeps it relatively simple, but you’ll get plenty of space since it’s a two-story structure.

You can keep the land around the house with basic grass and trees or transform it into a stone expanse with torches and a sitting area.

61. Suburban House

Suburban House

It’s fun to make fantastical houses in Minecraft, like castles, waterfall structures, and witch and wizard houses. But sometimes, it can be fun to make something that looks like a house you’d see in your neighborhood. This suburban house tutorial shows you how to make a basic house with a porch, driveway, and garage. Use blocks that make it look like a house on your street.

Final Notes

These are 61 of the best Minecraft house ideas, but they’re just a jumping-off point. Once you understand the basic approach to building houses, you can customize these designs or even build your own house from scratch.

After creating a village, consider building other structures, like underground bases, statues, castles, and fountains.