When Fall Guys was released in 2020, it quickly became a smash hit. Players from all around the world found the game’s colorful visuals, quirky gameplay design, and overall feel very endearing and lovable. Although it is a new addition to the ever-growing world of battle royale games, Fall Guys is easily becoming one of the most popular titles in its genre.

Its gameplay which is heavily inspired by game shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout meshes very well with the concept of online battle royales. To be the one left standing among 60 players is an immensely gratifying feeling.

Due to its popularity, millions of players play the game on different consoles. However, is the game able to support cross-platform so that players playing on one console can also play with players playing on another?

Fall Guys’ Cross-Platform Feature

With the game’s massive nature and chaotic gameplay, it would have been a massive disservice for it to not support cross-platform. Thankfully, it does support cross-platform. Players on PC are able to play with players on PS5, Xbox Series X, mobile, or wherever the game is available.

This makes a lot of sense for the game’s gameplay loop. Each match needs to have up to 60 players for its charm to really be felt. Restricting matches to only be occupied by players from the same platform would have made matchmaking just a tad slower. It would also lessen the game’s overall fun factor since players who play on one platform wouldn’t be allowed to play with others on different platforms.

During its hay day, cross-platform was a feature the game didn’t have yet. However, Mediatonic, the developers behind the game, immediately realized just how much better the game would be if it did have cross-platform. A few months after launch, this feature was immediately implemented.

Which Platforms are Fall Guys On?

So, where can you play Fall Guys? As of 2022, the game is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. And like I said earlier, every single one of these platforms supports cross-platform play. That means you’ll be able to play with a PC player if you’re on a console, or a Switch player if you’re on mobile.

Playing With Cross-Platform in Fall Guys

When you first play Fall Guys, you’ll be asked to create an Epic Games account, or link your account if you already have one. As long as you have an account, you’ll already be able to play with other players regardless of platform.

However, if you decide to disable this feature so that you can only be matched with players on the same platform as you, you can do this as well. Simply head to Settings, Options, Gameplay, then select Cross-Platform Matchmaking. This setting is toggled On by default. You can choose to turn it off from here.

So there you have it, fellow gamers. Fall Guys is the battle royale game you’ve been looking for, with cross-platform support that makes it even better. So get out there and start playing!