Using a fishing rod that's enchanted with Lure in Minecraft.

Fishing is a method you can do to collect materials in Minecraft. This process isn’t limited to items such as fish either. By fishing, you can collect items such as junk and treasure including an enchanted book, sticks, bows, other fishing rods, and so much more.

However, fishing can be quite tedious in the game. You can make this process more tolerable, and even more enjoyable with the use of Lures. In Minecraft, Lure is an Enchantment you can use in fishing rods. When a fishing rod is augmented with Lure, you’re able to catch fish much faster and more effectively.

A Lure increases the speed of fishing by about five seconds per level. Lure has a total of three levels. This means if you can get your hands on a Lure III, fishing becomes about 15 seconds faster.

How to Get Lure in Minecraft

If you are interested in using Lure to fish faster in Minecraft, you can use the enchantment table or find an enchantment book.

The Lure isn’t too rare of an enchantment, which means you have a high chance of enchanting your fishing rods using an enchantment table. Although, this isn’t a surefire way of obtaining it. Only opt for this if you have an abundance of lapis lazuli.

You can obtain lapis lazuli by mining lapis lazuli blocks, getting them from certain villagers, or by looting them from chests.

Alternatively, you can use a Lure enchantment book and apply that on a fishing rod using an anvil.

There are multiple ways to get Lure enchantment books in Minecraft. You have a chance of obtaining them from loot chests scattered all around the game.

You can also get them by trading with librarian villagers for emeralds. Finally, you also have a chance of obtaining them by fishing.

If you’re fond of obtaining items in Minecraft via fishing, be sure to take the time to enchant your fishing rods with Lure. As you know by now, it’s not a very complicated process. Why make draw out the process and settle for slow fishing when you can easily speed it up? Take advantage of this wonderful ability and have fun fishing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

It depends on your goal: Luck of the Sea improves item quality from fishing, while Lure speeds up fish catching. Choose based on loot quality or efficiency.

Luck of the Sea 3″ is moderately rare in Minecraft and can be obtained through enchanting, fishing, or trading with librarian villagers.

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