A boat from Minecraft.

You can traverse vast seas in Minecraft by simply swimming through them. However, why would you opt for this option when you can make your own boat and sail the seas like a proper sailor? What’s even better is that it can be very easy to make a boat in Minecraft.

Whether it’s to get from one land mass to another, to transport mobs or materials, or if you want to fish, a boat can be one of the most useful things to have in Minecraft. Here’s how to make a basic yet effective boat for yourself.

Materials Needed to Make a Boat

First things first. To build a boat in Minecraft, you’ll first need to consider which version of the game you’re playing. There is a very slight variation with the boat recipe between the Java version of the game and the Bedrock version.

Making a Boat in Minecraft: Java Edition

To make a boat in the Java edition of Minecraft, you’ll only need five wood planks. You can create wood planks by placing any wood block in the crafting grid. Be sure to place the same types of wood planks when making the boat.

Place wood planks in each of the grid on the bottom row. Then, place another wood plank in the grid on the middle left row, then another in the middle right. The wooden planks should now form a “U” shape.

With this, the boat will appear on the box to the right. Simply drag the boat to the action bar, drop it on the nearest body of water, and you’re good to go.

Making a Boat in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

If you’re playing on the Bedrock edition of the game, you’ll need one more material to craft your own boat. That material is a wooden shovel.

To make a wooden shovel in Minecraft, craft wooden sticks by placing wood planks in the second and third rows of the central column of the crafting grid. Then, place a wooden stick in the second and third rows of the central column, then place a wood plank in the top row of the central column.

Now that you have a wooden shovel, it’s time to craft a boat. Simply take the same materials used to craft a boat in the Java edition and position them in a similar fashion in the crafting grid. Then, take your wooden shovel and place it in the central grid.

With that, you’ll have crafted the boat. Congratulations! You can now traverse the vast seas of Minecraft with speed and ease. You can only place animals in them should you wish. Although the boat has limited space, it can still prove massively useful in the game. Get creative with it!

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