how to make glass in minecraft

Learning how to make glass in Minecraft is an incredibly useful skill and it allows you to build windows, display cases, and a lot more! Plus, it allows you to complete your builds quickly and efficiently.

Crafting glass is a simple process that requires a few items, but don’t worry I’ll walk you through how to find or make them as well.

In this post, I’ll guide you step by step on how to make a glass in Minecraft within minutes. I will go over the crafting recipe, how to look for or craft the necessary ingredients, and other helpful tips that will ensure you can easily make glass for your Minecraft creations.

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Glass

To make glass, you are first going to need a couple of items. These are:

  • Furnace
  • Sand or Red Sand
  • Smelting fuel

Let’s go through how to craft them and then get to making glass.

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Step 1: Craft a Furnace

making furnance

The furnace is the essential tool used to smelt items, such as sand, into glass. To craft a furnace, you first need eight cobblestone blocks.

You can find cobblestone in caves or by smelting stone with a pickaxe.

Next arrange the blocks in a three-by-three square formation or provide eight slots in your inventory crafting menu.

Afterwards, you will have one furnace item ready to use.

Step 2: Collect Sand

The next material you need is sand. You can find sand along shorelines and in sandy biomes, and it looks like bright yellow or orange blocks. Red Sand on the other hand can be found in the badlands biome.

you need sand to make glass

Once you have enough sand blocks, either grab handfuls of it or place it in your inventory crafting menu.

Step 3: Making the Glass

Now let’s get to making the glass. The next step is to smelt the sand into glass. Before that you need some smelting fuel.

Items that you can use as fuel include coal, wooden planks, wooden sticks, sticks, and even blaze rods

To smelt items, you need to place both the items and fuel in the furnace. Place the sand in the bottom slot and fuel in the top slot.

Once you light the furnace and wait a minute, you will have glass in the result slot!

That’s how you make glass in Minecraft.

making glass

Step 4: Creating Custom Items

You obviously needed the glass to make something right? We got you covered there too.

The final step is to create custom items with glass, such as windows, a glass bottle, lanterns, and more.

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To make a window pane, for example, you will need six blocks of glass arranged in a one-by-three formation. Other custom items you can make with glass blocks include glass bottles, lanterns, beacons, and more.

Experiment with the different items you can create and see what you come up with.

How To Make Other Versions Of Glass

Now that you know how to make normal glass, let’s look at some of the variations:

Making Thin Glass: To make thin glass (aka glass pane), place 6 glass blocks in the crafting table.

Making Tinted Glass: In a 3×3 crafting table, place 1 glass in the middle (B2) and 4 amethyst shards around it on B1, B3, A2 and C2.

Making Clear Glass: You need to start by putting sand into a smeltery which creates molten glass, which you can then pour into a casting basin.

Making Reinforced Glass: In a 3×3 crafting table, place 7 glass and 2 advanced alloy. Place the alloys in either middle row left and right (A2, C2) or middle column upper and lower boxes (B1, B3). Place glass on the rest.

Making Stained Glass: Place any type of dye in the middle box (B2) and place glass on the rest of the boxes (8 glass).

Making Black Glass: In a 3×3 crafting table, place black dye in the middle (B2) and fill out the rest of the boxes with 8 glasses.

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What You Can Use Glass For In Minecraft?

There are plenty of ways to use glass in Minecraft. Some of these are:

uses of glass

Building Windows

The most common use of glass is to create windows for your buildings. You can let in natural light or just to add some decoration to your structures.

Crafting Items

The next thing glass is often used for is crafting. Glass is used in a variety of crafting recipes, including brewing stands, item frames, and even eyes of ender.

Building Enclosures

Glass can also be used to build enclosures or walls around structures, like a greenhouse or an aquarium. This can be a great way to keep mobs out while still being able to see what’s happening inside.

Plus, it can be used in redstone contraptions, like doors or traps

Bottom Line

After following these four steps, you now know how to make glass in Minecraft. It is an easy process that requires simple tools and resources. Crafting glass blocks can open up a variety of possibilities for decorating your structures, making windows and creating other custom items. So, try to create some glass blocks using the steps we outlined and see what you can do with them!