How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

If you want to befriend a Panda or please one of them in Minecraft, one of the best ways to do so is by offering it some cake. Besides, Minecraft cake is a must-have food item when you cross the jungles, deserts, and badlands for survival.

Therefore, knowing how to make a cake in Minecraft is vital if you don’t know it by now. This guide will walk you step by step through making a cake in Minecraft. Plus, I’ll also answer some FAQs regarding the cake.

You can even place a candle after Minecraft’s 1.17 update! A cake with a candle on it is a perfect gift for your friends when you play in multiplayer mode.

Minecraft Cake Recipe 

Although a cake looks like simple food, the recipe is more complex than it entails a complex cake process. You need chickens, cows, sugar, and wheat to make a cake, and you might also have to visit some pastoral farms.

Let us now look at the cake recipe. You are going to need: 

  • An egg
  • Three buckets of milk
  • Two sugar
  • Three kinds of wheat
  • Crafting table 

I want to stress the need for buckets of milk, as you need nine iron ingots to make buckets. If you don’t have these, don’t worry. Here’s how you make them as well: 

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Making The Sugar 

Sugar is one of the main ingredients of the cake. You can obtain sugar from sugarcane. It would help if you farmed sugarcane if you don’t have it in your inventory.

To farm sugar cane, you must add blocks of water and dirt. After adding water blocks and dirt, in a few minutes, you will notice that sugar cane is grown into three blocks—harvest the first two blocks leaving the remaining block to regrow the sugarcane.  

Getting The Milk 

Milk is the next essential ingredient in making a cake in Minecraft. First, you need to have three buckets of milk. You can craft buckets with nine iron ingots at the crafting table.

Next, you must find a cow to get the milk. It is a must to have access to an adult cow. Go towards the cow with your three buckets and right-click to obtain the milk from a cow.

Getting An Egg  

To get milk, you needed to have a cow. Likewise, to get eggs, you need to find some chickens. In Minecraft, chickens regularly lay eggs. You can have a few chickens in the pen to ensure you get eggs whenever required.

Getting An Egg

At the same time, you can find some chickens if you wholeheartedly roam around. If you are lucky enough, you can find some eggs laid by roaming chickens. 

How To Get Wheat? 

Wheat is the final ingredient you need to make the cake. You can get wheat from a village farm or grow your wheat farm.

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Growing your wheat farm is a simple job. You can do that by hoeing the ground and placing some wheat seeds. Don’t forget to add some water too. 

Making A Cake In Minecraft 

Now you have gathered all the ingredients, it’s time to learn how to make a cake in Minecraft. Making the cake is a pretty straightforward task.

Step 01: Remember I mentioned that you need an entire 3 x 3 crafting grid? Place that somewhere and head onto it.

Making A Cake In Minecraft

Step 02: Place three buckets of milk on the top three grids. After that, put the egg on the middle grid in the second row and place sugar on either side of the egg.

Step 03: Finally, place all the wheat in the last row. This will make your cake. Now click on the cake made for you and drag it into your inventory.

That is how you make a cake in Minecraft. The steps of making the cake are simple, yet finding the ingredients may take some time as you need to make the cake from scratch. Some of the ingredients you can find easily, and some may not. 

What Are The Uses Of Cake In Minecraft?

There are few uses of cake in Minecraft. First up, the cake is an essential food item in your inventory when setting off for long journeys. You can consume cake when you are crossing a jungle or desert.

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What Are The Uses Of Cake In Minecraft

You can also use cake to befriend a Panda, in one of the Minecraft biomes. You can feed a Panda cake to Panda by dropping the cake near it. The Panda will hurry to the cake and consume it.

You can also give a cake to your friends if you play the game in multiplayer. Don’t forget to add a candle with a color of your choice to amuse your friends.


Are There Any Other Ways To Get Cake?

There is a slight chance of getting a cake in a buried treasure chest. And I found a farmer willing to trade a cake for 1 x emerald. Not a bad deal at the end of the day, right?

How Much Hunger Does A Cake Restore?

Usually, a slice of cake can restore one hunger. If you have a cake of 7 slices, you can restore seven pangs of hunger at a time. A cake is quite an expensive food, and it takes time to make. However, it is worth your time as most of the other food items in Minecraft will only be able to restore up to four pangs of hunger at a time.