Minecraft Statue Ideas

People have been building statues for at least five millennia. You could almost say it’s one of our basic needs to create public pieces that commemorate society’s good deeds and great ideals. It makes sense that that drive carried over into a sandbox game like Minecraft. Since the game came out, players have been pushing the boundaries on what’s possible to create in-world. 

You may be here right now to fulfill that same desire. If that’s the case, here are 17 of the best Minecraft statue ideas to help inspire your next build. Some are cool, others are creative, and plenty is just easy fun. No matter what kind of project you’re looking for, you’ll find lots of cool statues to build in Minecraft. Let’s check them out!

Best Minecraft Statue Ideas

These Minecraft statue designs are in alphabetical order, not in order of importance. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best of the best. 

And feel free to use these ideas as a starting point. You can scale the proportions up or down, change the colors, or even go in a completely different direction. After all, Minecraft lets you have pickaxe statues, monuments to Gandalf, and even one depicting a steampunk villager! No matter your preferences, we’ll include some tips on how to build statues in Minecraft.

1. Angel 

minecraft statues

This angel statue by Grian has a lot of details on a small figure. It could be the perfect addition to your town, acting as a focal point for your villagers.

Grian doesn’t offer a tutorial, but he does helpfully show the statue from every side. You’ll also have to skip to minute 5:53 to see it because it showcases several designs. 

2. Anubis

minecraft statues

Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead, so this epic statue by Buzz could inspire fear in the hearts of your enemies (read as creepers). You may want to scale Anubis down if you plan on building it alone because it’s a giant Minecraft statue! 

You’ll have to skip to minute 2:08 to see Anubis. The video isn’t a Minecraft statue tutorial, but you can download the schematics to make building it easier. 

3. Axolotl 

minecraft statues

Axolotls are ridiculously cute in real life and now get to be so in Minecraft. MegRae has an excellent tutorial that helps you add a statue of the cutest mob to your village. 

It’s a relatively small statue compared to others, but it has a lot of details packed in. MegRae chose the most accurate colors but feel free to experiment. You won’t be disappointed with this cute Minecraft animal statue.

4. Baby Yoda

cool statues to build in minecraft

One of the cutest Minecraft statues to make is this Baby Yoda structure by Building Every Block. It’s an easy and fun build that could fit into several worlds but may look best in a swamp (think Dagobah) or a general sci-fi landscape. 

You’ll have him on display in no time thanks to a straightforward tutorial. It’s so easy to follow you’ll feel like a building master.

5. Bee

cool statues to build in minecraft

This Minecraft small depicts a Bee. It’s made by Nerdy Girl Blue and has no business being so cute. Still, there’s no question everyone should have a bee statue in their towns and houses!

The quick tutorial will teach you how to make Minecraft statues just like this buzzing sculpture. Nerdy Girl uses concrete for the body, but you may want to use wool or ice for fun textures. If you want your bee to look even more adorable, try adding a sweater for it to wear. 

6. Dragon

minecraft statue ideas

Thebigbaron has made a dragon statue, possibly the coolest Minecraft statue ever. It’s huge, detailed, and fierce. You may want to build it with a friend or scale it down because it uses an astonishing 2,018 blocks. 

Thebigbaron includes multiple color schemes in the tutorial, meaning you can take your pick. He likes to use true statue colors, but feel free to go wild with yours. You could even add flame to its mouth. 

7. Frog Fountain

minecraft statue ideas

A fountain is just a statue with water, so this counts, right? Would you like a stone statue in Minecraft? Consider the frog fountain by BitGardener, as it’s pretty cool and would look great in any village or garden. 

It’s a quick build and doesn’t use many materials. BitGardener used stone for its color, but you could easily use emerald or green wool. 

8. Horse

minecraft statue ideas

We have another excellent build with MegRae’s horse statue. She has an entire series of Minecraft statue tutorials if you want to check it out. 

A horse statue in Minecraft looks so majestic and free. They make a great addition to towns, whether in the center or guarding the entrance. The only thing better than one horse is two horses, which could stand like gargoyles at your gates (if you have any). 

9. Lion

minecraft statue ideas

You could build this lion statue (skip to minute 1:18) by Satiscraft and have it sit at the entrance to your library. It’s probably the shortest build on our list, but no less impressive. It can be done in just a few minutes, so you could have a whole lion army in an hour! 

10. Llama 

minecraft statue

This tiny llama statue by Zu-Wii-mama is another short build. Zu-Wii-mama has an entire series focused on little Minecraft mob statues. He made each one as small as possible without sacrificing details. 

Building it is a lot of fun but challenging enough to give you a sense of accomplishment. The cute and funky wandering trading llama makes for a charming addition to your backyard. 

11. King Kong vs. V-rex

minecraft statue ideas

Are you on the hunt for Minecraft giant statue ideas? Look no further than this incredible King Kong vs. The V-rex monument featured in this Frostbyte video. It was originally built by user Wombatus on a Minecraft server. It is gigantic, bursting with color, greatly detailed, and just all-around epic. It’s so full of life and power.

The video isn’t a tutorial, so you’d have to figure out the schematics on your own. Given its complexity, it might be best left to experienced players. 

12. Robot

minecraft statue ideas

Any of these robots by AverageTunaSandwich would make for awesome Minecraft statue ideas. Building a robot statue is fun no matter the design and is sure to make your place too cool for school. 

A robot statue could work in many settings like futuristic sci-fi, steampunk, or even a dystopian wasteland. And if you’re interested in robots, check out the Tekkit Mod pack

13. Shark 

statue minecraft

This Minecraft shark tutorial is brought to you by thebigbaron. He’s the creator of the equally fierce-looking dragon statue. In this instance, thebigbaron has created an impressive sculpture showing a megalodon bursting out of the water.

A shark monument would look amazing if you have a base near the ocean. It could be a warning to your enemies and a symbol of strength to your villagers. 

14. Snowman

Rectic 7 offers something a little different with his snowman statue (skip to 31:10). It’s less about decorating your town and more about having fun. In fact, putting this guy together is extremely entertaining, and you can use snow to do it. 

You won’t have to work too long on the project, no matter whether you’re playing Survival or Creative mode. Most of the needed materials are snow, and that’s easy to collect. Other essentials are wool and wood, which are also readily available. 

15. Spider-Man

statue minecraft

The next statue is Spider-Man by TSMC-Minecraft. This easy project is a lot of fun to build. TSMC-Minecraft does an excellent job of explaining each step, so it won’t take you long to finish the iconic character. Once complete, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can stand as a guardian of your town. 

16. T. Rex

minecraft statue

Cryptozoology has made an awesome T. Rex statue that would make a great addition to your Minecraft world. The statue is proportionate in-game to the actual size of a T. Rex. That means this enormous sculpture towers above the trees, its eyes searching for prey. 

Cryptozoology uses red and black for its body, but you could use any color to customize it to your preferences. 

17. Wizard

minecraft statue

Last, but certainly not least, we have a Wizard statue (at minute 2:58) by One Team. This statue is also simple and fun to make. Wizards look awesome in any setting, so go crazy. Build 38 wizard statues and make them all lime green. No one can stop you. 

If you do want to make the statue feel even more fantasy-like, add these banners to the base, staff, or robes. 


These 17 Minecraft statue ideas are varied but all are cool, fun, and creative. Some are easier to build than others, so pick one that works best for you. The point of playing a game is to enjoy it, after all!

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