Minecraft Resource Packs

Minecraft Resource packs are a quick way to add new life to Minecraft; how the game looks and even sounds are changed. Resource packs for Minecraft used to be called Minecraft texture packs and have always been an essential part of the game.

While the default look associated with Minecraft is iconic, it gets unimaginative after a while. 

Installing a new resource pack is free on Java and is simple to install; there are thousands of options to pick from, all offering different aesthetics.

Texture packs range from a medieval feel, modern look, cartoon vibes, or magic theme; theme possibilities are endless, as those creating texture packs have complete control. You can also choose from texture packs that attempt to add a realistic look to Minecraft by using realistic graphics. 

Minecraft is still limited to displaying blocks, though some texture packs will amaze you. Using a new resource pack will entirely change how your builds look. All of your survival builds will look even better with a resource pack.

This article will discuss 20 of the best texture packs for Minecraft while covering a wide variety of aesthetics and themes.

1. SapixCraft – Best Minecraft Resource Pack Overall

best minecraft resource packs

SapixCraft adds an old-school RPG feel to Minecraft; the theme of this resource back is a brighter and more vivid look. All grass is a lighter green, and so are the majority of other blocks. 

The resource pack aims to add a fun feel to the game, as it keeps Minecraft bright and colorful. 

Realism is not the focus of this pack, as it only aims to be fun. Blocks such as chests have iron corners while crafting tables have a cloth over them.

This resource pack also pairs well with shaders and is even recommended. The highest resolution option is x512, which is impressive for a Minecraft resource pack. Using a resolution that high will need a powerful PC. 

Players with an older PC benefit from lower resolutions from x32 and below.

The resource pack will still look great at lower-resolution options.

2. Default 3D – Best Minecraft Resource Packs Runner-up

best minecraft resource packs

There are a lot of people who enjoy the vanilla look of Minecraft. 

Default 3D adds customization to the current Minecraft textures by adding a layer of detail to many items.

As the name implies, many textures get a 3D effect. 3D items now look better by allowing them to appear more realistic. 

The saw and clippers on crafting tables now pop out from the side rather than appear flat.

Many other textures now have 3D elements, such as ladders, mushrooms, and furnaces. 3D textures are cleverly done and add a new exciting feel to Minecraft. Wood planks also have a slight pop-up effect, making them look stunning for floors. 

Due to its simplicity, Default 3D is among the most popular Minecraft texture packs.

3. ModernArch

If you are looking for a Minecraft max pack, this one is one of the best.

ModernArch will shock you with its attention to detail and sharp textures; this resource pack focuses on realism with a modern touch.

The creator recommends using SEUS shaders for the best effects, the highest resolution option is a whopping x1024. 

Using shaders with the highest resolution option will only work if you have a gaming PC.

The textures on this resource pack are astonishing, as they completely change the feel of Minecraft

Among all textures, my favorite is the cobblestone block; the new texture looks perfect and blends flawlessly into the game.

Tall grass and flowers are beautiful in this resource pack and will take the outdoor areas in your world to another level. Tree leaves also look astonishing and realistic.

There are also a lot of 3D textures, with the best ones being obsidian and bookshelves. ModernArch is one of the most beautiful Minecraft texture packs and is worth a try if your PC can run it.

4. Sphax PureBDCraft

best resource packs for minecraft

Sphax PureBDCraft draws inspiration from a comic book aesthetic. This resource pack focuses on making everything shiny and pretty. Every block has a degree of yellow, as this color is frequent in this resource pack.

There is a strong preference for clutter in this texture pack as it rarely follows any organized or neat texture. All tools look different from what you might be used to; they appear new and have a lot of creativity behind them.

Shaders work well with this resource pack, helping to add to its comic feel.

The best part of this resource pack is the mobs; they all look unique and different from the originals.

You can also use this resource pack with its many supported mods.

5. TexureCraft

The vanilla textures for Minecraft work great as a reference for any other resource pack. TextureCraft works as an enhanced version of the vanilla look. 

While the main inspiration was from the vanilla style, it also borrows details from many other popular resource packs. The result is a charming style that improves the base game while keeping the original Minecraft feel.

The resource pack adds a lot of darker colors to add richness and maturity to the game. Using TextureCraft on your world will improve its aesthetics without a doubt. 

The highest resolution option is x32, which adds quality without overpowering the traditional experience. 

The lower resolution is perfect for those playing on lower-end systems, as this resource pack looks its best on a lower resolution.

6. Jolicraft

minecraft texture packs

Jolicraft is the perfect resource pack if you are looking for a cartoon-inspired texture pack.

This resource pack has a vastly different feel from other resource packs. Due to being so different, this resource pack is a favorite among many players.

Most of the textures in this resource pack are bright and cheerful. The nether is the exception to the cheery vibes this pack gives off, as it makes the nether appear scarier.

The resource pack includes many cute bits of detail, such as covering pigs in dirt or completely changing how villagers look.

Bees are super adorable in Jolicraft and will make you seek them out near your house. Jolicraft is one of the prettiest Minecraft texture packs that alter the aesthetics of Minecraft.

Jolicraft runs well on lower-end systems.

7. Retro NES

best minecraft texture packs

Retro games are an essential part of many childhoods. Being able to turn Minecraft into an NES game is possible with the Retro NES resource pack.

Minecraft turns into an NES game by using simple retro graphics. Due to the limited color palette, this texture pack will feel weird to play with but will immerse you before you know it. 

You notice the change when underground, as the stone textures transport you to a different game. 

Every painting changed into gaming-related ones, paintings will include images of Mario, link, and other popular characters.

Visiting the nether with Retro NES is a must, as the entire dimension feels different. Brick blocks also resemble the bricks present in the older days of Super Mario. 

Another addition to this resource pack is the addition of an overhaul to sound and music. The sounds and music in the game are changed to resemble NES sounds.

Due to already using low graphics, this texture pack is perfect for players on an older computer.

8. Chroma Hills

Chroma Hills is one of the top Minecraft texture packs. It combines RPG elements with the inclusion of a cartoonish twist. 

Unlike the Retro NES resource pack, there are a lot of intense colors used in this resource pack. All the colors are sharp and crisp, leaving you to experience a magical RPG world.

Using shaders with this resource pack adds a lot to the experience, as the visuals benefit from the inclusion of better lighting.

One upside to this resource pack is that it quickly supports new versions of Minecraft. The highest resolution option for this pack is x128, with the lowest being x64.

Thanks to its RPG roots, castles look magnificent when using Chroma Hills.

9. Stay True

minecraft resource packs

Many resource packs prioritize the original textures of Minecraft. Stay True works as a remaster of the dated textures and adds many new tweaks to keep the game fresh. All tweaks and alterations by Stay True fit the vanilla feel of the game.

Among the many tweaks offered by Stay True is an increase in crop growth variants. Wheat will look larger and richer in color. Potatoes, beetroot, and carrots have also received similar treatment. 

Grass and flowers have also improved by adding length and more colorful foliage. This resource pack is a must if you use lots of flowers or crops for decoration. Sharper lines and deeper hues are the themes of this resource pack.

You will need to install OptiFine for this mod to have its full effect otherwise, none of the extra tweaks will work.

10. Flows HD

best minecraft resource packs

Texture packs have always been an essential part of Minecraft’s rise to popularity. Flow HD has been regularly updated since 1.2.5, which was released in 2012. This pack is ten years old and is considered by many to be one of the best Minecraft texture packs out there.

This resource pack aims to modernize the aesthetics of all Minecraft textures; Through lots of vibrant colors and high-quality textures, Flows HD successfully reached its goal.

Flows HD best shines when it comes to your builds as this is where all the focus is directed. Modern buildings look stunning with this resource pack.

The resolution options go up to x128 and pair best with shaders. The water looks mesmerizing with Flows HD and shaders and will look stunning for builds such as fountains or ponds.

11. Tooniverse

best resource packs for minecraft

Tooniverse is another texture pack that started in 2012 and has been handled by many other people since. This resource pack magically turns Minecraft into a cartoon through its colors and bright textures.

The sky is completely changed to fit a cartoon universe, it is now bright with an entirely different goofy sun. 

The grass is much brighter, which was the original path Minecraft first had. Flowers are a highlight of Tooniverse and will leave you wanting to place a few around your house. 

All mobs have received a makeover allowing them to fit into this new cartoon universe.

This resource pack has also done a tremendous job of revamping the ocean, building an underwater base will be worth it.

There are also lots of 3D models and random texture variations.

12. John Smith Legacy

best resource packs for minecraft

Not everyone is a fan of bright colorful resource packs, this is where John Smith Legacy comes into play. With a focus on muted colors and a darker and gritty look, John Smith Legacy is amidst the good texture packs for Minecraft.

You will notice realism is a focus of this resource pack, stone and wood blocks are more real to life, and dirt and gravel are grimier. Many blocks are perfected in this resource pack, such as fences mossy stones, and foliage. 

Many blocks also have 3D textures, such as bookshelves and crafting tables. Banners look great and will work great as decoration around your base. There are many banner designs in Minecraft that you can create.

Water and lava are entirely redone to better reflect real-life liquids. 

This resource pack works great with any shaders and is necessary to get the full experience.

13. Moderna HD

resource packs for minecraft

The title of Minecraft’s most popular texture has to be given to Moderna HD. Using high-definition textures and modern aesthetics, this resource pack has established itself as the go-to choice for modern resource packs. 

Using this texture pack is essential if your preferred building style is modern architecture. There are lots of building designs that are breathtaking with Moderna HD, such as pool houses or a modern-day city. 

Textures focus on a simple approach, avoiding adding too much clutter or unnecessary detail.

This pack also works great for normal play of Minecraft, mining, and exploring will be a treat with Moderna HD. 

Buildings containing lots of glass will require shaders to turn them into artistic masterpieces. The glass is kept simple in Moderna HD allowing your lighting to truly shine and add life to your builds.

14. Realistic Adventure

resource packs for minecraft

Aventure plays a large role in what makes Minecraft so fun. Most resource packs focus on making builds look better but give adventure little thought. Realistic Adventure focuses on turning Minecraft into an RPG with a focus on realism. 

The goal of this resource pack is to improve your adventure moments in the game, such as exploring a nether fortress. All outdoor areas receive an enhancement to make them look real to life.

Minecraft’s sky is no longer blocky but now has fluidity and round shapes. The water is exceptionally beautiful here and looks realistic with the addition of shaders.

There is a downside to this mod that is worth noting, flowers and most mobs have received little revision. There are a few vanilla textures though this could be fixed by adding another resource pack below Realistic Adventure to solve the issue.

This is among the few fun Minecraft texture packs that are realistic without being modern. 

Next time you are about to go on an adventure, use this resource pack and prepare to be amazed.

15. Bare Bones

resource packs for minecraft

Bare Bones is one of the most popular and cool Minecraft texture packs. This pack has received lots of praise for making Minecraft look simple while keeping the base aesthetic of the game intact. There have been many texture packs with the same goal, though they have all failed to encapsulate the original feel of the game.

The resource pack adds oversimplified textures to provide a new experience that is considered by many players to be superior to any other resource pack. Bare Bones also includes custom animated textures for many blocks and items that aim to immerse you in the new environment it creates.

This is another resource pack that runs great on lower-end systems while still looking great.

16. Clarity

best resource packs for minecraft

Ever wondered what would happen if someone took the original Minecraft textures and perfected them? The result would be Clarity, a masterful transformation of enhancing the default Minecraft textures. 

Clarity is the perfect answer for players wanting a slight visual improvement to the normal look of Minecraft, without altering the vanilla feel in manner. All detail and colors create a calming experience that avoids using any clutter or noise to overstimulate your eyes.

Using this resource pack will feel as if your Minecraft world has been transformed to improve its clarity. All your builds will look great, as this pack suits all styles of builds from modern to rustic.

The pack runs just like the default texture pack, meaning you will have no issues getting this to run on an old computer.

17. Faithful 64x

best resource packs for minecraft

Faithful 64x is commonly referred to as among the best Minecraft resource packs. All original textures are revised to provide an update while upgrading the resolution to provide a less pixelated look.

This pack works best when matched with a shader if you wish to keep the original feel of Minecraft intact while keeping an upgrade. Certain crops look completely different such as wheat, which now looks clear and crisp. 

All nether biomes are bumped up a level in immersion and look more engrossing. 

If you decide to use OptiFine, the sky will get a revamp that makes it look pretty unlike the blocky default one.

Unlike Clarity, Faithful 64x is a bit more intensive on your system and may run poorly if you already struggle with the vanilla texture pack.

18. Brixel

best resource packs for minecraft

Minecraft LEGOs do great when it comes to sales, and are a ton of fun to play with. While the LEGOs do their best to match the textures of Minecraft, they still stick to a LEGO feel. Transforming Minecraft into a LEGO land seems like a fun idea to try.

Brixel is one of the few texture packs for Minecraft that entirely changes your game. Within the first few seconds of using this resource pack, you will be transported into a LEGO Minecraft world. 

All textures were altered to mimic LEGO blocks, though some blocks were not possible to transform such as leaves and flowers. 

The colors used in this texture pack are cheery, bright, and full of the happiness you would expect from a LEGO.

19. Patrix

best resource packs for minecraft

Most photorealistic texture packs focus too much on pixel density and too little on artistic value. Patrix is the best texture pack for Minecraft when it comes to photo realism. While the textures are high quality, they are professionally edited to work perfectly in the blocky world of Minecraft.

All stone blocks in this texture pack are a spectacle and will entirely remodel your builds to appear far more impressive. With a shader, this resource pack is taken to new heights as it will make you question if you are still playing Minecraft.

This resource pack is a builder’s dream for those that love building castles, temples, or forts.

20. Dandelion

best resource packs for minecraft

Any texture packs for Minecraft almost always go for bright and cheery colors. Dandelion recreates Minecraft as a cartoon without saturated colors. The textures choose realistic colors that attempt to keep the original spirit of Minecraft intact. 

Due to having realistic colors, this resource pack will work great alongside any shaders you want. 

This texture pack is great for lower-end systems, as its only resolution option is 16x. The lower pixel count generally works great for cartoon-inspired resource packs.

Wrap Up

There are many texture packs for Minecraft that entirely change the way everything looks. Every resource pack has a specific theme it perfects. There are also high-definition resource packs that aim to add realism to Minecraft, though they can be resource intensive. 

If you are looking for realism, Patrix and ModernArch are among the best in this category.

For users on a lower-end system, there are plenty of lightweight resource packs that will run on your PC without a problem.

Cartoon-inspired texture packs are always easy to run. JoliCraft and Tooniverse are my personal favorites for this theme.

The most popular trend is a touch-up of vanilla textures. Clarity and Stay True are the most loyal to the original aesthetics of Minecraft and do a great job at revamping the textures.