Cool Minecraft Bed Designs

Minecraft is a game that encourages players to embrace creativity. The player is dropped into a world with nothing but their fists, and they can build fantastic contraptions, bases, homes, and much more. At the heart of every base is your bed. Without a bed, you cannot sleep through the night to eliminate zombies, skeletons, and creepers. As a result, it can be helpful for new players to look at some of the best bed Minecraft designs.

Those of you with some experience in Minecraft know you can craft a bed with three wood planks and three pieces of wool. You can then plop your bed down wherever you want. While that does the functional job of a bed, you might want to make it look better by building a larger design around your bed. There are plenty of cool Minecraft beds and functional Minecraft bed designs out there; you just need to know where to look.

20 Best Minecraft Bed Designs

1. Double Bed With Hidden Storage

Minecraft Bed Designs

One of the first creative things most players do is throw two beds down next to each other. Doing so makes it look like the two beds are one big bed. You have a good start when you do this, but you should not stop there. Instead, you should build around your bed to provide yourself with hidden storage. You can use barrels, trapdoors, fences, banners, and chests to make a bed. Fences act as bed posts, and trapdoors can be decorative while hiding storage.

Start by placing two beds next to each other and place four barrels adjacent to the white side of the beds. You can then place a barrel in the two bottom corners. In the places where there are no barrels, dig a one-block deep hole and fill them in with chests. You can then cover the chests with trapdoors. 

Next, place two fences on each other on the four corner barrels. You can then connect the fences the long way before placing another trap door on each corner. Finally, hang a banner from each of the four trap doors on the long sides of the bed.

You can make this design your own by modifying the color of the fences and trapdoors. Additionally, you can adjust the design of the banners to suit the design of the rest of your house.

2. Make a Modern Bed

how to make a cool bed in minecraft
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When quartz was added to the nether, everyone was quick to build with it. Quartz makes sleek white blocks, and as a result, it is a great building material for modern designs. Although it has fallen out of style over the years, there are still plenty of cool designs you can make with quartz. 

You can use quartz pillars for the floor to add some texture. Then, you can use regular quartz blocks and slabs to build out the base of the bed and some lamps. You can even use quartz stairs to give your pillows some depth. 

We do not recommend using this design for all houses. However, if you have a modern design, quartz is a perfect fit.

3. Craft a Backboard Bed

how to make a cool bed in minecraft
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When brainstorming bed ideas for Minecraft, another option that comes up is to keep things simple with a backboard bed design. You do not always need to create a fancy bed in Minecraft.

Instead, you can keep things simple. A backboard bed is not complex, but it looks good, especially if your house is mostly made of wood.

You can create a nice-looking backboard with wooden blocks, barrels, and bookshelves. Lay some carpet around your bed, and suddenly you have a great design. Add a lantern for some extra flare.

4. Get Creative With an Aquarium Bed

modern minecraft bed
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When you think of luxury Minecraft bed ideas, you probably do not think about aquariums. However, with Minecraft encouraging players to get creative, you can make an excellent aquarium bed.

Place glass blocks or panes behind your bed with some shrubs in the case. It will look like a small aquarium behind your bed. You can then place some black carpet around your bed to finish off the decorations. 

5. Make a Bed of Mushrooms

luxury minecraft bed ideas
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Mushrooms have an interesting place in Minecraft. Most players know you can use them as decorations outside and to make soup. However, many longtime players might not know about mushroom blocks. You can make mushroom blocks with regular mushrooms or use silk touch to get them from giant mushrooms. You can find giant mushrooms in mushroom biomes, but they are rare. Alternatively, you can use bonemeal on mushrooms to grow them.

We recommend getting the red and white mushroom blocks because they blend better with classic beds. You can then place mushroom blocks around your bed with a few carpets on top to give your bed an exciting look. Do not worry, this design does not hurt the functionality of the bed. All it does is give it a cool look.

6. Build a Small Studio Bed

bed ideas minecraft
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You do not need massive designs to learn how to make a cool bed in Minecraft. There are plenty of cool Minecraft single-bed designs.

For example, you can make a small studio bed with wooden planks, stairs, trap doors, a crafting table, and a lamp. You can keep the bed on the floor or turn it into a bunk bed. There are plenty of options for you to make adjustments to suit your style.

7. Make a Bed in the Grave

bed ideas minecraft
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Not every bed design in Minecraft needs to be glamorous or upbeat. You can make creative designs that are meant to be dark.

A grave bed is one option if you want to be ominous. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest designs to make. You can make a tombstone with mossy cobble, place a bed on the dirt and put trapdoors over it. Suddenly you have a bed that looks like a grave.

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8. Break Out the Pink

bed ideas minecraft
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Bed designs usually focus on dull colors like brown and grey.

So, why not give pink a shot? You can dye your bed pink, add pink glass, and put pink flowers in pots to make your bedroom bright and lively.

If you want a cute design, this is the way to go.

9. Make a Car Bed

bed ideas minecraft
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Lots of kids play Minecraft, and what kid does not love cars? So, the only reasonable conclusion is to make a car bed.

Use quartz, coal blocks, and iron pressure plates to make a cool car design.

Place a red bed in as the seat of the car, and you have a great design. You can also use black and white shulker boxes to mix the texture.

10. Use a Gothic Design

minecraft bed designs
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A gothic or steampunk design can make for a good look, especially if you built a castle for your base. We recommend using blocks from the nether to build one of these beds. You can use darker versions of stone brick, chains, candles, and even add a skull to the head of the bed.

11. Practical Double Bed

minecraft bed designs
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Not every bed needs to be fancy. Some of you might want something practical and functional. If you have a world with your friend, make a double bed with stairs and chests alternating as the headboard.

You can then place crafting tables on the floor at the foot of the beds and furnaces between the beds.

12. Medieval Royal Bed

minecraft bed designs
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Medieval designs are popular in Minecraft, so it makes sense to use them for your bed.

You can use dark oak, stone bricks, and red banners to make a simple but elegant bed design. 

13. Hidden Bed Design

minecraft bed designs

Sometimes all you want to do is make sure no one can see your bed. While it is fun to make a big bed design, beds themselves are not very aesthetically pleasing in Minecraft. You can use barrels, spruce doors, spruce planks, paintings, bookshelves, lanterns, flower pots, and flowers to make a simple hidden bed. 

When you finish sleeping, close the doors, and no one will be able to see your bed. Instead, it will look like a row of cabinets with some bookshelves on top. No one needs to see your bed if you do not want them to.

14. Build a Bed with a Pet Hideout

minecraft bed designs

Alternatively, you can make a simple Minecraft bed design with a hideout for your pet. To do this, you will need to slightly elevate your bed so that you can create a spot for your pet dog or cat. Place two planks on top of each other with two upside-down stairs next to the highest plank. Doing so will give you a place to put your bed. Below it, you will see a small space for your dog or cat to sit. 

Additionally, we like placing drawers on the far side of the bed. You can use bookshelves, item frames, and signs to make interesting cabinets. Add some carpets and shrubs, and you have a cool pet hideout.

15. Build an Enchanting Bed

cool minecraft beds

When enchanting was added to the game, it was a game-changer. Unfortunately, it is challenging to build a bed around enchanting tables and bookshelves in an optimal design. However, that does not mean you cannot create something that looks enchanting.

We recommend dying your bed purple before adding amethysts, purpur stairs, beehives, azalea leaves, item frames, flowers, and a campfire to the design. Using purple as the primary color for your design helps it look enchanting and gives it a witchcraft vibe. 

16. Create an Abstract Bed with Lots of Pictures

cool minecraft beds

Pictures in Minecraft can be frustrating to use, but if you have patience, they can add a lot to your house. Place two beds next to each other at a perpendicular angle. Next, add dark oak trapdoors to the back of the beds to give them a backboard.

You can then place a scaffolding block in the middle of the design with a flower pot on top. Finally, place several pictures on the wall behind your bed to give it more personality.

17. Embrace Your Inner Bee with a Honeycomb Bed Design

minecraft bed ideas

Another option is to use Honeycombs and yellow colors to create an interesting bed design. Dye your bed yellow and surround it with jungle half-slabs. Add composters to the side of your pillows, and jungle trapdoors behind them.

Place some grass hind the trapdoors with bamboo on it. You can then make a small wall of honeycomb to give it a cool backdrop. Finish up with trapdoors and upside-down stairs surrounding the honeycomb backdrop.

18. Scrap Your Bed for a Hammock

minecraft bed ideas

You can scrap your bed altogether and make a hammock instead. We recommend building two custom jungle trees. 

You can then use jungle slabs and stairs to look like a hammock between the two trees. Place a bed in the middle, and you have a beautiful hammock.

19. Make a Bed with a Lantern Overhang

functional minecraft bed designs

You can make a bed that wraps around overtop with a lantern overhanging. Use stairs and slabs to create a base for your bed.

Then build out the wall with the same material, but add chests, bookshelves, and flower pots to add depth. Finally, use slabs and stairs to create a place to hang a lantern. 

20. Create a Bed with Custom Banners

functional minecraft bed designs
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If you want something simple, you can create your bedroom without adding anything crazy to your bed. Dye your bed a color that fits the aesthetic of the room. Finally, create a custom banner to hang behind your bed.

There are lots of options for custom banners, so you get creative. Additionally, you can duplicate banners so that you can hang your design around your base. It will be like your coat of arms.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. If you look up the things people have created in the game, you will be shocked to learn what people can do. However, most of us stick to basic things, and there is nothing more basic than your bed. You need your bed to survive, but that does not mean you cannot spruce it up. Above are 20 Minecraft bed designs so you can get creative with your bed, but if you do not like them, there are plenty of other options out there.