How To Search An Image On Discord

Are you trying to find a specific image on Discord but don’t know how? With Discord’s powerful search functionality, you’ll be able to search and find the exact image you’re looking for in no time.

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of how to search an image on discord. Plus, I’ll also talk about image bots and how they can find images.

Searching An Image On Discord 

Searching for an image on Discord isn’t a difficult task. Discord offers you a search function just like most of the other chat apps. By using this function, images on other servers and DMs can be searched. Apart from that, you can search for an image on another channel.

Besides, the Discord search function also has several features that make searching anything, including images, super easy.

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Moreover, Discord doesn’t delete your pictures or messages. The sole power of doing so is in your hands. Therefore, you can even search and find the images you sent a long time ago.

Here’s how to find an image in a private message, channel or server. 

  • Go to the search options and type has: in the search bar.
  • From the options, select image
  • Type your search terms the hit enter

There are also a number of discord bots out there that can search images, which we will take a look at next:

Searching Images Using Bots On Discord

For example, you are chatting on discord and you need to send an image. Usually you would go to google images and find it manually, save and send it. But with an image search bot, you don’t need to open up google images and it can be done within the discord channel.

The ImageSearch bot does exactly this.On this bot there are two commands. One is the is. Search which can be used to find an image with a target query, and the other is is.random which finds a random image on Discord.

The following is a list of some of the Discord servers with this bot. 

  1. PortalNime Sekai
  2. The community
  3. BAIT
  4. Straysthetic
  5. Davies dimension

Image Search Bot Commands 

On Image Search bot, you have several commands to search for different types of images. And ‘is’ is the prefix of all these commands. In addition to and is.random, the others are:

image bots

is.loose search, which searches for an image that loosely matches your search term. The difference between is. search command and is.loose search is that the latter searches pictures different from the former.

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In addition, ****, ****and **is. invite** are other Image Search-related commands on Discord.

Other Image Search Bots on Discord

Below are some of the other popular discord image search bots.


This bot is another bot on Discord that allows users to search images. In addition to searching, it allows you to do image manipulation as well.

Using this bot is really easy as it offers you several commands. Plus, it is free. Moreover, NotSoBot is open-source.


ImageBot is another Discord bot. Discord users use this bot to do quick image searches. You can also use the same bot to design photomosaic images. 

Moreover, this feature encourages you to do a quick image search. The steps to search for an image on Discord using ImageBot are as follows. 

  1. Type “*grab” after a few words of your target image.
  2. If you want someone to load their profile picture, type “*grabpp”. And type @ (mention someone)

Penguin Bot

Penguin Bot is another bot on Discord that allows users to search images. And this is better than NotSoBot. However, Penguin Bot doesn’t offer you the YouTube command.

Reverse Image Search On Discord 

The reverse image search option was introduced by Discord developers when the app started to become popular.

Reverse Image Search On Discord

You can even find hidden profiles of users using this reverse image search! Sometimes when you don’t know the Discord ID of a particular user, the reverse image search is there for you to deal with the issue.

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Moreover, this bot helps you to find out image sources too. 

The process to do a reverse image search on Discord is as follows. 

  1. As the first step, you must have the person’s picture like find one from their other social media platforms. Or just any target image will work.
  2. After, upload a cropped image in the search bar. 

After that, you will receive a list of possible results of accounts of Discord users. Afterwards all you have to do is select the one you searched for.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, searching for images on Discord is really simple and can be done through the use of the built-in search function or by using bots or even through a reverse image search tool.


Does Discord show others the images that I search on Google? 

No. Discord doesn’t have that feature as a default. You can show others your activity on Google if you only choose to. 

Does Discord have an image filter bot?

Yes. Inspired by Google Cloud Vision, the developers have now added a bot for Discord users that enables filtered image searching. This bot will delete images if the image is adult content or any other inappropriate stuff.