Minecraft Base Ideas

Settling on a specific base idea can be overwhelming as there are various factors to consider. Building a fully-fledged base requires lots of time and effort, so finding a base idea that resonates with you is essential.

It’s common for older players to stick to one type of base style and struggle to venture out and try new base ideas. However, trying out new base styles is fun and adds excitement to your base-building experience.

Minecraft base designs add personality to your world and have a noticeable impact. Moreover, cool Minecraft bases are always respected and are worth the effort.

In addition, trying new things in Minecraft will rekindle your enjoyment of building and exploring the ultimate survival base. 

Many base ideas feel fundamentally different than the traditional square house. This article will go through 20 of the best Minecraft base designs; all designs are possible in survival mode.

1. Minecraft Ocean Base

Minecraft Ocean Base

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Oceans provide players with an endless biome of blue; they also give players a flat landscape to stretch their creativity. 

Building an ocean base is difficult, as players need to create a surface before they begin. 

Making your surface a few blocks above the ocean adds to the aesthetic as long as you make support beams near the edges.

The base game vanilla textures for the ocean may appear bland; adding a resource pack would be a fun way to make the ocean biome look better.

Using a round shape for your base for the ocean base gives off the feel of an island. You can also leave a small area in the middle to keep your private mini ocean.

Creating high buildings creates a stunning sight from afar. Building a ship or two near your ocean base will add immersion into your build.

Since you will build your base on top of the ocean, it is best to pay respects to Poseidon. Plus, making a small statue dedicated to Poseidon will sell the idea of your ocean base.

You can also add an underwater section as an addition to your base. A mix of above water and below will add a needed layer to your ocean base.

Finding the balance between underwater or above-water is all player preference. Most people enjoy having most of their base above water as it is visible to others.

2. Farmer Kingdom Base Minecraft

Farmer Kingdom Base

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Crops are an underutilized decoration in many survival worlds. Cluttering the nearby area with crops is a unique base idea. Grass and trees usually populate the surrounding landscape of any Minecraft world; spicing things up will be a welcomed change.

Building a wooden farmhouse or automatic farm is essential to creating your farmer kingdom base. It will act as the center point for all your surrounding farms. Adding specialized buildings will complement your farms, such as adding a stable with animals and a large windmill. 

Adding more buildings near your farmhouse will cause your farmer kingdom to stand out.

When it comes to the actual farm, build several large fenced areas with different crops. There is no limit to how many fenced areas you should create.

The goal is to clutter the landscape with farms and entirely change the local area. 

Make small rivers cluttered with sugar cane, add flowers in empty spots to add color, and hide the simple green grass. 

Add a few farmer huts near the corner of your farms to prevent the landscape from looking stale.

One final tip is to utilize all crops in the game, do not forget about pumpkins, beetroot, and watermelons.

3. Modern Base

Modern Base

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A modern design in Minecraft is a fan favorite of many players. Building modern houses is difficult as it is entirely different from the wooden homes most people make.

Building a modern house requires other steps to make it stand out but performing some landscaping goes a long way. 

Making a large modern house surrounded by two or three smaller houses will help your modern aesthetic cement itself into your Minecraft world.

Consider building a large modern villa with a dedicated garden for your main house. Making a villa too large will take away from its realism and cause it to look silly or empty.

Flattening the area around your modern base will make it look better, as it will benefit from the reduced clutter surrounding it.

A modern base has a few other minor upgrades that raise it to a new level. Modernizing the area by setting up a pool area is simple.

Adding a garage section near your modern villa is another fun touch that adds realism to your base.

4. Dwarf Fortress Base

Dwarf Fortress Base

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Building a grand dwarf fortress in Minecraft is fitting, as mining is an essential aspect of the game. Most of your dwarf fortress will be indoors and deep underground. 

The first part of building a dwarf fortress is finding a suitable location. Finding a large mountainside is perfect.

The mountainside will act as your grand entrance; using a tall mountain will add to the imposing feel of your dwarf fortress.

There is no exact figure on how tall or wide your entrance should be, but using stairs to lead up to the fortress is essential. Making a lava waterfall next to the gate will give it the touch of detail needed to make your build resemble a fictional dwarf fortress.

Using lots of stone blocks is mandatory as the area near the entrance should serve as a mini fort. 

The more lava you use, the more grand your dwarf fortress will be. Try using lava as a light source for the indoor area of your base, and use glass to conceal it for safety.

Add an active mine section with a functional minecart system that leads to your storage room. Bonus points if you use it to send resources back to your base!

5. Pagoda Base

Pagoda Base

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Building a pagoda will many levels will provide you with a lot of space. You can dedicate entire floors to storage, villager trading halls, workstations, and your private bedroom on the top floor.

Encasing your pagoda with a small wall will allow you to create a small outdoor area to decorate around your pagoda. Adding a small garden and pond area around your pagoda will add to its peaceful vibes. 

If you want a more traditional feel to your pagoda, use stone slabs as flooring around your pagoda.

The secret to a pagoda is making it large and using plenty of light blocks such as glowstone or lanterns. Seeing your completed pagoda at night time will be a breathtaking sight.

The color scheme of your pagoda is entirely up to your taste. Most players settle on a mix of red and black.

You can experiment with different colors, and black is another good choice.

6. Dark Empire Base

Dark Empire Base

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Many cool Minecraft bases add lots of color and fun to the area, creating a happy fantasy land. Since the recent updates, Minecraft has received several dark blocks that help with macabre decoration.

Previously, players mostly had black wool and obsidian to play around with, but now things are different. Creating a dark empire for your base is possible as players have deep slate, black concrete, black carpet, black terracotta, and Blackstone. 

A variation of all the available black blocks allows players to create a dark and gothic empire where colors are limited. It will take time to change the area to alter the colors, but it will be worth it once the task is complete. 

Utilizing black glass, you can create a haunted house that exudes eerie vibes.

The objective of your dark empire is to fill the area with dark-themed builds to transform the local environment. Make an apothecary and add a dark-themed nether portal alongside any build with a dark color palette.

If you want to go the extra mile, add lots of dark oak trees in the area to replace every tree possible. 

7. Medieval Town Base

Medieval Town Base

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Building an entire medieval town is a complex and time-consuming task but once completed is a sight to behold. Breaking down the workload into smaller chunks will make the process easier. 

The first step is building a small castle serving as your new home. The second step is encasing a large portion of land with castle walls and claiming it as your own.

Next, construct numerous builds inside your walls to create a town that looks medieval.

Building a blacksmith area with a forge and anvil is a place to start. Add a few random small stores, such as a potion shop or an enchanting services shop.

Add a few stalls with barrels around, and connect all your builds with a stone pathway.

Finally, no medieval town is complete without its citizens. Build around four to five houses that are medieval-inspired. 

The bigger the area you have created inside the walls, the more you need to populate the place with builds. 

A bonus tip is to place your farms outside of your walls.

8. Secret Base

Secret Base

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Having a secret base makes little sense in a single-player world but will work great in a multiplayer server. Keeping your base a secret will ensure all your resources remain safe from other players.

There are a few ideas for keeping your base a secret, but the best one is a secret entrance that allows easy access. 

Scout out your surrounding area for a spot that seems untouched by you or other players. Next is making your secret doorway.

Players have created countless methods to create hidden doorways, and pistons allow for complex contraptions. If you do not have sticky pistons, you can pick a specific tree to work as your entrance.

Build a 1×1 vertical tunnel underneath a tree that leads to your base. Use ladders to add a way to navigate the tunnel with ease. Avoid water as it may make noise, which will alert nearby players.

9. Fallout Vault Base

Fallout Vault Base

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A Fallout Vault works great in Minecraft, especially in the indoor section. The outdoor opening is the only complex part to recreate.

Since Minecraft does not allow massive moving vault doors, you will need to get a little creative. Most players build a large vault door that is semi-open, providing easy access. 

The indoor section will be decorated based on your favorite Fallout game. The goal is to mimic the feel of a vault. 

A few ideas to decorate the indoor area is to make dedicated rooms. Make a large storage room, and add several bedrooms with villagers. 

One tip to make your vault look immersive is to avoid torches and use Redstone lamps instead. Try placing your lighting on the ceiling, as this will have the best effect.

Hallways are a central piece to your Fallout Vault, be sure to set up your hallways before building any rooms.

If you want to add a touch of detail to the outside, consider adding trees without leaves and turning grass into dirt or sand. This will make the local area appear affected by radiation.

10. Sky Base

Sky Base

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Among all Minecraft’s cool bases, sky bases are always a sight to behold. There is a lot of creativity in sky bases, allowing players to create wildly varying bases.

The traditional sky base is a normal base on top of a floating platform, and players will typically connect a few sky islands using bridges. Using this type of sky base is easy as it allows users to start small and gradually expand islands when they progress further into the game.

The other shape is a circular donut with a central platform. 

For traditional sky bases, adding a few waterfalls allows easy access to your house from below and adds a majestic feel to your sky base.

11. Dome Base

Dome Base

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Dome bases are among the best Minecraft base ideas. They look quite different from other base designs and provide an awe-inspiring potential for creativity.

Most Minecraft base ideas are built on already existing terrain, but dome bases offer something different. 

With a dome base, players create their mini-world within a large glass dome, so everything is inside an interior space designed by the player. 

Grass, rivers, and flowers are all designed by you. Within your dome base, you can potentially create any of the other base ideas within this list. 

You can add an underwater base within your mini ocean, having two mini bases within your dome base.

Dome bases are easy to build, too, as the only resources required are glass and time. 

Before you place your dome base, be sure there is a nearby mountain, this will allow it to act as a vantage point for your dome base.

12. UFO Base

UFO Base

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The sky in Minecraft can get boring to look at after a while since the typical Minecraft survival world has nothing occurring in the sky. Building high up in the sky allows players to use up any area they want.

Building a UFO to act as your base is a newer idea to most survival players, though it is bound to change soon!

UFOs in Minecraft require simple resources and can be built with relative ease. The color scheme for your UFO will mostly vary between white and black. No matter which color you choose, be sure to add lots of lighting blocks to keep your UFO illuminated at night.

A quirky idea is to build a water elevator surrounded by the green glass; this adds an immersive way to have easy access to your base at any moment.

13. Treehouse Base

Treehouse Base

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Anyone who’s had a treehouse or fantasized about having one as a kid can relate to how awesome a treehouse base in Minecraft is. Not to mention building a large tree and adding a house on top of it is a ton of fun. 

There is one special attribute to treehouse bases that most other bases do not have – they can stack up with your friends. Friends can create their tree house bases close to yours and have them connect using bridges.

The more you connect more tree house bases, the more stunning the sight will be from afar.

Depending on your preferred building design, you may want to go for a specific biome.

Jungles provide players with the ability to build large, while oak allows for dainty tree house bases.

14. Ultimate Survival Base

Ultimate Survival Base

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We’ve all built a normal survival base, one where function took priority to design. But most survival bases are a bit bland and uninspiring.

However, this can be changed by making an ultimate survival base, allowing players to go all out.

The goal of an ultimate survival base is to create an area where all survival functions are easily accessible. Portals, an enchanting table, farms, and your house are all bundled up in a smaller area.

You can even add an XP farm within your base.

Once complete, you can encase your base with a wall, allowing you to have a haven. 

Your ultimate survival base is unrivaled when it comes to function. You can implement features like a garden to add some color to your base.

15. Mountaintop Base

Mountaintop Base

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Minecraft terrain has a lot of mountains, allowing players to find many amazing spots to build their next base.

First, search for a large mountain with a wide top, as it will house your base. There is a lot of flexibility when building on a mountain.

You can build on top of the mountain, create smaller builds on the mountainside, and add farms at the bottom.

If you have two mountains that are close to one another, you can connect them with a bridge.

Mountaintop bases are one of the best Minecraft base ideas as it provides a great foundation for lots of builds in a small area.

16. Mushroom Island Base

Mushroom Island Base

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Red mushrooms in Minecraft are red and vibrant, allowing for a colorful base. You can easily make a mushroom house, though it is best to keep it in a smaller size.

Choosing a mycelium biome is the best destination for your base. There are already a lot of mushrooms in a mycelium biome, and it comes with the advantage of having no hostile mobs spawn.

It will take lots of mushrooms, but you can create large mushrooms, as the vanilla ones are tiny.

Players have made blue and purple mushrooms using blocks within the game. Your mushroom island will be awe-inspiring.

Building large mushroom trees and mushroom-styled builds will allow your island to be a unique experience.

17. Nether Base

Nether Base

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The nether updates have given players the ability to live in the nether forever. Players have a plethora of resources and blocks at their disposal to create stunning builds.

Not many players have taken to making the nether a home, giving nether bases extra appeal if you want to go for something distinct and not overused. 

Nether blocks are versatile and will look great in all your builds. And if you wish to add an extra flair to your base, consider incorporating lava.

Notably, the terrain in the nether is different from the one in the overworld. It can be challenging and take a bit more time to find a spot for your base. However, there’s lots of space, so you can go for a large base design.

18. Space Station Base

Space Station Base

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There are many cool Minecraft bases in the End dimension, proving that it is a viable place to build your base. The majority of End bases incorporate the color scheme of end cities. 

One outstanding idea is to make a space station using the blocks provided in that dimension. 

Nothing in Minecraft is cooler than having a space station as a base in the End.

In addition, there are many shapes for space stations, and they all work great on a large scale. 

19. Cave Base

Cave Base

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Ever since the cave update was released, caves have grown larger and more open in space. 

The extra space gives ample room for players to use it as a base. Cave bases are a lot of fun to decorate; players frequently go for a mixture of stone, leaves, and wood.

Lanterns work great for illuminating your large cave base, and fences are a great way to add them naturally.

Slate works wonderfully as a cave-base material if you want a deeper underground cave base. Moreover, slate and lava go great in lighting up your base.

If possible, try to keep your base near a mob spawner so you always have an XP farm nearby.

20. Mansion Base

Mansion Base

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Building mansions in Minecraft is lots of fun. Adding secret rooms and hidden doorways is a fan-favorite secret. Wooden mansions will always be a treasured base idea in Minecraft.

Mansions allow players to have lots of dedicated rooms to make areas such as a crafting room and storage room to store all their resources.

There are a few things you can do near your mansion to help it stand out. A fountain is essential near the entrance of your mansion.

Adding a large garden section will make your mansion look more real. You can also add a maze section within your garden if you are short on ideas.

If you are going for a modern mansion, be sure to add a pool.

Wrap Up

There are countless base ideas in Minecraft to keep the game fresh and exciting. 

All Minecraft bases are unique, allowing players to find one that suits them.

If you want a large fortress inside a mountain, a dwarf fortress is a great choice. Players that prefer a newer aesthetic will love building a modern base.

Many concepts, like a space station or a mushroom kingdom, are infrequently built by other players.

Taking on a sizable dark empire will be a lot of fun for players looking to put their building abilities to the test.