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Unlike many video games that seem to generate a massive fanbase before falling out of style, Minecraft has some serious staying power. Part of what makes the game so attractive is the ability to build a world from the ground up, customized to fit your personality and preferences. 

When it comes to outdoor spaces, water features are quite popular. From natural wood fountains to intimidating stone towers, there are seemingly limitless Minecraft fountain ideas to fuel your inner architect. 

Put your inventory stockpiles to good use and create the base of your dreams by learning how to build a fountain in Minecraft. 

17 Exciting Minecraft Fountain Ideas

Need a little inspiration to get started? Here are 17 Minecraft water fountain ideas from players across the swamps, savannahs, and everywhere in between. 

1. Creeper Fountain

minecraft fountain ideas

Strike fear into the hearts of all who dare enter your domain with an imposing Creeper fountain. These blueprints are simple, so it’s an excellent way to practice building cool fountains in Minecraft without getting overwhelmed. 

It starts with a gravel foundation, followed by a cobblestone platform that holds the Creeper’s head above a water moat. 

Once you finish the fountain base, begin building the head, leaving spaces in the green wool for the eyes and mouth. When you put water blocks inside, they will pour out of the mouth into the moat. 

2. Medieval Castle Fountain

minecraft fountain ideas

Bring the Middle Ages to your Minecraft server with a towering fortress fountain fit for royalty. You’ll want to dedicate quite a bit of space to the foundation to balance the height and leave room for realistic details like glow stones, cobblestone walls, and mossy blocks. 

This statue fountain features a centerpiece that looks like a tower with defensive battlements around the top, so adding Netherrack lanterns at the corners makes for a realistic finishing touch. Finish the build with personalized banners displaying your custom crest or theme design. 

3. Magical Fairy Fountain and Pond

minecraft fountain ideas

If you’re interested in a charming, rustic Minecraft small fountain design, a fairy pond brings natural beauty to your build. 

The fountain and pond are basic cobblestones, but adding in little details like lanterns or bone meal at the bottom to create movement makes the area come to life. 

Finish your fountain with a colorful floral display using your favorite flower varieties, like rose bushes, orchids, tulips, and lilies of the valley. Depending on your overall theme, you can stick with monotone hues or create multi-color palettes to match the rest of your base. 

4. Frog Fountain

For those whose favorite part of Minecraft is the abundance of wildlife, a frog fountain with floating lily pads is an irresistible addition to your pixelated petting zoo. With the 1.9 updates, it also doubles as a handy habitat for raising tadpoles. 

While regular stone works for a more realistic garden statue, oxidized copper gives the fountain a fun pop of color. Complete your amphibious architecture with white wool eyes, polished Blackstone buttons for pupils, and plenty of vegetation for your pollywogs to enjoy.

5. Waterfall Fountain

You can terraform to create a stunning waterfall fountain that cascades down a mountain or hillside. It looks best with natural-looking materials, like wood and stone, as if an ancient civilization built it into the landscape. 

Covering the sides with dense shrubbery enhances the “overgrown” look and looks lovely as the water falls over multiple levels decorated with lanterns.

6. Walking Path Fountain

Stretch the limits of your imagination with a sprawling walking path fountain with arched entrances, an elevated wooden platform, and a tranquil reflecting pool underneath. Because of the massive size and wide range of materials, this fountain would be a fun way to challenge your building skills in creative mode. 

Flowers, grasses, and shrubs are vital to this blueprint, both around the outer walkway and under the water cascade. The greenery softens the look of the stone, transforming it from a fountain into a lush outdoor attraction. 

7. Futuristic Fountain

minecraft fountain design

When it comes to building a futuristic fountain, Minecraft pixels are the best tools for the job. This massive quartz tower with neon purple stained glass access shows how even simple blocks can come together to form out-of-this-world architectural feats. 

The best part about this Minecraft fountain idea is that it looks like it doubles as an alien beacon or other sci-fi technology. Take the theme to the extreme with bold colors and techy structures that match this fountain’s style. 

8. Dragon Fountain

minecraft fountain design

A massive mythological dragon makes for an intimidating subject if you’re planning a Minecraft statue fountain. Using oxidized copper blocks gives you a scaly shade of green that closely resembles a dragon’s hide, while waxed copper provides twinkling, lifelike eyes. 

This dragon fountain would fit in with a Chinese-themed tea garden, amusement park, or Medieval castle.

9. Mushroom Fountain

minecraft fountain design

If there’s one thing that Mario fans and nature lovers can agree on, it’s that mushroom designs make cool Minecraft fountains. You can use white and black concrete to construct an enormous mushroom buddy in your pond, pouring water from its mouth into the pool below. 

You’ll need mushroom blocks to complete the “cap” and a grass platform for your new statue to sit on, but this is a relatively easy build that adds a lot of personality to any forest biome or backyard garden. 

10. Fancy Fountain

minecraft fountain design

Once you’ve learned how to make a water fountain in Minecraft, you can take your builds into the future with a minimalistic design for a more elegant and sophisticated landscaping theme. Instead of letting the water flow naturally, create the illusion that it’s a glass panel sandwiched between two white concrete platforms. 

You can also add glow stones to light up the water from underneath, turning your fountain into a giant lamp that lights up your adventures. 

11. Heart Fountain

minecraft water fountain

Bring a little romance to your landscape decor with a classic white quartz heart fountain. A glass base makes the heart look like it’s floating above the water, giving it a magical, otherworldly appearance as the water cascades into the glowing pool below. 

Try finishing the area with other pretty details like flowers, bushes, and lanterns, or place the fountain at the center of a rosebush maze. 

12. Simple Stone Fountain

minecraft water fountain

When it comes to fountain design, Minecraft has countless options for materials, colors, and techniques. However, your first few days in survival mode are all about staying alive, leaving almost no time for creating a beautiful playing space. 

One of the best things about simple stone fountains is that they are straightforward to build, which means you can dress up your home without investing a ton of time and materials in the project. Once well-established, you can expand or add other decorative elements that match your theme. 

13. Frozen Fountain

minecraft water fountain

Live your ice kingdom dreams with Minecraft fountain designs for the cold biome. When the temperature drops, the water flows down the tower and freezes into a stunning ice sculpture that would make the perfect centerpiece for a town square or castle courtyard. Watch the tutorial

The taller your structure, the more impressive these builds will look. You’ll be glad you took the extra time to create multiple tiers when the cascades turn into massive stacks of ice and snow. 

14. Multi-Tiered Fountain

fountain design minecraft

One of the best Minecraft water fountain ideas is a small, multi-tiered stone fountain. Because of its multiple levels, it still looks fancy, but the small size means you can build out around it without the water feature stealing all the attention. 

Try placing one in the center of an outdoor pagoda or pavilion for an elegant but ornate centerpiece. They are also an excellent addition to smaller flower gardens or underground caves. 

15. Lava Fountain

fountain design minecraft

If you’re looking for something a little more hardcore than Minecraft water fountain ideas, create a Nether-inspired lava fountain. The Blackstone blocks make this build look even more villainous like you built your evil headquarters in the center of a volcano. 

Before you dump your buckets of lava, be sure to pop a fire resistance potion. Otherwise, you risk losing hearts while getting creative with red-hot magma. 

16. Pillar Fountain

minecraft fountains

You don’t have to take on large, complicated Minecraft fountain ideas to create gorgeous gardens or town centers. Something as plain as a stone pillar can quickly become a water feature you’ll be proud of. 

There’s a lot of room for creativity with this build, like a single, tall pillar to fill in a compact space or multiple posts with staggered heights for larger areas. 

17. Japanese Fountain

minecraft fountains

Many people who play Minecraft prefer a more natural approach to outdoor decor, and this Japanese fountain fits the bill. The rustic wooden torii at the top and other dark oak accents make this water feature look like a repurposed pagoda. 

Add bamboo and pink wool sakura trees around the fountain’s base to enhance the look. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Minecraft fountain ideas, you can create even more incredible water features to dress up your home base. 

Once you get the hang of building the basic structure, you can be more adventurous with rare materials and modpacks for a customized design that suits your style.