Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft has been around for over a decade, and in that time people have made some mind-blowing bases and contraptions. It is truly impressive to see everything people can build from the materials they gather in the game.

Unfortunately, not all of us are going to create Redstone masterpieces. For most of us, we will spend our time designing a cool base. Specifically, beginners will want to start with easy Minecraft houses. 

You do not need to stick with easy Minecraft house ideas forever, but they are a good play to start. By starting with a simple Minecraft house, you give yourself a fantastic base to expand upon as you gain knowledge.

To learn how to make easy Minecraft houses step by step, we will go through some classic examples. Do not worry, there are plenty of cool simple Minecraft houses to build.

Easy Minecraft House Ideas

1. Make a Starter House

Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Before you get lost in the weeds, you should make a small Minecraft house. Typically, Minecraft players call this a starter house. It does not need to be anything fancy. It can be as simple as a hole in the ground, but it should be a safe place to set up and sleep. 

If you want something better than a hole in the wall, you can build a small house with all the essentials. It should have enough space for your chests, a crafting table, and a furnace. Additionally, you can set up a small area to start growing wheat and other crops. Use a combination of wood, stone, and glass to make a cool starter house.

2. Get a Step Up with a Survival House

Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Survival houses are a step up from starter houses. They are usually a bit bigger, but they are still for the early stages of the game. Your starter house should only have the essentials, and usually, it does not have a complex design. Your survival house will be larger, have more storage space, and you will probably spend more time designing it. 

When you build a survival house, you can start to think about making space for an enchanting or potion room. Additionally, you can incorporate your nether portal so that everything you need is accessible. This design incorporates everything you need with a slick build. 

3. Dig Out an Underground House

Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Many Minecraft players struggle to make cool, easy Minecraft houses. Roofs cause issues, and they struggle to make it look good on the outside. You can easily resolve that problem by building your house underground. Underground houses are common in Minecraft and open up a world of possibilities. 

While it takes a long time to dig out the space you need for your underground house, you get to keep all the materials. So, you will never need to worry about running out of stone again. You can give your base a glass ceiling so you can look inside from the surface. Give the glass ceiling a wood border, and you have a good starting point. Once you are underground, you can use any material you want, but we prefer using wood to give it a homey look.

4. Get Creative on the Cliffside

Not every house needs to have a traditional style. You can make cute easy Minecraft houses in interesting styles. You can keep your Minecraft house ideas easy by building on the cliffside. We recommend using concrete blocks or quartz to give your cliff house a modern style. White concrete and quartz look nearly identical, so it is up to you to pick one.

You can build a flat rooftop balcony with a glass pool to give yourself a nice place to watch the view. Additionally, we recommend incorporating glass walls so you can easily view the surrounding area. 

5. Build a Boat House

small minecraft house ideas

The best way to stay away from zombies, skeletons, and creepers at night is to stay on the water. Fortunately, there are several cool easy houses to build in Minecraft on the water. You can build a ship and live there. To make one, you will need a lot of wood. 

The one downside to this house design is it is limited in space. You can build a bigger boat, but it will start to look ridiculous if you make it too big. So, if you need a lot of storage, we recommend moving into a bigger base. Still, a boat house is a good option for a starter base.

6. Make a Treehouse

small minecraft house ideas

It is right in the name, so when you are looking for cool and easy Minecraft houses to build, consider making a treehouse. Treehouses exploded in popularity when the jungle biome was added to the game years ago. The tall trees made it easier for people to build extravagant treehouses. However, you do not need a jungle biome to make a treehouse for a base. 

You can easily build around any tree and style it with various types of wood. We recommend using two-by-two trees because they give you more freedom to get creative. If you want to get extra creative, build a custom tree.

7. Dig Out a Mountain Base

simple minecraft house

Mountain bases are easy to build Minecraft houses. Like underground houses, you do not need to worry about the exterior of your mountain base. You can dig out a large area with several rooms to build an extravagant mountain house. 

One of the great things about mountain bases is you can place them anywhere you have enough space to dig. You can build them in any biome so long as you have a mountain to dig into. You can make a small design at the entrance, but other than that, you do not need to get very creative.

8. Make a Hobbit Hole

Here we have an idea that expands on what you can do with a mountain base. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you will love this idea. Consider making a hobbit hole in the side of a hill. 

The difference between a hobbit hole and a mountain base is you will put more effort into the entrance of the house and the surrounding lawn. Your entrance should be circular and should incorporate several natural colors. We like using wood, bricks, sandstone, and hardened clay to make a unique entrance. Build some gardens out front with fences, and you have a beautiful entrance to your hobbit hole.

9. Try a Mushroom Base

easy minecraft houses step by step

If you want to try something creative and unique, you should build a mushroom house. To construct one of these houses, you must grow giant mushrooms or find them in a mushroom biome. You can grow giant mushrooms by using bonemeal on mushrooms. Once they grow, you need to use silk touch to get the blocks. You can then place them in a design you like to build a beautiful mushroom house. 

We recommend pairing mushroom blocks with logs and planks. You can include other shrubs too if you want to expand on the natural design.

10. Build a Compact Lake House

When you spawn into your Minecraft world, you will start by punching a tree to get wood. As a result, it makes sense to start your first house with wood logs and planks. You can make several building materials from wood, so why not build a compact cabin on a river or lake? 

Minecraft did not always have a plethora of blocks. Oak used to be the only type of wood. When you spawn, we recommend going back to the roots of Minecraft by building a compact lake house on a river or lake. 

11. Build Dual Houses for Two Players

easy cute minecraft houses

Minecraft is a fun single-player game, but it is even more fun with friends. If you are playing with a friend or sibling, you probably want to set up a base together. However, you might also want personal spaces to keep your belongings separate. A good way to do this is to build a two-player house

You can use a simple design twice and place a nether portal between them. Place them next to each other, and it will start looking like a housing development. All you need for this design are logs, planks, stone bricks, fences, and glass.

12. Make a Winter Cabin

easy cute minecraft houses

When you spawn into a new world, you probably picture yourself in a large forest or open field. You might see some mountains in the distance or a body of water. However, that is not always the case. There are dozens of biomes in Minecraft, and while many involve forests and plains, there are some exceptions. 

You could spawn in a cold area, and if that happens, you will want to go with a different house design. Now, you do not need to worry about the cold in Minecraft, but Minecraft is about role-playing, so it makes sense to make a base that suits the environment. 

If you spawn in a tundra or ice spikes biome, we recommend making a wood cabin. You will have access to spruce trees, and stone, and you can even incorporate ice and snow into your base. You can use a fireplace to make a chimney with smoke coming out of it and make your new house look nice and cozy. 

13. Build a House Around a Cave System

easy cute minecraft houses

Now, you might think a cave base is no different from an underground or mountain base. While it is understandable to think that, they are very different. Mountain and underground bases involve digging out large holes in the ground and mountainsides. However, cave bases use the shape of the cave to build large, sprawling bases. You can expand the size of the caves, but you will generally follow the path of the caves. 

Caves are exciting to build in because they are all unique. You can build a base no one has made before in a cave. It will be unique to your world, and that is exciting.

14. Make a Tower Base

cool easy minecraft houses

Since Minecraft came out, people have been building castles. Since we were limited in materials in Alpha and Beta, it makes sense that castles were all the rage. Today they are still popular, but people like to build other things. Still, if you want to make a castle, you can make some interesting bases. 

However, you should not start with an entire castle. Castles are usually huge, so you should start with something smaller. If you want to eventually expand your home into a castle, you can build a single tower. Most people only use stone when they build castles, but they like mixing in some wood to give it some depth. You can construct your tower as tall as you want and with plenty of depth. 

15. Build a Medieval House

cool easy minecraft houses

Castles are common for people who like medieval designs, but there are other ways to use the medieval theme. Medieval houses can look great, but they do not need to be extravagant. As a result, if you are looking for easy Minecraft houses to make, stick to the medieval theme. 

Cobblestone is not something many people use for their builds. Instead, they prefer to smelt it into stone and stone bricks. While you can use stone brick for your roof, cobblestone looks great for walls when using a medieval theme. You can make single-block juts with logs to give the house some depth. Finally, make an angled roof with wood and stone brick stairs. 

16. Construct an Ocean Base

easy simple minecraft houses

Another option is for you to build an ocean base. Unfortunately, building an ocean base will not be as easy as building something on land. However, it is not too difficult once you master a few basic techniques. 

Before starting, you must figure out how much space you need to build your base. So, you need to plan out a lot of your base beforehand. You can then find a place to build your base and get rid of the water. You can use sponges to remove water, but sand and gravel work well too. Additionally, we recommend brewing some water-breathing potions so you do not drown. If you do not have them, it will take longer to build your base.

17. Build a Base with Birch

Birch is often the most forgotten type of wood. Oak is the original, spruce and dark oak are great options for medieval houses, and acacia is a good option for unique designs. As a result, people forget to use the lightest type of wood in the game. 

Birch was one of the first types of wood added to the game after oak. It was added alongside spruce to give players more options. Many people like using birch for floors, but you can make some interesting designs with them as the primary block. The key to using birch is being smart about where to place dark accent blocks. Do not use birch exclusively. Instead, incorporate dark oak or spruce into your design.

18. Make a Small Modern House

basic minecraft house

Modern houses are very popular, as we mentioned when talking about cliffside houses. However, in the real world, modern houses are often very compact. So, if you want something easy to build that emulates the real world, you can make a small modern house. Go to the nether to collect some quartz and you will have everything you need to get started. 

If you need more space, you can start digging underground while keeping your house design nice and small above the ground. Adding sections to your base underground is a good way to expand the size of your modern house without messing with the outer design.

19. Build a Beach House

basic minecraft house

Minecraft lets you create a world for yourself, so why not live in luxury? In our opinion, the best way to live in luxury is on the beach. So, why not build a beach house?

Before you build your beach house, you need to find a good location. You can make it on the mainland, but we think finding a small island is better. By building your house on an island, you do not need to worry about creepers wandering onto your base and blowing it up. 

Some materials to use to build your beach house include gray concrete, diorite, bricks, and spruce planks. Build some custom trees and shrubs to give your house extra personality.

20. Make a Large Farmhouse

easy minecraft house ideas

After you survive your first night, you will need food to live much longer. You can kill the animals in the area, but ideally, you will keep some of them alive to breed in the future. As a result, your best option is to grow crops. Since you need those crops anyway, why not incorporate them into your house?

You can build a farmhouse with several platforms for growing different crops. Have areas for growing wheat, potatoes, carrots, and anything else you need. A farmhouse is much larger than most early bases, but it will be more useful.

21. Build a Wizard Tower

easy minecraft house ideas

If you enjoy fantasy and similar elements, you can build easy Minecraft houses to fit the theme. A wizard tower is one of the best ways to get into the fantasy mindset. Build your wizard tower with stone bricks, spruce wood, and red brick. Additionally, you can incorporate vines and mossy cobblestones to make the tower look older. A wizard tower is a perfect build for someone who wants a tall and grand base.

22. Construct a Japanese Pagoda

As new items have been added to Minecraft over the years, players have been able to build more things. Notably, you can build things with Asian themes thanks to the new blocks and plants that have been added over time. 

You can construct a beautiful pagoda with acacia and dark oak planks, prismarine blocks, and stone. You can then surround your pagoda with bamboo, shrubs, and small custom ponds.

23. Build a Suburban House

minecraft small house ideas

If you want to stick to what you know in the real world, you can try building a suburban house. Suburban houses in Minecraft use many of the same blocks as modern houses. However, you will usually use darker colors, so it is not as flashy. You can use concrete or hardened clay as the main building block. We recommend using gray with an accent of white. You can then use iron blocks to construct your garage. Add a few buttons for some depth. 

Additionally, you can easily add an oak porch next to your garage. As a finishing touch, add some leaves at the border of your house to look like hedges.

24. Make a Fantasy Mansion

minecraft small house ideas

We have discussed the fantasy theme a bit, but you can go big with it. A mansion might not look easy to make, but it is not too challenging. Building a mansion requires you to repeat the same design over and over until you have a huge house. You can do this with a fantasy theme.

When building your fantasy mansion, we recommend using logs, stone bricks, chains, lanterns, flora, glass, and a fireplace. You can incorporate glass as well to give your base some extra color.

25. Build a Small Castle

minecraft small house ideas

You can build an entire castle, but it will take months to plan, lay out, and build. As a result, we recommend starting with a small castle. The first thing you need to do is decide what type of stone you want to use. Cobblestone and stone bricks are the most popular options. Try to mix in dark oak or spruce to give your castle walls some depth. Additionally, iron bars are useful for making gates. 

When building a small castle, you will not make a large courtyard with greenery. Instead, you will focus on making several small rooms within the castle walls. It will look like a castle from the outside but act like a house. Finally, add some Minecraft banners to make it look like a castle.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft is a game all about creativity. When you play Minecraft, you can play anything you want. However, it is always smart to have a house or a base to come back to.

It is where you will sleep and store your materials. You can use any of the ideas listed above or make something yourself. There are so many directions to go that we could not cover all of them in a list of 25.