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As the bestselling game of all time, Minecraft remains a classic game for kids and adults to enjoy and express their creativity. Whether they like to create worlds, play in survival mode, or play online, Minecraft has different tools that make it great for anyone who wants to play.

People may want to see other people’s ideas as they play the game. So they’ll go online, watch Minecraft YouTubers, and enjoy the content. If you want to get involved with Minecraft YouTubers, you’ll want to check out the best ones who post regularly.

Top 15 Best Minecraft Youtubers

Each of these famous Minecraft YouTubers offers something different, so see which ones stick out to you.

1. Aphmau

minecraft youtubers

If you’re looking for a unique YouTuber who likes to try different mods or resource packs, you’ll want to see what Aphmau offers. She posts videos daily and almost always posts Minecraft content. While she’ll sometimes dabble in other games, some see her as the best Minecraft YouTuber.

Aphmau has a happy-go-lucky personality. She also sometimes does roleplay videos where she pretends to be in different situations with her friends. Aphmau also regularly plays games with her friends, especially during their popular hide-and-seek matches.

She seeks to make the videos more interesting by trying different ideas in each of them. The videos also do a great job of standing on their own, so you can quickly watch and enjoy a recommended video.

2. Skip the Tutorial

minecraft youtubers

No one likes to run into issues like inventory problems. You can watch a tutorial and informational Youtuber, like Skip the Tutorial. Each of his videos focuses on educating and helping other players with their Minecraft needs.

For example, he’ll point out things you can do to improve your experience while sharing what you should avoid. However, he offers more information by sharing lists of interesting facts and different hacks you can use to improve your experience.

The videos make themselves entertaining through the educational aspect. Not only do you learn how to improve your buildings and make changes in Minecraft, but you can enjoy these videos once or twice a week with the option to search through the others.

3. aCookieGod

famous minecraft youtubers

Some people love to watch challenges and people doing crazy feats in Minecraft, so they’ll watch someone like aCookieGod. For example, he’ll build different creations to inspire others, like a planet or a statue.

He likes to create different areas and show people how he tackles his various creations. He also makes it interesting by creating everything in Minecraft Hardcore, so he could die at any moment and lose everything, adding stakes to the game.

The YouTuber posts videos every week or so, making him a fun person to watch on occasion. He does a great job of finding that balance between educating and remaining entertaining. To enjoy beautiful builds in Minecraft, you’ll want to watch aCookieGod.

4. Shock Frost

famous minecraft youtubers

People love to create different buildings in various styles to show off their skills. Unfortunately, some don’t know where to start, so they’ll watch someone like Shock Frost learn how to make the most out of Minecraft’s building system.

Shock Frost likes to make various homes and buildings to show people how they can do the same. He focuses on simple designs anyone can easily make while offering some unique and cool designs for people more experienced with the game.

He does a great job of inspiring others to make their creations and make adjustments to his ideas. However, you have to look at the screen while he makes it since he communicates through text rather than voice, requiring more concentration than in other videos.

5. ibxtoycat

best minecraft youtuber

You’ll sometimes ask different questions about Minecraft, such as wondering about mobs spawning on trapdoors. A channel like ibxtoycat works well since he’ll answer questions while throwing in some nice variety.

For example, he’ll post podcasts where he discusses different Minecraft topics. He also has challenges for others to tackle and videos that share information about various updates and what people can expect from them.

Ibxtoycat tends to post every day or so, meaning you can expect regular content as you hop on for your daily YouTube sessions. He even talks about tips on how to fight different mobs and enemies, so you can survive while you play Minecraft.

Since you’ll get plenty of variety, you won’t get bored with this channel. He has an energetic personality while making some funny noises. With his knowledge of the game and how to make the most of Minecraft, he can make some beautiful creations.

6. JeromeASF

Online game modes remain a fun option for Minecraft players since they can join servers and have fun. A player like JeromeASF shows off these different modes while incorporating mods and having fun in Minecraft.

He likes to play with mods and go online, having tons of fun with his friends on their servers. He has a fun and energetic personality, making him entertaining for those who focus on entertainment in their Minecraft videos.

He posts daily videos, though they aren’t always Minecraft videos. However, most of the videos are Minecraft, so some people may appreciate the constant content while enjoying an occasional break when he posts about something else.

7. Silvio Gaming

most popular minecraft youtuber

While most people associate Minecraft YouTubers with English speakers, you have Silvio Gaming if you want to watch one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers in the Spanish-speaking community. Silvio tends to tackle challenges while looking into mods.

For example, he’ll sometimes try to do a challenge, such as having less health or working with one block at the start. He usually creates these situations by adding mods while enjoying them with his friends joining in.

He tends to post every couple of days, so you won’t get to watch him every day, but you’ll get high-quality videos throughout the week. Silvio also plays other games occasionally, such as Grand Theft Auto Five, so you could get a surprise between Minecraft videos.

8. Ryguyrocky

most popular minecraft youtuber

You should look into Ryguyrocky if you like a combination of mods and 100-day survival challenges. If you want someone fun with hilarious challenges while playing with friends, you’ll see Ryguyrocky as one of the best MC YouTubers.

He also loves to use graphic mods while he plays to make the game look as lovely and enjoyable as possible. He loves to have fun and joke around while he tries these challenges. Ryguyrocky doesn’t always succeed, but he keeps at it and knows how to remain determined.

He posts about once a week, meaning you can hop online and enjoy entertainment whenever he posts something new. The videos last over half an hour long, so even though he doesn’t post daily, the videos will be four or five times longer than other YouTubers.

9. Quiff

best mc youtubers

Quiff takes a unique approach by bringing an answer to questions people don’t think about but still interest them. He works with his friends to come up with crazy concepts to make entertaining videos, even if they have some scripted aspects.

Quiff gets people involved with his videos, making them more entertaining while doing what he can to overcome whatever he faces. The videos also do a great job of incorporating roleplaying ideas into his concepts, so people can suspend their disbelief while watching.

He posts videos every three days, giving you a decent stream of content if you want to watch some Minecraft. His videos focus strictly on the entertainment value, making the what-if scenarios fun for those who want to spice up their Minecraft videos.

10. The Breakdown

best mc youtubers

People sometimes need help with mods and other functions in Minecraft, so they’ll turn to someone like The Breakdown for help. Even though he might not be one of the top Minecraft YouTubers regarding subscriber counts, he offers some useful and informative videos.

The Breakdown keeps things simple by going through the necessary steps to install anything you need to meet your needs. He makes the steps simple while providing the various resources in the description for easy access.

The Breakdown posts videos every day or two, meaning you’ll constantly have advice and help with computer issues. While most of them deal with Minecraft issues, such as boosting the FPS, some work around computer issues to help as many people as possible.

11. iDeactivateMC

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Looking for interesting Minecraft facts and details? If so, iDeactivateMC seeks to educate others and share information about Minecraft. The content focuses on tackling different patches while mentioning rare aspects and glitches.

Not only does he provide exciting information, but he explains why the details matter while you play Minecraft. He does a great job of balancing informative elements while going over fun ones people may find appealing.

He only posts about two or three times a month, but you can use the information to learn about Minecraft. If you have the corresponding versions or want to try out other ideas, you’ll have plenty of things to test after watching a single iDeactivateMC video.

12. Mysticat

og minecraft youtubers

If you wish to learn cool tricks you can perform in Minecraft, you should see what Mysticat shows people. He sometimes works with mods, but he’ll also show you how to do different things and make various creations without relying on mods.

He’ll create things that seem impossible in Minecraft by taking advantage of the in-game commands. They are entertaining videos where people learn how to accomplish amazing things. He even incorporates his friends into videos for additional entertainment.

Mysticat posts about twice a month, with each video around 10 minutes, depending on the content. He always loves to try new concepts and show people different ideas, so you’ll never get bored watching these videos.

13. PaulGG

og minecraft youtubers

If you want someone who tackles survival challenges while making other creations, you should watch PaulGG. He entertains you while showing you various ideas for building and having fun in Minecraft.

He likes to add funny edits throughout the videos to make them more entertaining while showing how he accomplishes those different tasks. In addition, PaulGG likes to have a face-cam while he plays to show his reactions while he shares his thoughts and ideas.

PaulGG posts a video once a week, each over 12 minutes long, so you’ll have a decent length every time you watch it. Since he sticks with the same general content, you know what you’ll get whenever you visit his channel.

14. WiederDude

who is the most popular minecraft youtuber

If you want a unique approach among the most popular Minecraft YouTubers, you’ll want to watch WiederDude. Instead of using mods or running around with friends in a rollback server, he creates different builds with varying skill levels.

For example, he’ll create other mobs throughout the video as giant statues in Minecraft. He refers to them as noobs, pros, hackers, and god creations, giving people a sense of how much skill they need to recreate these statues.

He keeps it interesting by showing the creation process sped up to teach people how to make those same creations. WiederDude posts about four or five times a month, meaning you’ll always have something new to enjoy and work on as you watch the channel.

15. ShulkerCraft

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Minecraft Automatic Farm or Farming for materials remains an integral part of Minecraft for those who like to make creations in survival mode. ShulkerCraft seeks to simultaneously educate and entertain people by providing fun content to help others.

ShulkerCraft tends to post every three days or so, meaning you’ll get two or three videos a week to keep you entertained. However, ShulkerCraft keeps it straightforward and informative without distracting you with his voice. 

They even go through the trouble of telling you the exact materials you need to make everything while showing the creation process on screen. The designs make it easy for others to adjust based on their preference.

In short, ShulkerCraft does one thing but does it exceptionally well.

Final Remarks

Minecraft remains a famous game people play daily, so they’ll naturally want to watch YouTubers when they can’t play it. You can find various YouTubers who post Minecraft videos regularly, leaving you content to binge or watch for updates.

Since YouTubers appeal to different watchers, you’ll want to see what they offer to get a feel for their styles. Then, as you look into the best ones, you can save time, know who you like the most, and become a subscriber to your favorite Minecraft YouTubers.