how to breed turtles in minecraft

Turtles are mobs in Minecraft that can be found in the game’s ocean biomes. They can help players get items like bowls and scutes. And just like most other animals, you can breed turtles in Minecraft.

In this post, I’ll show you how to find turtles along with everything you need to breed them, and the breeding process. I’ll also show how you can breed turtles from eggs.

Let’s take a look at how to breed turtles in Minecraft.

Find And Collect Seagrass

First up, you need to find some seagrass to feed turtles. That’s the only thing that makes them go into ‘love mode’ which starts the breeding process.

Seagrass is a tall green grass block with a lighter green block and the secret to finding them lies in the water. You must discover water bodies for seagrass.

The easiest way to find seagrass is to look in ocean biomes such as the Deep Ocean, Ocean, and Cold Ocean. Also, seagrass can be found in river biomes and Swamp biomes.

Or you can plant sea grass in a block of water to harvest later using a technique known as “farming.” After harvesting a seagrass block, you can choose a location to farm it.

You must have either the Silk Touch enchantment  or a shear to collect sea grass. Using your bare hands or tools will break the seagrass and it won’t drop as an item. You can read how to make shears in minecraft here.

Find Two Adult Turtles

Next you need to find two adult turtles. You can find turtles in several places, such as swamps, jungles, and beach biomes.

Find Two Adult Turtles

You will be more likely to find a turtle by visiting different beaches in the biome.

How to Summon turtles Using The Cheat Mode?

You can easily use the cheats to summon a turtle as well but you must use a spawn egg in the cheat mode to do that.

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  1. You must open the game, go to LAN and select the “Allow Cheats” option.
  2. Next, you must use the /give command to get yourself a turtle spawn egg.
  3. You can then use the spawn egg in the Hotbar and use it like any other item.
  4. You can now summon a turtle to the place where you are at the moment.

Remember you’d still have to feed seagrass to the turtle to make it an adult for the breeding process. Also, you may repeat the particular process to increase the number of baby turtles.

Feed The Seagrass To The Adult Turtles

Next you need to take the seagrass into your hand and then walk to an adult turtle and stand in front of the turtle. Then, you can use the seagrass on the turtle by right-clicking on it or pressing the left trigger button if you are using a gamepad.

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The turtle will eat it and make a happy noise which brings an indication of successful feeding. Just like this, you must feed the other turtle as well.

Breeding Turtles In Minecraft

Seagrass will cause them to enter love mode (you’ll see hearts over their heads) and start trying to breed. Give them a moment and you will see one of them digging.

Breeding Turtles In Minecraft

After the turtle finishes digging, it will lay four eggs which will be of different sizes. They will take about 4 -5 nights to hatch.

Tada you have successfully bred turtles in Minecraft! If you want more turtles, just repeat this process.

Keep in mind that you need to be close to the turtles in order for them to breed. Also, adult turtles must be healthy and well-fed to breed little turtles.

How To Breed Turtles By Eggs In Minecraft?

Breeding is the process of increasing the number of turtles, and you now know how to do that using two adult turtles. You can get the same outcome by finding and hatching turtle eggs to get more turtles. 

Here’s how:

Find Turtle Eggs

You must find turtles to find eggs. Turtles in the Beach biome lay eggs on the sand blocks. Look for a turtle nest which you can identify as a small pile of eggs on the ground.

You must obtain them by right-clicking on them.

Place The Turtle Eggs On The Beach

After collecting the turtle eggs, you must find a suitable spot on a beach block for placing them. You are free to use your hands, or you can use a block such as a chest or a crafting table to place the eggs.

Find Turtle Eggs

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You must wait until the eggs are hatched. You will be able to identify the hatching moment by seeing them move or start to crack. After the hatching is over, baby turtles will appear, and they will start to grow.

You must protect the baby turtles when they grow. You must stay by them to provide security from predators. The zombies, skeletons, and drowned will approach and kill the baby turtles once they interact with those mobs.

Also, you must feed them seagrass when they grow.

Baby turtles will grow and become adults in a moment. The more you feed them and save them from harm, the quicker they will grow. You can tame the adult turtles and use them for breeding. 

Bottom Line

Simply put, you just need to find two adult turtles and feed them seagrasses.They will enter love mode and start mating and finally lay turtle eggs.