Can Mobs Spawn On Trapdoors In Minecraft

Trapdoors are a great way to keep mobs out of your house in Minecraft, but can mobs actually spawn on top of them? 

Turns out, mobs can’t spawn on trapdoors in the latest Minecraft version. But they’ll still try to go THROUGH  the trapdoor, regardless of whether it’s open or not, because mobs will see it as a closed trapdoor.

In this post, I’ll walk you through why mobs can’t spawn on trap doors, which trapdoors mobs can spawn on and under in the previous and other editions of Minecraft. 

Plus, I’ll also talk about how to make the trapdoors more effective against mobs if you are playing a different version, and guide you on how to make a mob farm with the help of trapdoors.  

Can Mobs Spawn On Trapdoors?

In the latest Minecraft version, hostile mobs cannot spawn on top of trapdoors (including iron, wooden, open, and closed trapdoors) because a trapdoor is a non-opaque block and mobs can’t spawn on nonopaque blocks.

However, in the previous versions and bedrock editions, mobs can spawn on closed iron, warped, crimson, and CLOSED trapdoors.

mobs spawning on trapdoors

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Because when closed, trapdoors used to function as a solid block, allowing specific objects to be placed on top of or below it including mobs. But when they are opened, trapdoors behave as a non-solid block making the surrounding space unusable for placement.

Smaller mobs on the other hand like creepers and spiders can still spawn UNDER trapdoors if the trapdoor is placed above 2 blocks from the ground because their character box is smaller than other mobs.  

How To Make Trapdoors More Effective Against Mobs?

So, now we know that mobs can’t spawn on top of trapdoors, but they can still spawn under them. How do we make the trapdoors more defensive?

First, make sure the trapdoor is placed at least two blocks away from any light source. Mobs will only spawn in dark places, so a trapdoor that’s too close to a light source won’t be effective. 

Second, make sure the trapdoor is made of solid blocks. Mobs can’t spawn through gaps, so a trapdoor made of slabs or fences won’t work.

How To Make Trapdoors More Effective Against Mobs

Finally, make sure the trapdoor is at least two blocks high. This will prevent any mobs from spawning under the trapdoor itself. 

Keep these things in mind and your trapdoor will be sure to keep mobs out of your home in Minecraft!

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But if you are not into defense, but rather on the offense, let’s take a look at how to make a mob farm using these trapdoors.

How To Make A Creeper Mob Farm Using Trapdoors

You can create a mob creeper farm by putting a spawning platform in an ocean to increase spawning rates. 

Build a two-block wall with trapdoors in the roof. Put cats on boats at one end of the farm to frighten the creepers away. 

This will send them to the other end, where a water stream will lead them to a death mechanism, which may be manual, using campfires, or involving magma blocks.

Placing a snow golem at one end is another method for getting the creepers to go toward a killing zone. All creepers must be at least three blocks away from these snow golems in order to avoid the creepers blowing up and killing the golems. 

The only monster that players can make that naturally attacks creepers is a snow golem.

Now you might think, how can you assure that only creepers will spawn? Here’s a brief example of how this happens:

When trap doors are installed on a 2-block high ceiling, the height is reduced to 1 13⁄16 block. This is tall enough for mob creepers to spawn but short enough to keep other monsters like zombies and skeletons out. 

However, this method may not work in Bedrock Edition. Try this instead:

Keep in mind that some creeper farms might also generate Spiders. This is easily prevented by deleting 3×3 agricultural plots.


If you are playing the latest official version of Minecraft, you don’t have to worry about mobs spawning on trapdoors anymore! Both open and closed trapdoors act as nonopaque blocks and mobs can’t spawn on top of them.

But if you are on a different version, trapdoors act as solid blocks when opened, and mobs can spawn on them just like they can spawn on any other block. Just be sure to keep your trapdoors open if you don’t want mobs spawning in your home!