best minecraft barn ideas

Markus “Notch” Persson created the quintessential sandbox game Minecraft in 2009. If you aren’t familiar with the term sandbox, it means exactly what it sounds like. It’s a video game without a typical objective that provides players with a place to be creative. 

Players worldwide have created unbelievably impressive worlds in Minecraft. Players built a working cell phone and a working version of Pokemon, recreated entire fantasy worlds, and built whole cities on a 1:1 scale. There’s no limit to what you can do!

There are so many cool and creative ideas, it might be hard to decide where to start building. After a house, though, the best thing you can build in Minecraft is a barn. You need a place to grow your crops and house your animals, so a barn will come in handy. 

Here are the 22 best Minecraft barn ideas if you’re ready to get building. You’ll find something for you on this list whether you want cool, creative, cute, or easy barn ideas. Feel free to combine some or try them all out. Just have fun and enjoy these Minecraft barn designs. 

22 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

This list will cover the 22 best Minecraft barn ideas. Some are cool and creative and some are super easy. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all fun. They aren’t in any particular order, so feel free to skip around to the ones you like most.

1. The Classic Red Barn

Minecraft Barn Ideas

The first one is a Classic Red barn tutorial by AdieCraft. When you close your eyes and picture a barn, you see this kind of barn. The barn walls are made of red Mangrove planks, and the roof is black deep-slate. These colors combine nicely to give you that classic barn look.

The full design includes a hay loft and a grain silo, which is nice. AdieCraft does an excellent job, so this tutorial is great to start with if you’re unsure where to begin. He lists all the materials you need at the start, gives straightforward barn blueprints, and shows each step along the way. 

This design challenges you because it’s not too easy or too difficult. Some may say it’s juuuuusstt right. It might surprise you how much fun you have while building this barn. 

2. Large Modern Barn

Minecraft Barn Ideas

This Large Modern barn by Greg Builds doesn’t even look like a barn from the outside. It’s so modern it looks like a house. The design is very sleek and incorporates lots of sharp angles. That may come across as less welcoming, but it works in Modern architecture. 

Greg Builds puts together an excellent tutorial, too. He adds your materials list at the beginning, gives the dimensions, and breaks the process into nine easy steps. This video is easy to follow if you want to adopt a Modern style to your Minecraft world. 

3. Horse Stable 

Minecraft Barn Ideas

A horse stable counts as a barn, right? If it doesn’t already, then it should. This Horse Stable Minecraft tutorial by Zaypixel is a fantastic place to start if you don’t need much space. It’s plenty spacious for the horses (or cows or sheep), it’s just an efficient use of space. 

You should choose this one if you only want to house animals. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned materials, after all. Zaypixel lists the needed materials and shows how to assemble the stable, but they don’t speak during the video. The horse stable is simple yet cute. 

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4. Medieval Barn 

minecraft barn ideas

Doing a Medieval-themed village is so much fun! This Medieval Barn by Mr. Mirror is the perfect addition to your recreation of the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD. Or, maybe you want a cool town where you can host a jousting tournament? That’s cool, just don’t forget the banners.  

Good thing the blueprints for this Medieval barn include stables since there’s going to be a tournament. Despite this being a complex-looking Medieval barn, it’s an easy build. It may take some time to complete, but the barn blueprints are straightforward. Mr. Mirror keeps it simple yet creative and classy. 

5. Viking Stable

minecraft barn ideas

This Viking Stable by thewalkingwhale is another fun historical build. The stable goes up quickly thanks to thewalkingwhale’s relaxed yet informative tutorial. He talks about a few other things at the beginning, so you can skip to two minutes in to find the horse’s stable instructions.

This cool Viking stable is as authentic to the time as it can be in Minecraft. The materials, colors, size, and overall design are all appropriate for a Viking village. You can see there was a lot of thought put into it. Thewalkingwhale does a good job of explaining each step, too. 

6. Rustic Barn 

cool minecraft barn

Next, there’s a Rustic Barn tutorial by Cryptozoology. This barn has a warm, cozy feel that makes it a great addition to any Minecraft world, no matter the theme. Even though the design doesn’t follow the classic red theme, everything looks natural and clean, and it’s spacious. 

The barn is made of brick, wood, and dirt, but you can change up the materials as you see fit. Different colors mean different results, but the point of all of these builds is to have fun. This video gives you a list of materials and blueprints and shows you what to do.  

7. Fairy Barn

cool minecraft barn ideas

This Fairy Barn by Kelpie the Fox is so stinking cute! The design may be one that’s thought of less often because of its fairy tale theme. That means you’ll have the cutest barn on the block (pun intended). Kelpie uses multiple types of wood, vines, and lights to achieve the proper fairy tale vibe. 

They also use a resource pack called Mizuno’s fresh leaves, which helps to elevate the magicalness. There’s a list of materials, but no quantity, because they did the build in Creative mode. You can attempt the build in Survival or Adventure, there’ll just be a bit of guesswork. 

8. Fantasy Barn 

cool minecraft barn designs

This Fantasy Barn by SillyBlocks puts more focus on aesthetics and design than anything else. There’s room for any animals you want to keep inside, but not much else. So, if you want something spacious, you should move on to another building. 

The exterior of the barn is super cute, though. It uses smooth textures, lots of lights, and a plethora of plants to achieve its sleek look. SillyBlocks intended for it to be fantasy-themed, but you could easily build this barn in a modern setting, too. 

9. Large Stone Barn

minecraft animal barns ideas

This Large Stone Barn by TheMythicalSausage looks like it could fit into Medieval times, too. It’s tall, spacious, mainly made out of stone, and uses a traditional barn shape. This Minecraft barn blueprint gives you several rooms laid out in neat rows for easy organization. 

It’ll be simple to house all your animals and store your food here. This design is more complex than some of the others, but TheMythicalSausage makes it easy to follow. He speaks clearly and shows you each step with an explanation. It’s clear that TheMythicalSausage enjoys doing these creative builds, so his positive energy is contagious. 

10. Small Barn

minecraft animal barn designs

The Small Barn by LTA Tutorial is pretty much just a small wooden barn. It goes up quickly because it uses simple materials and a straightforward design. If you’re looking for something to get the job done, this is the barn for you. 

You can start with the small barn while you build something larger, or just keep this one. The choice is yours. LTA Tutorial shows you the layout and dimensions of the barn. They go through each step, so you can see how it’s done. There’s no talking during this video, just music. 

11. Simple Open Air Barn

minecraft barns

If you’re looking for easy Minecraft barn ideas, this tutorial shows you a Simple Open Air Barn by Servasius. It’s the simplest barn idea so far, but not any less functional. It’s a large barn that uses readily available materials and has no walls. You can build this barn quickly in any mode thanks to that.

You’ll have stalls for your animals on the first floor and space to store hay bales in the loft. Its neutral colors make it an addition to any world. What else could you need? You should have fun building this barn and feel accomplished after finishing.

12. Barn with Crops

minecraft barns

This Barn with Crops by SidioMC incorporates the fields into the barn’s blueprint. It’s quite handy. SidioMC’s barn looks nice and cozy in this tutorial. You may want to move into it. Their blueprint calls for various types of wood, stone, brick, and plants.

It’s nice, geometric, and neutrally colored, so you could build it into a variety of worlds. It may not look the best like this in a futuristic setting, but you could always change the colors to make it work. Being creative is the best part of building, anyway!

13. Barn with Horse Stable

minecraft barns

Next, we have a Barn with a Horse Stable by the Executive Tree. It’s similar to the Minecraft Horse Stable listed earlier in our list. You might not think this design is particularly interesting, but it’s unique. It takes parts that normally are inside a barn and puts them outside. The stables and the crops are entirely outside but still fenced in. 

The main building uses the traditional barn shape but not those colors. It uses tans and browns to keep things neutral and natural looking. This barn would be quick and easy to build in any mode. It’s a decent size, but not too big. You could easily add to it if you need more room. 

14. Brown Wooden Barn with Fence

minecraft barns

This Brown Wooden Barn with Fence by Zaypixel is like the ultimate barn. It includes space for horse stables, an animal area, a hen house, and a general barn for storage. This is a large barn with several smaller focus areas. It’s going to take some time to build. 

Don’t let that dissuade you, though, because it’s so much fun to build this barn in Minecraft. If you’re into that, of course. It’s spacious, looks great, and will leave you feeling accomplished. Try building a different barn if you want something quick and easy. 

15. Wood and Stone Barn

minecraft barns

The Wood and Stone Barn by Gorillo is another cute Minecraft barn. It combines stone, wooden beams, and brick to give you a quaint little animal barn. There are a bunch of animal paddocks inside as well as a fenced area for animals on the outside. It’s a very efficient use of space. 

Though Gorillo doesn’t speak throughout the video, they still give you great pointers while building. You can take what you learn from this tutorial and apply it to other Minecraft builds. There are lots of details that bring this barn to life but also extend your build time. This one is creative and fun but not so simple. 

16. Underwater Horse Stable

cute minecraft barn

This Underwater Horse Stable by Thinknoodles is one of the most creative and cool ideas on this list. Why not challenge yourself and build an underwater barn in Survival mode? This video is different from the rest because it’s not a tutorial. 

Thinknoodles does build an underwater horse stable, but he does it in real-time. That means he rebuilds and changes things as he goes. You also won’t get a nice list of materials at the start or exact dimensions. But, it’s fun to watch him work, so hopefully, you won’t be turned off by that. 

17. Large Easy Barn

minecraft horse stable ideas

Here’s a Large Easy Barn by Greg Builds. This barn is an excellent barn to choose if you’re starting in Survival mode. It uses materials that are easy to gather and aren’t too large. The interior is simple but stylish and functional. 

You won’t have any trouble counting your sheep here. Greg Builds puts together an excellent tutorial. He gives the dimensions and materials list and plainly explains the six steps to build this barn. He even lets you know how many of each material you need per step. 

18. Futuristic Sci-fi Barn

minecraft horse stable ideas

This Futuristic Sci-fi Barn by AdieCraft isn’t a barn at all, technically speaking. We wanted to include a futuristic-looking barn, but apparently, no one has put a barn in space yet. So instead of letting our dreams of space cows die, we found an adequate substitution.

This is a simple tutorial for a Sci-fi starter house that could turn into a barn. All you need to house animals is four walls and a roof. If you want to add other features, go ahead. Think of this as a starting point for a space farm. Have fun with it!

19. Large Brick Barn

minecraft horse stable ideas

This video shows how aCookieGod built a Large Brick Barn in Minecraft Hardcore Survival mode. That means it’s not a tutorial, but you can still see each step of the building process. ACookieGod builds a large brick barn with spacious pastures surrounding it.

It took him a while to build this barn, but he did it in hardcore mode. If you’re looking for something simple and fast, it’s best not to build this large brick barn. It wouldn’t take as long to make in Creative, but you never know what may happen. 

20. Underground Barn

minecraft horse stable designs

Here’s an Underground Barn by SidioMC to keep things interesting. We’re trying to cover all our bases here. It’s not on the list just for its uniqueness, it’s a well-designed barn with an aesthetically pleasing shape. You may need an underground barn sometime, you never know. 

You get a list of materials at the start, the dimensions of the barn, and tips along the way. SidioMC doesn’t speak during the tutorial, but there’s calming Minecraft music to help pass the time. You shouldn’t have any problems building this underground barn quickly. 

21. Two-Story Medieval Barn

minecraft horse stable designs

This Two-Story Medieval Barn by Blue Nerd is the largest barn we could find. It’s expansive and gorgeous. It’s Medieval-themed, but you could easily add it into a more Modern world. You don’t even have to change the colors to make it fit. 

There’s plenty of room to house all your animals and store your crops. The whole village could live in this huge barn. We appreciate how thoughtful Blue Nerd was when putting this tutorial together. He even color-coded the blueprint to coordinate with the blocks’ heights. 

22. Two-Story Wooden Barn

minecraft horse stable designs

Last but certainly not least is a Two-Story Wooden Barn by Smithers Boss. This two-story barn has a simple blueprint that’s a great choice if this is your first barn build. Smithers Boss walks you through the entire build, and he’s fun to listen to. 

This barn is roomy but pays more attention to looks than usability. There are areas to store your crops or house your animals, but they aren’t designated. You can choose for yourself or change the interior to suit your needs. 


As you know, a barn is a second-best thing you can build in Minecraft (a house is the first). You need a place to keep your animals and store your crops if you plan to survive for a long time. There are a lot of directions you can go in when building your barn.

Now that you’ve seen the 22 best Minecraft barn ideas, you should know what direction you want to head in. You can build a small barn, a huge barn, a barn underwater, or a barn in space. The only limit is your imagination, so get building these Minecraft barns.