Minecraft Boat Disappears

Minecraft, despite being the most popular video game of all time with 238 million copies sold and 140 million monthly active players as of 2021, is not without its share of bugs and glitches that are very frustrating.

One such bug was the boat disappearing glitch of the 1.18 update which caused boats to inexplicably disappear after getting off from it.

Disappearing Boat Glitch

Fortunately, the developers of Minecraft were able to identify the cause of the issue and released a patch to fix the bug. With the patch installed, the boat disappearances should no longer occur.

But, if you are running an older version, I’m going to show you a few workarounds to solve this annoying glitch.

The Disappearing Boat Glitch Of The 1.18 Update

It’s no surprise that the 1.18 update for Minecraft brought a lot of changes to the game. But with all the new features, one bug seemed to slip through the cracks: the disappearing boat glitch.

What happened was that when the player harbored the boat he had built, the boat just vanished the moment he got off it, along with the animals onboard.

Players all around the world noticed their boats vanishing and they started posting on mojang bugs and this was indeed a very frustrating experience for the players.

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Even though Mojang Studios, the developer of the game, was made aware of the issue, a permanent resolution didn’t come for a considerable time.

Let’s get into the solutions for this issue if you are still on an older version:

Solutions For The Minecraft Boat Disappears Bug

Fortunately for the players, there are a few workarounds that allow the players to continue building their virtual world. These are:

Workaround 1

Once the boat disappeared upon being left by the player, it could be made to reappear by shooting at it with a strong enough bow.

The player has to aim for the spot where the boat was right before vanishing. 

Workaround 2

The player can also try moving 70 blocks laterally from where the boat was and come back to the same spot to make it reappear.

Workaround 3

The player can also reload the world to make the disappeared boat visible again.

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Workaround 4

It was also possible for players to use cheat codes to work around the glitch. In an instance where there is only one boat within 20 blocks, the following could be used. 

/ride @s start_riding @e[type=boat, r=20]

Similarly, the following can be used if one player wanted to do it to another player.

/execute Player_Name ride Player_Name start_riding @e[type=boat,r=20]

Completely Fixed – 1.18.10 (Bedrock)

The glitch was finally fixed upon the release of the 1.18.10 patch.

The update not only included the fix for the boat vanishing glitch but also numerous other fixes, parity changes, and new features.

Bottom Line

Thankfully, the minecraft boat disappearing glitch has since been fixed and players are no longer experiencing the issue. If you are running an older version, try the fixes we outlined in this article.

If you get tired of doing it, you can always update to the latest version and the bug will no longer happen.