how to breed horses in minecraft

Horses are a type of passive mob in Minecraft that can be found in the wild in herds, or bred by players. Horses are used as a method of transportation (probably the fastest too), and can also be equipped with horse armor for better protection.

In this guide, I’ll give you a rundown of how to breed horses in minecraft along with how to find everything you need for the process. And in the end, I’ll answer some FAQs on horse breeding. 

Find Two Horses

First you need to find two horses. Since there is no gender difference in Minecraft, it will be just enough to find any two horses.

You can find them in a lot of biomes such as savannas, grasslands, and mesas.

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Find Two Horses

Tame The Horses

You must tame the horses in order to breed them. You must interact with one of them and try to get on to it.

Although it makes you fall, it will be a tame horse after a few tries. You can easily determine if the taming process was successful by observing hearts flying above the horse’s head.

Make 2 Golden Apples Or 2 Golden Carrots

Next you need 02 golden apples or golden carrots in order to breed horses. You can obtain them in two ways: treasure hunting or crafting.

Making Golden Apples

You can make golden apples quite easily and you only need gold ingots and apples to make them. Here are the steps:

Making Golden Apples
  • Open your furnace by right-clicking on it
  • You must add fuel to the furnace by placing a combustible item. You can use coal or wood, which are available in the bottom fuel slot.
  • Next, add the gold ore to the top input slot of the furnace.

After about 10 seconds the gold ore will have smelt and you will see a gold ingot in the output slot of the furnace.

You can get the gold ingot by right-clicking on the output slot. You are going to need 08 Golden Ingots.

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 Now it’s time to make the golden apple.

  • Open up your crafting table
  • Put one apple in the exact middle of the grid
  • Place 8 Gold Ingots around it and fill all the boxes.

Treasure Chests

Golden apples can also be found in Desert Temples, Dungeons, Mineshafts, Ruined Portalschests. In the latest Minecraft update, they have been made available in the new woodland mansion chests as well.

Making Golden Carrots

There are a couple of ways to get a golden carrot. The first way is to steal or grow a regular carrot and then surround it with gold nuggets in a crafting grid.

Making Golden Carrots
  • Open your crafting table by right-clicking on it.
  • Place a carrot in the center slot of the crafting grid.
  • Place eight gold nuggets around that.

The easiest way to obtain a golden nugget is by smelting gold ore in a furnace. You can also get them by breaking gold blocks with a pickaxe.

  • The golden carrot will be available in the inventory box. You must simply drag it to your inventory to add to the inventory.

 Or you can exchange three emeralds for three carrots with a Master-level farmer villager. You must right-click on them and ask for the exchange.

How To Breed Horses

Now that you have everything, the next step is to give golden carrots or apples to the pair of horses you have chosen.

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You must equip the Golden Apples or Golden Carrots when the horses are closer to each other and give them to both of them.

You will soon see hearts over both horses, they will make a baby horse at the very next moment.

Tada! You just bred a horse in Minecraft!

Growing the Baby Horse

It usually takes 20 minutes for a baby horse to become an adult horse. You can give it Hay, Apples, Wheat, or Sugar for the baby horse to grow faster.

However the fastest way to grow a baby horse is to give it a golden apple. The more golden apples you give to it, the faster it will grow.

To feed the baby horse, just equip the item you want to give and then right-click on the baby horse.

Growing the Baby Horse

Bottom Line

Simply put, to breed horses in Minecraft, you need to find two adult horses and feed them either golden apples or golden carrots. Once they are fed, they will enter “love mode” and will breed, making a baby horse.

Remember that a baby horse will inherit some of the attributes of its parents, like speed and jump height.

You probably should build a stable or some kind of protective structure to keep the horses safe from mobs. And make sure that they have enough room to move around and graze.


How can I breed a horse in a specific color?

The color of a horse is a random specification which means you can’t select that. But, there is a high probability of delivering one of the parent’s colors to their baby. So choosing two horses in the same color will make a baby horse of the same color as well.

How can I breed a fast horse in Minecraft?

If you want to breed a fast horse, you must choose two fast horses for breeding. Usually, white horses are faster. The baby horse gets the characteristics of its parents. Speed, jump height, and several more features come from the parent horses to their baby.

Is there a horse breed that I can not breed in Minecraft?

Yes, the Skeleton horse can not be bred using two adult horses. You can only tame and ride the Skeleton horse.