How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft

An Experience Points farm aka XP farm is one of the most valuable assets in Minecraft that you need throughout all the stages of the game and there are many benefits of having an XP farm that makes you stand out among all other players.

An XP farm can be built in many ways, from killing mobs and finding some ores. I am sure Minecraft adventurers like yourself have been searching for the best ways to build their XP farm.

In this guide, I will show you one of the best ways of how to make an XP farm in Minecraft that would be beneficial to you in many ways, such as creating enchanting tables and repairing your tools and equipment.

How To Make An Xp Farm

This is one of the simplest ways to build an XP farm early in the game. To build this farm, you just need to chop down a few trees and mine for about 15 minutes. Let’s get into more details:

Step 01: Gathering The Materials

You are going to need:

  • 38 wooden logs
  • 16 pieces of cobble
  • 30 pieces of raw iron
  • 2 furnaces
  • crafting table

First, you need to remove 12 oak logs, and the remaining 26 can be utilized to build several planks. After that, make use of four planks to create a crafting table.

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Gathering The Materials

On the crafting table, you must build 12 chests. Now you are left with 4 oak planks and use them to create 2 furnaces.

Step 2

Place the furnaces down and at the bottom of both grids of your crafting table, place 2 pieces of oak and on the top, place 3 pieces of oak.

By doing this, from each of those furnaces, you will get 3 pieces of charcoal. This charcoal will help you smelt the iron you will use in making an XP farm. 

Place the furnaces down

Remove the charcoal from the furnace and put 2 on the fuel grid. After that, place 15 of your raw iron on each of those grids. While charcoal smelting your iron, you should visit the crafting table and create some sticks.

Step 3

Once all the iron is smelted into iron ingots, place them in the crafting table, allowing a space in the middle to place 6 of the chests you have. This action will produce 6 hoppers.

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After that, dig 2 blocks beneath your furnaces and place 2 separate hoppers in the tunnel-like space behind your furnaces. Now fill the remaining space with 2 more separate hoppers.

Step 4

Now go in front of the furnaces, dig 2 blocks again, and place a chest in one block and another in the other. When you do this, ensure that you do it by clicking the shift key to make these elements remain individual.

Afterwards, go behind the furnaces and shift-click to place two separate chests.

Step 5

Now, with the remaining 2 oak logs, create some planks on the crafting table. Using those planks, build the surrounding of the structure you are already building.

remaining charcoal inside each chest block

Next place two of the remaining charcoal inside each chest block, which will take up the bottom space of 2 furnaces.

After that, place eight cobblestones on the top of chest blocks to make a fire out of 2 furnaces. This action will smelt the cobblestones into stones.

Step 6

After that, you should make 2 levers by placing cobblestones at the crafting table. Once you have created levers, place them on the front of your furnaces.

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Make sure you place them by shift + clicking to individualize the levers.

Step 7

As the final step, smelt up cobblestones using the method mentioned above with the burning charcoal. To create more charcoal, you must use the logs as we did in the early steps.

Using any of the methods, you should smelt 8 cobblestones. Using the levers, you have already placed them in front of the furnace; now, you would be able to create a load of XPs by making upward and downward lever movements.

Step 7


How To Build An Xp Farm Around A Mob Spawner?

First, you should be lucky enough to find a mob spawner. Mob spawners are one of the easiest ways to build an XP farm in Minecraft.

To build an XP farm around a mob spawner, all you have to do is dig 9 blocks around the spawner to make a funnel and wait in the killing room for mobs to drop in.

You must have these items in your inventory to do so – solid blocks, hoppers, chests, slab blocks, torches, ladders, and buckets of water.

How To Build A Nether Xp Farm?

The Nether XP farm allows you to kill zombie piglins and gain enough XP. For building a Nether XP farm , you need solid blocks, trapdoors, slab blocks, ladders, hoppers and chests to build the XP farm. 

Unlike building a room to kill monsters in mob spawner, here you have to dig a hole with trapdoors. The trapdoors can lure piglins into the pit you dug, and later you can kill them to gain XP.

Does Farming In Minecraft Give You Xp?

I know that many players do not choose to farm to gain XP. However, if you can build massive farms of animals and control the animal population, which would give you remarkable numbers of XP. 

Why Should I Make An Xp Farm? 

Without an XP farm, it would be an arduous task for you to create an enchanting process and build some items for your inventory. For instance, if you want to repair a bow, you need enchanting bows, and you must possess experience points. At the same time, an XP farm can provide the items you need for crafting.