Does Looting Give More XP In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world with a huge community of players. And whether a player can gain more experience points in Minecraft by utilizing the looting enchantment on their swords is a question that’s been frequently asked by a lot of players.

Does looting give more XP in minecraft? Unfortunately, looting does not give you more XP due to a couple of reasons.

But before getting into why looting won’t give you any XP, let’s have a look at what experience points and looting means in the context of Minecraft so you can get a good understanding why it doesn’t work that way.

All About Experience Points

Experience points, often abbreviated as EXP or XP, are small glowing green orbs that players can obtain to make better use of their equipment.

Players can gain experience points by killing mobs, breeding, trading, fishing, completing advancements, and using grindstones and furnaces. But not through looting.

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XP can be used to make the players’ equipment more effective through enchantments or the use of an anvil to repair, rename, or combine enchantments on them. It can also be used to make hand-held or worn equipment more durable with the use of mending.  

Looting And XP

Looting is an enchantment that players can use on their swords. A sword enchanted with looting will cause mobs to drop more loot than usual and even drop rare items upon being killed.

Looting And XP

Mobs will drop more items not only when killed with a looting-enchanted sword itself, but also when a player shoots a projectile at them and puts the looting-enchanted sword in his hand before the projectile hits them.

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The enchantment has three levels, level I, level II, and level III. The higher the level of the enchantment, the more loot it will cause to be dropped.

Why Doesn’t Looting Give More XP?

When you have a better understanding of how experience points are gained, you can see that using the looting enchantment on a sword does not help you to gain more of them. 

Looting only allows you to collect more items and increases your chances of collecting rare items after killing hostile mobs.

In other words, it only helps you to gather more loot and rare loot. It doesn’t help you with destroying more hostile mobs, or fishing, breeding, etc, all actions that you have to take to gain XP, so, looting doesn’t help you gain more XP.

Does Fortune Give More XP


Does Fortune Give More XP?

No, Fortune does give you more XP. The Fortune enchantment only affects the type of loot received, not the amount of XP gained. Fortune will only increase chances of getting drops specified when mining.

Do Any Enchantments Give More XP?

The only enchantment in minecraft that gives more XP is the XP Boost enchantment which was added by EnderCore. All other enchantments will not give you more xp, just like looting.