What Does Impaling Do In Minecraft

Wondering what is an Impaling enchantment in Minecraft and what it does and how it can help you? Well, this post is just for you.

I’ll break down what does Impaling do in minecraft, how to get the enchantment and a few uses of the Impaling enchantment.

What Is The Impaling Enchantment In Minecraft?

Impaling is one of the hundreds of enchantments in Minecraft, but it only applies to the Trident. This enchantment alters the damage the Trident deals to particular monster kinds depending on the player’s game edition.

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For instance, in the Java version, a Trident with Impaling will only do additional damage to aquatic mobs. The typical mobs, such as dolphins, guardians, and nearly everything that spawns in the water are included in this list.

What Is The Impaling Enchantment In Minecraft

However, impaling enhances trident damage against all kinds of monsters and players in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft when they are hit while floating, raining, or submerged.

This means that this enchantment is not as effective as some other offensive enchantments because it only benefits people who live near water. For example, the Bane of Arthropods enchantment only improves damage against the game’s arthropods, whereas the Sharpness enchantment generally increases a player’s melee damage.

How To Get The Impaling Enchantment

To obtain this enchantment, Minecraft players must first create an enchantment table. After that, players only need to set their Trident and a number of lapis lazuli in the menu for the enchanting table.

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Once done, they will have three enchanted options to choose from and tridents can use only six primary enchantments:

  • Loyalty, Riptide
  • Channelling
  • Unbreaking
  • Mending
  • Impaling

The same method can be used to enchant books and combine them with tridents at an anvil, but impaling is more difficult to find given the variety of book enchantment options available.

When it comes to Impaling, players can have up to five levels of this enchantment on their Trident. Imapling adds 2.5 extra damage per hit with this weapon with each level, but higher-level enchantments, like other enchantments, cost more lapis lazuli and levels.

Players should be at or above level 30 and stack the appropriate number of bookshelves near their enchantment table to increase their chances of getting better enchantments.

How To Get The Impaling Enchantment

In Minecraft, this weapon can also have the intriguing Curse of Vanishing, but this cannot be added on at an enchantment table.

Uses Of The Impaling Enchantment

Now that we know how to get the Impaling enchantment, let’s take a deeper look at the uses of it.  

Catch More Fish

You can enchant a fishing rod with Impaling which will help you catch fish better. The Impaling enchantment increases the damage dealt to aquatic mobs, making it easier to catch fish and other underwater mobs.

Aid In Combat

Like I said, Impaling enchantment can be cast on tridents and other melee weapons to increase their damage against mobs that live in water, such as the guardians and drowned or just about any aquatic mob. This can be really helpful and useful in ocean biomes, where these mobs are very common.

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Just like you attacking, If YOU are being attacked by aquatic mobs using a trident with the Impaling enchantment can help you defend yourself more effectively.

Bottom Line

Impaling is an Enchantment in Minecraft that increases the damage dealt to mobs and players when attacking with a trident, making it a useful tool for both attack and defense or pretty much any combat situation.