KaiHua Electronics has produced Halo switches and has been famous since then. These switches have gained popularity because of their high quality and performance.

The company has revealed two models: drop Halo clear and drop Halo true. They have similarities and slight differences. At the same time, both provide a smooth and tactile typing experience.

These switches are best to use when typing, but you can also use them for gaming since they offer a satisfying and pleasant sound.

Their price is the same, and they have three different types of packaging: 70, 90, and 110 packs. If you doubt which fits you best, read the comparison between these models below.

Check them out and decide!

Halo True Switches Review

halo true switches

Halo True Specifications

  • Developed by: Jacob Alexander
  • Stem Color: Orange
  • Tactile peak force: 60 g
  • Actuation Force: 54 g
  • Bottom-out Force: 100 g
  • Overall travel distance: 4 mm
  • LED Styles: SMD RGB with lens

Halo True Description

Drop Halo True offers a smooth, pleasant, and tactile typing experience without the clicky noise. It comes in three styles: 70-pack, 90-pack, and 110-pack.

The switch must have 60 grams of actuation force, with a 4 mm travel distance to fully operate. The keystroke lifespan is about 80 million operations.

It has a feather-light preload and minimal resistance to ensure a consistent tactile experience while typing. The switch delivers a smooth typing experience from the beginning to the end.

The switch exterior design has an orange stem and transparent button housing. It has medium weight. There are two LED styles available: a clear lens and an SMD RGB LED.

The switch is fully compatible with mechanical keyboards, cherry MC, drop ctrl and other keyboards with a consistent layout.


  • Hot-swap
  • Plate-mounted
  • Mechanical keyboards compatible
  • Consistent, smooth typing
  • The lifespan of 80 million operations


  • Scratchy
  • Not worth the price

Halo Clear Switches Review

Halo Clear Switches

Halo Clear Specifications

  • Developed by: Jacob Alexander
  • Stem Color: Clear
  • Tactile peak force: 65 g
  • Actuation Force: 50 g
  • Bottom-out Force: 78 g
  • Overall travel distance: 4 mm
  • LED Styles: SMD RGB with lens

Halo Clear Description

Drop Halo Clear are quiet switches and offer a smooth tactile typing experience. These switches are considered one of the best tactile switches for your keyboard. (1) It must have 65 grams of actuation force to operate, with a 4 mm travel distance to work fully.

The switch’s material is high-quality and durable. The stem is clear and shiny because of the LED light. It has a lifespan of 80 million operations.

This switch has a more tactile and smoother typing experience than the Halo true.

It is compatible with Cherry MX switches, Drop CTRL, mechanical keyboards, and other keyboard-compatible layouts.


  • Quiet tactile bounce switches
  • Durable
  • High-quality constructions


  • Need lubrification

Halo True Vs. Halo Clear Switches

1. Compatibility

Both switches are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones, drop CTRL mechanical keyboards,s and another keyboard with a compatible layout.

2. Typing Experience

Halo True and Halo Clear are tactile switches ideal for typing and gaming. Both of them provide a smooth, satisfying typing experience. (2)

This means they are similar in this part. However, some might feel a tiny difference between them because of the spring force.

3. Sound Of The Click

The switch sound of the click is non clicky and nonlinear; it is a moderate sound between them. Because of the moderate sound, many people like tactile switches to use on their keyboards.

When it comes to comparison, both switches deliver the same sound profile.

4. Design

The design of the switches has some differences, starting from the color stem, material, and lenses.

Halo true has orange stem color and has a sturdy built-in because of the high-quality plastic material. It has two lenses LED styles, a clear lens, and an SMD RGB LED.

On the other hand, Halo Clear has a clear stem made from a fantastic material that makes the keycaps shiny and improves their RGB light.

They are designed for a K-type and have brighter RGB lights than Halo True because of the clear stem.

5. Tactile Peak Force

You will feel a more tactile typing experience if you use Halo Clear Switches, which is an advantage compared to the Halo true. That’s because of the peak force of the Halo clear, which is 65 g. The peak force of the Halo true is 60 g.

Regarding the actuation point, the Halo True switch has 52 g with a delta of 8 g, which is a little curve, and it means you will feel smooth while typing.

On the other hand, the actuation point of the Halo clear is 50 g with a delta of 15 g, which is higher, and you will feel a more tactile bounce and smoother feel when typing.

6. Spring Force

As we mentioned before, there is a slight difference between the spring forces that you may notice while typing.

Halo True switches need 100 gr of the spring forces to be actuated. In comparison, the Halo clear’s spring needs 78 g of force to actuate.

7. Durability

Both of the switches have a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes which means they are durable for a long time.

They are built-in high-quality materials that provide them with high durability.

8. Gaming Experience

Since both are tactile switches, these types provide a great gaming experience. (3) The Halo Clear is heavier, and it has a peak force of 65 g, while the Halo True is lighter.

It depends on the user, but Halo True might feel better in terms of gaming because it is lighter.

What Are the Main Differences Between Cherry MX Red and MX Brown Switches?

When it comes to cherry mx red vs mx brown switches, the main differences lie in their key features. Cherry MX Red switches are linear, offering a smooth keystroke without any tactile feedback, ideal for rapid typing and gaming. In contrast, Cherry MX Brown switches provide a subtle tactile bump, allowing a balanced experience for typing and gaming enthusiasts. The decision ultimately boils down to personal preference and usage.

Which One Is The Best Choice?

Halo True and Halo Clear Switches have similarities as well as differences. It depends on whether the user wants a more tactile bounce or a smooth typing experience.

The only real difference, though, is the feel and the design. So if you want light switches, we recommend the Halo True switches.

The Halo Clear switches are better if you want a more tactile and smoother typing experience with a clear stem.

Identify your uses. Are you going to use it for typing or gaming? The Halo Clear switches are better for typing tasks since they have a more tactile bounce, which is satisfying. The Halo True switches are recommended for gaming.

Our Final Thoughts

As you have finished reading, now you can decide easier which switch you should choose and purchase. Both of them are well-known switches on the market that provide a smooth typing experience, have a long lifespan of 80 million operations, and are well built-in.

You can find them both on Amazon:

Check out here the Halo Clear Switches

Check out here the Halo True Switches

Their price is the same, and it changes according to the packing style you choose.

Enjoy your new switches!

FAQs About Halo True vs. Halo Clear

People also ask:

1. What’s the main difference between Halo Clear and Halo True?

The difference that makes every switch stand out is the peak force of 65 g for Halo Clear and 60 g for Halo True. Because of this, the Halo clear has a more tactile bounce and smoother typing experience.

2. Are Halo True Switches clicky?

They are tactile switches and produce a moderate feel between clicky and linear. So they are not entirely linear but also not noisy as a clicky switch.

3. Are Halo True switches suitable?

If you want to have a moderate sound with a tactile smooth typing experience, Halo True switches are a good choice.

4. Are Halo clear and Halo True stems the same?

The Halo True stem is rounded and smooth. It provides a soft tactile bump. At the same time, the Halo Clear stem is shiny and provides a sharper tactile bump.

5. Are Halo True switches heavy?

The Halo True switches are a bit heavy tactile switch, and it has an actuation force of 65 g.

6. Are Halo Clears Quiet?

Halo Clears have a moderate sound; they are not noisy as clicky switches nor quiet such linear switches.

7. Are Kailh switches good?

It depends on the user’s preferences. The Kailh switches are known for good performance, well built-in, and durable. However, some of the users say that the switches are a little bit scratchy.