How To Make A Potion Of Strength In Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft player looking for an extra strength boost in-game?

Making a Potion of Strength can provide you all the strength you need, allowing you to take on your toughest challenges and come out on top.

But how do you make a potion of strength?

In this article, I will walk you through the process of how to make a potion of strength in Minecraft step by step, so that you can soon become the most powerful warrior in the game!

Types Of Strength Potions

Before we get into making a potion, let’s look at the types of strength potions in minecraft:

  • Regular potion – which increases you attack damage by 130% for three minutes
  • Splash potion – which also increases your attack damage by 130%, plus you can also use it on other players.
  • Lingering potion – which increases your attack damage by 130%. Plus, it creates a cloud that gives the effect to anyone it touches.
  • Potion of strength II – which has double the effect of the regular potion. And there are both splash potions and lingering potions of strength II.

To make all these you first need to know how to make the regular potion so here’s how you can make the regular potion of strength.

How To Make A Regular Potion Of Strength

Before we get to the process, make sure you have all of these ingredients.

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What You Will Need

Here’s what you will need to make potion of strength

What You Will Need
  1.  Crafting Table 
  2.  Brewing Stand 
  3. 2 Blaze Powder 
  4. 1 Nether Wart
  5. 1 Water Bottle

If you don’t have them, don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s how you make each of them:

How To Make A Crafting Table

To make a crafting table, get some logs, then go to the crafting menu and make wooden planks by placing the log in the 2×2 crafting area, then place the four planks you can make from four boxes in the 2×2 crafting area.

How To Make A Brewing Stand 

To create a brewing stand, mine three cobblestones and find a blaze rod by killing a blaze in the nether. Next use the crafting table, place three cobblestones in the bottom boxes, and then place the blaze rod in the middle. 

How To Get Blaze Powder

To get blaze powder, travel to the nether and find the nether fortress. Next find blaze spawners, they are inside the nether fortress and kill a blaze and it will drop a blaze rod, then go to your 2×2 crafting menu and place the blaze rod in any box to receive blaze powder. 

How To Get Nether Wart

To get nether warts, travel to the nether and find the nether fortress, find the nether wart farm, which is located in the middle of the nether fortress where you can get nether warts.

How To Make Water Bottle

To make a water bottle, you must first get glass. To make glass, you need to melt sand and get 3 glasses. Go to the crafting table and use it, then place one in the top left, one in the middle, and one in the top right to get three water bottles.

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Making A Potion Of Strength

Making A Potion Of Strength

To make a regular potion, place your brewing stand on the ground and interact with it to go to the brewing menu.

To activate the brewing stand place a blaze powder on the upper left hand box of the brewing menu. You can tell it’s active from the little yellow bar.

Next, place the water bottles in the bottom boxes of the brewing menu and add a nether wart to the top box to make an awkward potion (which is an essential to make potions).

This does not have any effect by itself so, you need to add blaze powder to the top box and when the process is complete you finally have your potion of strength! 

How To Increase The Time Of The Strength Potion?

By adding redstone, you can make the potion of strength last longer.

While the potion is in one of the bottom boxes of the brewing stand, place a redstone on the top box and this will increase the time of the potion.

Making A Strength Splash Potion

Making a strength splash potion is super easy.

Just put gunpowder in the top box of the brewing stand while the regular potion of strength is in one of the lower boxes to transform it into a splash potion.

Making A Strength Splash Potion

How To Make A Lingering Strength Potion

You’ll need a splash potion of strength and some dragon breath to make a lingering potion of strength. 

Now to get dragon’s breath you must find the ender dragon using the end portal, and you must wait till the dragon fires start shooting from the ender dragon. Next, you need to get a bottle and right-click on it to get some dragon’s breath after it starts shooting fire.

Use the dragon’s breath to prepare the lingering potion, which should now be placed in one of the bottom boxes of the brewing stand box. And the splash potion should be placed on the top boxes.

Simply put, splash potion up and dragons breath down. After the process is complete, you get a lingering potion of strength.

How To Make Potion Of Strength II

Players might think the power of the potion of strength is not enough, and that’s where the potion of strength ii comes in which can 2x or double the strength.

To make potion of strength II:

  • Place a regular potion of strength in one of the bottom boxes
  • Add a glowstone dust to the top box
  • After the process is complete, you get a Potion Of Strength II

To make Splash and Lingering strength II potions, use a potion strength II instead of the regular potion of strength. All the other steps and ingredients are pretty much the same.

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Bottom Line

Making potion of strength is super easy as long as you have all the items needed to make them. If you don’t just follow the steps we outlined on how to get them.

Put these in the correct boxes of your brewing stand and your potion of strength will be ready in minutes. And then you can brew splash, lingering and potion of strength II using the regular potion.