How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft

As a Minecraft player, dealing with death is an unavoidable part of the game. Death in Minecraft can be devastating and can set your progress back significantly.

But you don’t have to lose your precious inventory items when you die.

Keeping your inventory when you die in Minecraft is super easy with cheats but can get tricky if you want it done without cheats, but if you follow the steps I have outlined in this post, you will be able to maintain your inventory even when you die and keep playing without having to start over.

Keep on reading to find out how to keep inventory when you die in minecraft! 

How To Keep Inventory When You Die

The easiest way of keeping the inventory even after you die is by using cheats. You simply have to type the cheat command and that’s it.

How To Keep Inventory after dying

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In order to do so you first need to turn on game cheats. Here’s how you do it: 

  • Go to the game menu then select open to LAN and you’ll see some settings.
  • Next locate the Allow Cheats and change it from OFF to ON.
  • Click Start LAN World

Next go to command (AKA chatbox) and type the command below and press enter.

/gamerule keepInventory true 

Now it will keep inventory even when you die! Make sure you type it correctly, its case sensitive and the command won’t work if for example use ‘K’ instead of ‘k’. I saw a lot of people messing this up and complaining on forums.

And if you want to turn off the keep inventory command, just go to command and type this cheat and and press enter.

/gamerule keepinventory false

That’s pretty much the easiest way to keep inventory when you die in minecraft

How To Keep Inventory From Disappearing Without Cheats

Keeping inventory in Minecraft when you die can be a tricky affair, especially without using cheat codes. But thankfully, there are still some ways to keep your inventory from disappearing without using cheats.

I know some people out there don’t like using cheats, so you guys could try doing this instead.

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Normal Chests

The first way of keeping your inventory in Minecraft without cheats is on chests.

Chests are just storage for extra items, like when you are working on building something and need a few extra blocks but if you don’t have space in your inventory, you can store some of your extra items in a chest for quick access.

Additionally, since a chest isn’t part of your avatar’s inventory, it won’t disappear when you die. Chests can be found in villages and structures, or crafted by using wooden planks and a few tools.

Ender Chest

The best way to prevent your inventory from being lost when you die without cheats is to store key items in the Ender Chest.

The Ender Chest is an incredibly useful item that allows you to store both blocks and items in the same place. It’s useful for storing things such as tools and armour that you want to keep safe.

Unlike other chests, the Ender Chest doesn’t allow players to access the items and blocks stored inside. And even if you die, the items in the Ender Chest will stay safe and sound.

How To Keep Specific Items When You Die In Minecraft

To keep a specific item when you die you need a command block. To get a command block type:

/give @p command_block

Next place the command block on the ground and as an example let’s say you want to keep your diamonds in your inventory after you die, you need interact with the command block and type this then press enter:

/give @p diamond 1 0 {“keep_on_death”:{}}

How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Mobile Minecraft?

Its pretty much the same as on desktop, but the steps options is in a different place. You need to:

  • Pause the gameplay
  • Open Game Settings
  • Start scrolling down until you find the cheats section
  • After you found it, turn on the cheats
  • Go back to gameplay
  • Open chatbox using the chat icon on the top

The command is the same as in desktop, just type “/gamerule keepInventory true” and tap on enter button.

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What Usually Happens to Your Inventory When You Die?

If you die in the game your inventory will disappear. All the items you were carrying with you will be dropped right there on the ground you died. And it gets worse. Other players or mobs can pick them up and add them to their inventory and use them.

What Usually Happens to Your Inventory When You Die

On the plus side you could always respawn and try to collect them back. But if you are on something like the hardcore mode your inventory will be permanently gone.

Unless you want your precious inventory gone when you die, always store them on an Ender Chest or just use the cheat code.

Bottom Line

IMHO if you are an OP, just use the cheat codes to keep inventory when you die in minecraft. Storing them in Ender chests are also great, but requires some time to get done. But keeping them on normal chests are super risky and I wouldn’t recommend it.