Why Can't I Open Minecraft on Mac

Just bought a brand new Mac and tried to play Minecraft only to find out that it won’t open? You are not alone. Unfortunately, some Mac users have been having trouble opening the game.

Turns out, it could be a problem with your Java installation, or it could be a compatibility issue with your drivers and stuff. In some cases, it might be a problem with the game installation itself. 

Either way, if you are having trouble opening Minecraft on your Mac, this post is for you! Keep reading to learn more about why can’t I open minecraft on Mac and what you can do to fix it.

Why Can’t I Open Minecraft on Mac?

There can be several reasons why Minecraft is not opening on a mac. Some of the most common reasons are:

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System Requirements

First, if the computer does not fulfill the minimum system requirements to play the game, it won’t open on your computer. 

You have to verify that by visiting the Minecraft website and checking the system requirements for the game. Also check if your Mac is up to date because the minimum mac OS requirement is 10.5.8 to play the game without an issue.

Older Java Version 

Check if your computer has the latest version of Java installed, as Java is necessary to run the Minecraft game on your computer.

Even though you have installed Java on your Mac, the game might not be open if you don’t have the latest version. Therefore, check whether you have the newest version of Java installed on your Mac.

Corrupted Game Files

Next, check if the launcher is corrupted because if it is, it won’t open, no matter what you do. The launcher can get corrupted during the installation process or due to a malware infection.

Corrupted Game Files

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Normally, you will get a notification about the issue if something happens when you are downloading. But sometimes, even without notice, the launcher gets corrupted, and you will have to find out the problem later.

Other Applications Blocking Minecraft

Finally, check whether other software in your Mac blocks the Minecraft game from opening. This blocking is mainly incorporated with your antivirus software and, in some cases, add-ons.

Check the error message attributed to the game not opening, and you can determine which software is causing the problem.

Other Reasons

Besides the reasons mentioned above, Minecraft may not open on Mac due to needing more storage designated by the game requirements to play Minecraft.

In rare cases, I have noted that even unnecessary files in the computer also impact Minecraft not opening on Mac. 

How To Fix Minecraft Not Open On Mac?

Here is some guidance on what you can do when Minecraft does not open on your Mac.

All these troubleshooting options are attributed to the reasons I discussed above that affect Minecraft not opening on Mac.

How To Fix Minecraft Not Open On Mac

Update Drivers And Software

Check whether your Mac is compatible with the game’s minimum requirement. If it is not, you should update the drivers and Mac to qualify for the system requirements to open Minecraft on your computer.

After updating the drivers and components, uninstall Minecraft if you have already downloaded it and then reinstall.

Install And Update Java

The next troubleshooting option is to install or update Java on your Mac to the latest version. As I have explained above, Minecraft needs Java to run the game, and you must have the newest version of Java installed.

To ensure there are no bugs, you can uninstall Minecraft after updating Java and then reinstall it on your Mac. 

Reinstall Minecraft 

The launcher may have been corrupted during the installation process. You must uninstall the game on your Mac and reinstall the latest version.

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Be mindful of any warning notifications that pop up about installation failure or corruption, and ensure there is none. If there is any notification regarding the failure of proper installation, you must address it. 

Open The Launcher In Offline Mode

This is a long shot, but it could hit the bull’s eye. Since this is an easy option to follow, there is nothing wrong with trying it the first instance when you can’t open Minecraft on Mac.

You should open the launcher and click the option “offline mode,” which you can find in the bottom left corner of your screen. If it works, thank me later. 

Remove Software That Could Be Blocking Minecraft

Some antivirus software and add-ons are not compatible with Minecraft. Therefore, you must run a diagnosis and find out what they are. If your virus guard is the culprit, you can disable it for a moment until you install and launch the game and enable it again.

Remove Software That Could Be Blocking Minecraft

Here is a guide to Minecraft blocking software. Visit the site and check whether you have any of this software and if you do, uninstall or disable it to open your Minecraft game on Mac. 


My Minecraft launcher won’t open. What should I do?

Normally, the first advice from most experts is to redownload Minecraft if you encounter this issue. But here’s something that worked for me – I opened the app activity monitor and typed Minecraft Launcher in the search bar. 

Then double clicked the Minecraft Launcher option and clicked Stop until it forced me to stop the application. After that, I closed the activity monitor and relaunched the launcher without an issue. 

Can I play Minecraft on MacBook Pro? 

Yes, you can play Minecraft on MacBook Pro, given that your computer fulfills the game’s system requirements. You must have enough space in your storage to download the game.

Upon confirming you have enough specs and space in your MacBook, you can visit the official Minecraft website and download the game.

How do I uninstall and install Minecraft on Mac?

 Before uninstalling Minecraft on your Mac, you need to locate the Minecraft folder on your computer. Once you find it, you can delete it to uninstall Minecraft. The Minecraft folder is normally located in the Applications folder on a Mac.

Once you have located Minecraft and deleted it from your Mac, you need to reinstall it. Reinstalling is simple. You should visit the official Minecraft website and download the installer. Once you have downloaded the installer, it is a walk in the park as you have to follow the instructions.

Final Thoughts 

Minecraft does not open on Mac used to be a common issue. But now it doesn’t happen as often as the developers fixed the bugs that were causing the problem.

Nonetheless, if you are still coming across the issue, please try every option I mentioned in this article and solve the issue by yourself. Please leave us a comment if none of these worked.