How Long Does It Take A Villager To Grow Up

Villagers are a kind of passive mobs a player interacts with in the world-famous sandbox 3D video game Minecraft. They inhabit the villages of the various biomes of the virtual world the player creates.

Villagers occupy themselves in various tradecrafts and the player can buy a variety of goods from them in exchange for emeralds.

If you are curious about these villagers one of the questions you might have is that how long does it take a villager to grow up.

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the growth time along with a few other things.

Spawning Of Villagers

The reproductive behavior of villagers in Minecraft is autonomous. Two consenting villagers will engage in the breeding process given they have certain required food stock in their inventory and are provided with the infrastructure necessary to live as a family such as a house, beds, etc by the player, and give birth to baby villagers who will eventually grow up.

Spawning Of Villagers

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The player also has the option of curing a zombie villager by using a weakness potion on it and feeding it a golden apple afterward, thus turning it into an ordinary villager.

Growth Rate Of A Baby Villager

It takes twenty minutes for a newborn villager to grow up into adulthood. There are 3 distinctive stages in the process where a baby villager grows up and becomes an adult.

These are:

Initial StageHappens within 2-3 minutes after birth.
Mid StageHappens within  8-10 minutes after birth
Final Stage Happens within 15-20 minutes after birth

Can You Force A Villager To Grow Up?

No, players cannot force a villager to grow up. The growth rate of villagers in Minecraft are determined by certain conditions such as the availability of food and the presence of other villagers.

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But there are things you can do to increase the chances of a villager growing up. Some of these are:

  • Make sure the villager has enough food to eat. A full hunger bar = Faster growth
  • Let the villager have more beds.
  • Give the villager enough space to move around.
  • Don’t let the villagers get attacked by hostile mobs.

Why Aren’t My Baby Villagers Growing Up?

The reason is that you are too far away from the villagers. If you are farther away than the maximum simulation distance which is about 96 blocks, the villagers may not be loaded and therefore will not grow. 

It’s a simple fix. All you gotta do is stay there for 20 – 30 min and you should see the villagers grow.

Bottom Line

It takes around 15 to 20 minutes for a villager to grow up in Minecraft. However for villagers to grow you need to be within the max simulation distance of the game, otherwise the villagers are not loaded.

Plus, villagers need to have enough food and beds. And mobs can kill them, so protect them. And remember, you can force a villager to grow up.


Can villagers grow up in minecarts?

No, villagers cannot grow up in minecarts in Minecraft. Villagers can only grow up by passing through their growth stages, which are determined by their profession and the presence of certain resources in the village. Minecarts do not play a role in this process.

Do baby zombie villagers grow up?

No, baby zombie villagers do not grow up in Minecraft. They remain in their baby form forever. This is because zombie villagers are undead mobs and do not follow the same lifecycle as living mobs such as villagers or animals.