Minecraft Greenhouse

Greenhouses are just as valuable in Minecraft as they are in real life. In real life, you have to worry about low temperatures or the wind hurting your plants. In Minecraft, you have to worry about that plus Creepers, zombies, spiders, skeletons, and more. 

A greenhouse allows you to keep your crops safely indoors while still giving them sunlight. You no longer have to worry about losing food sources while out mining for diamonds. Here are 11 greenhouse Minecraft ideas and designs to get you started building. 

11 Best Minecraft Greenhouse Ideas

Here are the 11 best Minecraft greenhouse designs and ideas. You’ll find a mixture of cool, creative, and fun projects to work on. They aren’t in any particular order, so be sure to check them all out. Try building with a Minecraft Modpack for an extra challenge. 

1. Elegant Two-story Greenhouse

minecraft greenhouse for experts

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This elegant two-story greenhouse by Zaypixel is aesthetically pleasing while still serving its purpose. The inside is spacious, organized, and calm. You might actually find it relaxing to build this Minecraft greenhouse. 

Some of the other greenhouses only use clear glass for the walls. Zaypixel combines clear and white glass, which helps the other design colors pop. Their design is asymmetrical, which only works thanks to the organic shapes. 

2. Bee Greenhouse

Bee Greenhouse

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Brookella’s bee greenhouse is a regular greenhouse that also houses bees. Minecraft bees help flowers grow, so it’s a win-win. The bees have a home, and your crops are healthier. Beeswax is a valuable item to have in Survival mode, too. 

Brookella builds her bee greenhouse while playing, so you see her work out the design in real-time. She puts thought into it, but there’s no tutorial, and the build is time-lapsed. Her design is cute, you may have to figure out parts of it without help. 

3. Small Greenhouse

Small Greenhouse

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This small greenhouse by TeaLeafMC is really easy and cute. Its shape is reminiscent of an igloo. Strangely it’s actually really pleasing to see. It is a small greenhouse but has plenty of room for a starter. 

You could easily scale up this design if you want more space. Speaking of space, if you follow the design but use iron or obsidian instead of wood, this greenhouse in Minecraft will fit right in amongst the stars. 

4. Unique Greenhouse

Unique Greenhouse

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This unique greenhouse by KoalaBuilds isn’t the most spacious design but is the most distinct. There’s a tower in the center with a dome on both sides. You can house your plants in both and use the tower as storage. 

KoalaBuilds uses several building techniques that may seem complicated. The tutorial is easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have problems. 

5. Cottagecore Greenhouse

Cottagecore Greenhouse

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Sillyblocks’s Cottagecore greenhouse is super cute and spacious. It has tall ceilings, lots of light, and plenty of plants. You can tell that Sillyblocks put a lot of thought into decorating. They separated the interior into little farms to make it practical and aesthetic. 

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6. Victorian Greenhouse

Victorian Greenhouse

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Building this Victorian greenhouse by general ross will take some time, but it’s worth it. It’s a gorgeous greenhouse that’s true to the Victorian style. The layout is open, spacious, and elegant, which allows lots of natural light in. 

All you need for this project is gray concrete, different styles of birchwood, a sandstone wall, and gray stained glass. The building’s colors are simple but let the natural colors of the plants shine. That maximizes the impact for the least amount of work possible. 

7. Steampunk Greenhouse

Steampunk Greenhouse

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Sky Blue Creation’s Steampunk greenhouse is creative and original. The exterior looks Romanesque but with a more somber palette. You don’t see many builds that are Steampunk-themed at all, let alone a greenhouse. 

The ornate style works here and could work in many Minecraft worlds. Feel free to change the colors to suit your tastes. This greenhouse Minecraft players will love is large and detailed, so it’ll take time to build. That means a larger sense of accomplishment in the end. 

8. Large Aesthetic Greenhouse

Large Aesthetic Greenhouse

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This large aesthetic greenhouse by MsMerée is spacious, organized, and super cute. MsMerée adorned the outside and the inside with long, sweeping vines and flowering bushes. It’s the little touches that add up to make the most difference. 

9. Japanese Greenhouse

Japanese Greenhouse

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Building this Japanese greenhouse by JaMAli is a lot of fun. It has sharper lines and flatter surfaces than other projects thanks to its authentic Japanese style. The overall design is clean and balanced which gives a sense of tranquility. 

JaMAli’s greenhouse roof is neat, too. It gets shorter towards the back which creates a tiered cascade effect. It resembles water rushing over the ground, especially with the addition of the bushes. This greenhouse makes an excellent addition to many Minecraft worlds. 

10. Large Greenhouse

Large Greenhouse

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Next, we have a large greenhouse by Tanol Games that’s extra efficient. The overall design looks organic and balanced. The building has a circular shape in its middle with blocks on either side. There are a lot of interesting lines inside and out that draw the eye in. 

You’ll find this layout is efficient because it has crops on two floors and the roof. That’s something you won’t find on other designs. The tutorial moves at a pace that’s easy to follow, so you can complete this greenhouse in no time. 

11. Modern Minecraft Greenhouse

Modern Minecraft Greenhouse

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This modern greenhouse by Doni Mine does look relatively modern but also a bit futuristic. If you saw this building on another planet, you wouldn’t question it. The design combines bold, sharp lines with transparent glass. 

You can see the natural shapes of the trees and crops through that glass. Since it’s a modern glass house for Minecraft, there aren’t any decorations and minimal lighting. It’s not as fun to build as other greenhouses, but it’s true to its desired style. 


Now that you’ve seen these 11 Minecraft greenhouse design ideas, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one to build. These designs are all cute, creative, and fun! If you can’t choose between them, build them all. After you build them, try adding a chicken coop or barn nearby. 

As a bonus idea, go for a Minecraft medieval greenhouse if the ones above are not your preferred ones.