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You might think building an underground base in Minecraft will be a downgrade. But it is a quick way to level up your Survival mode game. It is more of a challenge to build a base beneath the earth, but it’s worth it. 

First, it looks amazing no matter which design you choose. Second, it keeps your supplies safe and gives you direct access to ores. Building a base underground also presents an opportunity to be creative in a new way. Here are the 11 best Minecraft underground base ideas and designs to get you started. 

11 Best Underground Base Ideas

Here are the 11 best Minecraft underground base ideas in no particular order. You can follow them exactly or use them for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to think outside the block!

1. Basic Underground Base Minecraft by Spudetti

Minecraft Underground Base Ideas

First is a basic underground base by Spudetti. At first glance, it seems complex, but it’s uncomplicated to recreate the blueprints for this underground base in Minecraft. Spudetti put together an excellent tutorial that makes things easy. 

You’ll have plenty of room for storage and strategy with three rooms. There’s a designated area for crops and lots of detailed decorations. Spudetti knows how to spruce things up. The best part is the entrance that’s hidden under a small pond. 

2. Base With Secret Entrance by disruptive builds

Minecraft Underground Base Ideas

Next is a base with a secret entrance by disruptive builds. Many builds on this list have secret entrances, but the secret entrance to this underground base is the coolest by far. If Redstone projects interest you, you’ll love building the door. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with Redstone. Disruptive builds explains the process well, so you can keep up even if this is your first time. 

3. Underground Concept Base by CodofDuty

Minecraft Underground Base Ideas

This underground concept base by CodofDuty is an impressive display of what you can build in Minecraft. They created a tram ride to the entrance of the base and an automated decontamination chamber. There is a whole kinetic mechanism factory and a flying RV.

It is all very cool and complex. It may be a lot to take on by yourself, but don’t let that stop you from trying. The whole thing is done in the Above and Beyond Modpack

4. Perfect Underground Base by Shulkercraft

minecraft underground base

The perfect underground base by Shulkercraft is pretty close to perfection. He explains where to build your base, what it needs, and how to build everything. There are a lot of great pointers in this tutorial that you can apply to other builds. 

There are many cool ideas and designs. He builds an automated sorting system for his storage chests using Redstone. He makes a hidden staircase and an automatically replenishing anvil mechanism. 

5. Simple Underground Base by Goldrobin

minecraft underground base

This simple Minecraft underground base by Goldrobin is basic but effective. There’s no super cool secret entrance, and the base is only one room. You’ll have plenty of space for storage, though, and that’s all you need. 

There is space to decorate your bunker, so you can spruce things up. Goldrobin put together a very informative and tranquil tutorial. You won’t have any trouble building this underground base. 

6. Ultimate Underground Base by Reimiho

minecraft underground base

This ultimate underground base tutorial by Reimiho is so ultimate that it can’t fit in one video. Reimiho breaks it into three parts, so they don’t have to skip anything. The base is multiple stories tall with a plethora of rooms but doesn’t leave any room bare. 

Cooler parts are the axolotl tank, the hallway of armor, and the enchanting room. Despite the base’s size, it’s easy to build with Reimiho’s tutorial. 

7. Easy Underground Base by Cryptozoology

underground base ideas minecraft

Here is an easy underground base by Cryptozoology. It has everything you need to be successful in Survival mode. There are animals, crops, storage chests, and even a hidden Nether portal all in one large room. 

It won’t take long to finish this easy underground base if you follow the blueprints. Cryptozoology lists the materials and shows how to complete each part. 

8. Fancy Glass-top House by Spudetti 

underground base ideas minecraft

This fancy glass-top house by Spudetti is the most unique base idea mentioned. An underground base is still an underground base, even if only part is underground. A hole is a hole, after all. 

The overall design is very cool, sleek, and organized. You can tell Spudetti put a lot of time and energy into making this tutorial. A base of this size is perfect for beginners to dig into. 

9. Underwater Base by disruptive builds

underground base minecraft

Can you call this underwater base by disruptive builds an underground base? It should be fine since the base is underground and underwater. How does that work, you ask? Your secret entrance will be hidden at the bottom of a lake. 

You take a water elevator down to a spacious room filled with chests. Disruptive builds wanted a base with plenty of storage, so this design adds 570 storage chests. 

10. Underground Bunker House by BigTonyMC

underground base minecraft

This underground bunker house by BigTonyMC gives the illusion that it’s small on the outside. There’s a shack above ground that leads to a larger bunker. 

Being able to deceive your enemies could come in handy in Survival mode. The bunker blueprints are easy to follow with BigTonyMC’s straightforward tutorial. 

11. Modern Underground Survival Base by Gorillo

minecraft underground base blueprints

Last, we have a modern underground survival base by Gorillo. Like the glass-top house above, part of this base is visible above the ground. What you see looks like three overlapping diamonds. 

This shape and its colors give it a very modern vibe. The base is smaller than others but has everything you need. Gorillo’s tutorial is easy to follow, too. 


minecraft underground base blueprints

The Underground Kingdom video by TrixyBlox isn’t a tutorial but deserves to be on this list. TrixyBlox spent over 300 hours building this elaborate underground kingdom in a fantasy elf style. It looks insane!


Now that you’ve seen the 11 best underground base Minecraft ideas and designs, you might have a hard time choosing which one to start with. The simple solution here is to do all of them! 

Are you still looking for inspiration after building underground bases? Try building a lighthouse to scale or creating a banner to unite your people.