Valorant has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect. Error Code: VAN 1067

It’s the latest and most frequently occurring error that causes immense frustration and annoyance among Valorant players, as it prevents them from continuing the game. But what exactly is Error Code 1067, and how can it be fixed?

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VAN 1067 Error in Valorant is a connection error that can be caused by various factors, such as disabled TPM 2.0 or secure boot, outdated Windows, corrupted game files, and more. The good news is that fixing it is relatively straightforward once we identify the root cause of the error.

Based on our experience with Error 1067, we have compiled a precise guide that addresses the primary causes and offers easy solutions. Let’s delve into this guide to overcome this obstacle and resume the enjoyment of playing Valorant!

VAN 1067 Valorant Error – Easy Fixtures

In light of the issue you’ve recognized in your system, follow these guidelines to fix that;

1- Look for Compatibility Issues


Check your system compatibility before any trouble, and you’re good to go.. For this, the system should not have any missing dependencies. Here is how to go through a quick compatibility check;

  • Verify Minimum Requirements: System requirement verification is the first step. Goto Epic Games Store >> verify system requirement >> do ensure it meets the minimum requirements.
  • Stable Connection: Ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection for smooth gameplay.
  • Latest Redistributables: Check if you have the latest versions of redistributables like DirectX and Visual C++ installed. These are also essential for running Valorant flawlessly.

2- Allow Valorant Access Through the Firewalls


If you notice that firewalls are causing interference with the Valorant, allow the game access to the internet connection. To grant Valorant the necessary permissions, follow these steps;

  • Press the Windows key on your system and search for “Firewall” in the search bar.
  • Within the firewall menu, click on the “Allow an app through the firewall.”
  • Click on “Change settings.”
  • Then select “Allow another app.”
  • Scroll through the applications list and find the Riot client.
  • Check both ‘private’ and ‘public ‘boxes to grant it access.

3- Restart The Riot Games Client


If you are encountering any errors while playing Valorant, restarting the Riot client can assist you. Follow these steps for it;

  • Press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys at the same time to open the task manager.
  • Locate the Riot client in the list of processes within the task manager.
  • Right-click on the Riot client.
  • Then select “End Task.”
  • It will completely close the game.
  • Relaunch the client and game by following the prompts on screen.
  • See if the issue persists.

4- Check the VGC Service


If the VGC service fails to launch, it can cause error code 1067 in Valorant. Manually restart the service with these steps;

  • Press the Windows key + R simultaneously to open the RUN dialog box.
  • Type “services.msc” within the dialog box
  • Press Enter.
  • Scroll to the VGC service in the list.
  • Double-click on VCG service to open its properties.
  • Change the startup type to “Automatic” to synchronize it with your PC.
  • Click the “Start” button if the service is not already running.
  • If it is running, stop and start it again.

5- Update Windows


As mentioned above, outdated Windows versions can also cause troubles while running Valorant. Update your Windows setup by following these steps;

  • Press the Windows Key on your keyboard.
  • Search for “Settings.”
  • Tap “Update & Security.”
  • Now select “Windows Update” on the left.
  • Press “Check for updates” to see if any updates are available.
  • Click on “Download and install” to update your Windows.
  • Wait for the downloading to complete.

6- Close Discord


Discord bugs can interfere with Valorant. Close Discord, especially the overlay settings, to resolve Error Code 1067. Check if the error persists.

7- Enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot


Disabling TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot can cause Error Code VAN 1067. Enabling these features enhances system security. Here’s how to enable Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 in your BIOS settings;

Identify Your Motherboard Manufacturer and Model

Identifying your motherboard’s manufacturer and model is important to ensure a smooth security setup process. Do this by following these steps;

  • Open the Windows search bar and type ‘cmd’ there.
  • Press Enter to open the Command Prompt.
  • Type “wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer” within the Command Prompt and press Enter.
  • You’ll see your motherboard’s manufacturer and model details.
  • Note down all the necessary information for the next steps.

Navigate Your BIOS Menu

Accessing the BIOS menu is necessary to configure essential settings for your motherboard and system to enable the security checks. You can enter the BIOS setup as follows;

  • Restart your computer and keep an eye out for the screen splash that indicates the key you must press to enter the firmware (BIOS) setup.
  • The key may vary based on your computer’s manufacturer.
  • Press the required key repeatedly until you enter the setup mode.
  • Here are the most common BIOS menu buttons for popular brands;

Sr. No


BIOS Menu Buttons


























Hold Volume Up Key

Enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot

After you’ve successfully accessed the BIOS menu, enabling TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot becomes too easy. Here’s a general guidelines for it;

  • Navigate through the BIOS menu.
  • Scroll and locate the Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 settings.
  • Enable both Secure Boot and TPM 2.0.
  • Configure the settings to set up.

Note: These options may be located in different sections of the BIOS menu, so it’s essential to refer to your motherboard’s documentation for precise guidance.

Is there a specific crosshair setting that can help me fix the VAN 1067 error in Valorant?

When encountering the VAN 1067 error in Valorant, players often wonder if adjusting their crosshair settings can provide a solution. While there isn’t a specific crosshair setting specifically tailored to fix this error, exploring valorant pro crosshair settings might help enhance your gameplay and potentially alleviate any technical issues.

Error Code VAN 1067 – Primary Causes

To effectively address the Van 1067 error, diagnosing its causes is crucial. Keep in mind that the specific reasons can vary, but here are some common factors to consider;

  • If you have an outdated Windows, your PC may not have some essential features to run Valorant, leading to VAN 1067 error.
  • Disabled secure boot is a root cause for Valorant 1067 error.
  • Disabling the TPM 2.0 feature may lead to Error code VAN 1067.
  • Discord may lead to different errors, VAN 1067 is one such error.
  • Over time, some game files may be corrupted that may lead to certain errors, like the one under discussion.
  • VAN 1067 is a connectivity issue and may pop up when the Firewall restricts the Valorant access to the internet connection.


Error Code VAN 1067 in Valorant is a connectivity issue caused by factors like outdated Windows or disabled TPM 2.0/Secure Boot. Though not severe, it can be resolved by identifying the underlying cause. Solutions may vary based on the specific issue. Enjoy your gaming experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, to fix Van 1067, users need to enable TPM and Secure Boot in the BIOS settings of their computers.

To fix the Van 1067 error on Windows 11, restart your PC to resolve temporary glitches. Check that necessary services are running and update your operating system and software for compatibility.

To fix the VAN 1067 error on Windows 10, restart your computer and relaunch Valorant. If it persists, reinstall the game and update graphics drivers. Verify game files through the launcher.