The knife is a rarely used weapon in almost all shooter games as it serves as a last resort when you run out of ammo or any other cases. Despite that, players still want the best cosmetics for it simply for aesthetic reasons. Every Valorant player knows that after a hard-earned kill, you need to flex that beautiful melee weapon you have. After all, Valorant is a competitive game and it gets even more intense as you show the cosmetics you have collected for your account.

There are tons of Valorant knife skins in the game that you can get either through achievements or by buying them directly in the store. Some can be rare as they will only be available during a night market release. While there are tons and tons of popular knife skins out there, we are here to help you out so every purchase you make will be worth every penny.

Top 20 best valorant knife skins

1. Glitchpop Axe

First off on the list is the Glitchpop Axe skin. Right off the bat, you will notice that it completely changes your melee weapon from a knife into an axe. It is an exclusive weapon skin with a price of 4350 valorant points. Its design is heavily littered with vibrant colors from the Glitchpop skyline. Players love the way axes are equipped in Valorant as it gives off smooth sound effects. The weapon has a level 2 evolution which changes its overall look and equips animation. Upon reaching level 2, the axe gains lighting effects on its sharp edges as well as a new unfolding animation upon equipping. The colors also change each time you equip the knife skin. 

  • New model VFX for the knife.
  • New equip animation and sound effects.
  • New Inspect animation.
  • Changes the attack animation compared to the knife.

2. Broken Blade of the Ruined King

If you are a fan of games released by Riot Games, you might notice this weapon as an item from League of Legends and with the recent lore, the sword of the Ruined King Viego himself. This knife skin costs 4350 Valorant points being an exclusive skin and despite the high pricing, gives you worth your purchase. Coming from the Ruination collection, this knife skin changes your melee into the broken blade of the ruined king. The weapon has an awesome equipment animation that reforms the blade with a dark mist. 

  • Has 4 weapon color variants including the base, purple, orange, and green variant.
  • Agent wears a ring upon equipping the melee weapon.
  • Attack animation is changed from knife to sword slashes and stabs.
  • Most players consider this to be the best valorant Knife skin because of the lore behind it and its popular reputation coming from League of Legends as an item.

3. Relic of the Sentinel

This one comes from the Sentinels of light collection, the one opposed to the ruination skin line. If you have been following the lore of Runeterra, the light sentinels are the ones tasked to destroy the ruination. This weapon skin changes the knife into a tonfa-looking bladed weapon that has a cool wield animation. Considered an exclusive tier cosmetic, this Knife skin costs 4350 Valorant points. It has a sleek inspection animation upon reaching level 2 as the blades of the weapon swirl around the hand of the agent. Relic of the sentinel also has an awesome equipment animation that summons dark mists around the knife.

  • Has 3 color variants namely pink, green, and purple along with the base color.
  • Has a unique weapon-handling look.
  • Dark mists surround the texture of the weapon on idle. 
  • Blades rotate around the handle of the weapon upon inspection.

4. Waveform

The waveform knife skin comes from the spectrum skin line which came from the collaboration of Zedd with Riot games who added the music effects to the skin. On its level 2 form, the Spectrum knife plays music and the blade is replaced by a hologram effect that changes light color every second. It is an exclusive skin tier and is one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game as it came from a collaboration with a celebrity which costs 5350 Valorant points.

  • Plays music while the weapon is equipped
  • Has 3 unique color variants that change the handle color of the weapon.
  • Gives a unique animation to the agent wielding the weapon.
  • Gives off a premium feel to it knowing that it comes from a collaboration with a well-known artist.

5. Blade of Chaos

From the prelude to the chaos skin line, the blade of chaos is an exclusive tier cosmetic that changes the base knife form of the melee weapon into a huge sword. Upon reaching level 2 the weapon’s blade is surrounded by a lightning effect which also adds a sound effect whenever it is used. This blade cosmetic costs 4350 Valorant points which will make your melee kills feel more satisfying with its double-edged appearance.

  • The electrified effect upon reaching level 2.
  • Attack animation leaves a lightning effect whose color depends on the current lighting effect color.
  • Resembles the weapon of the Doom slayer from the Doom franchise.

6. Firefly

Coming from the RGX11z pro weapon skin line, the rgx11z pro-Firefly changes the knife skin into a butterfly knife. It has a unique equipment animation that lets the agent unfold the knife as how you would open a butterfly knife. Upon weapon inspection, the knife’s light colors change when it is in its level 2 form. Valorant players love the equip animation of this weapon as it resembles those awesome action sequences seen in most action movies. 

  • It has vanilla, red, blue, and yellow color variants
  • Players can keep repeating the equip animation so the agent looks like the knife is being rotated repeatedly. 
  • Attack leaves behind a color trail depending on the light color of the weapon.

7. Terminus A Quo

This is by far the most unique-looking weapon in the game made by Riot games compared to all knife skins in Valorant as it changes the basic knife look of the melee weapon into a futuristic hologram knife. Upon reaching level 2, it changes the handle of the weapon and the blade comes out of the outer handles of the detached part of the weapon. The inspection animation is also changed as the agent wields an orb and weaves it around. 

  • Has a unique look that cannot be compared to all other melee weapons.
  • Attack animation leaves behind a colored trail.
  • Has a unique equipped sound effect.

8. Sovereign Sword

This is the oldest valorant knife skin in the game as it is one of the very first cosmetics ever released. This cosmetic changes the base knife into a sword which also changes its attack animation. It costs 3550 Valorant points being a Premium knife skin. On level 1, it looks like a simple sword with white accents but upon reaching level 2, the blade edge of the skin lights up with a light effect. The sovereign sword also has a unique equip animation that lets the agent flip the sword up with a sleek animation.

9. Elderflame Knife 

The Elderflame knife skin is among the best knife skins in Valorant, and some consider it even the best knife skin in the game because of the skin line it comes with. The Elderflame bundle changes the weapons into dragons spitting fire at enemies and has unique final kill animations. This knife skin’s hefty price tag is backed up by a unique flaming animation and a sound effect upon inspection. The Elderflame dagger resembles the tooth of a dragon with flaming effects. The Elderflame dagger also sports a dragon-scale handle with sharp horns.

10. Celestial Fan

The celestial fan knife skin is a classic among Valorant players as it has a funny inspect animation which lets the agent use the weapon as a fan. On level 1 the fan is in a folded position and used as it is, but upon reaching level 2, the agent opens up the fan and uses it as a bladed sharp edge. While other knives and melee weapons have slash animations, this weapon skin lets the agent literally fan the enemy to death. Upon opening up, it also reveals some Chinese characters engraved on the fan itself.

  • Has a unique attack animation that fans the enemy.
  • Opens up upon reaching level 2.
  • Has a funny inspection animation that allows the agent to fan themselves.

11. Recon Balisong

This knife skin comes from the recon skin line and changes the name of the weapon into Balisong, it is a Filipino word for Butterfly knife. It is a premium weapon skin that costs 3550 Valorant points while there are no eye-catching effects on this Valorant knife skin, it still belongs to the Best valorant knife skins as it spices up the close-quarters combat of each player with its unique equip animation.

12. Personal Administrative melee unit

The weapon’s name is a mouthful and seemingly a boring weapon as it is just a knife, but it has tons of effects. You can change the way you wield it, it has awesome inspect animation which allows the weapon to collapse inward and pop back out again. It has 3 levels of evolution making your purchase really worth it. 

  • Has a voice-over upon inspecting the weapon.
  • Some animations also include voice-over.
  • The Voice over is changed depending on the color variant, Female for white, pink, and green, while male for red, blue, and default variants.

13. Singularity knife

Coming from the singularity Valorant knife skin bundle, this knife changes the base look of the knife into a Fragmented looking blade with purple accents. This dagger skin has 2 levels. On level 1 it looks like an ordinary knife and upon reaching level 2 the knife opens up and looks like it is held together by cosmic energies. 

14. Crimsonbeast hammer

While being a premium skin means there is not that much of an effect on the weapon, this melee skin completely changes the simple dagger of your agent. This valorant knife skin changes the knife into a hammer with flaming effects which gives off an MMORPG feel to your melee skin. It is considered one of the best valorant knife skins because, for a 3550 VP price tag, it gives a whole lot of effects to it. It also changes the wall scuffs. 

15. Spline Knife

The spline skin only has one level but compared to other skins in valorant it has a unique look to it. It seems like it’s an alien weapon wrapped with glowing blue orbs.

16. Iridian Thorn Blade

This is a battle pass knife that can only be achieved upon reaching level 50 of the Act 3 battle pass. It is a unique weapon that can not be bought and is only available during the duration of the battle pass. A battle pass knife might not have a lot of extra effects to it but it earns you bragging rights as not many players were able to get a hold of this knife during the battle pass event. 

17. Ion Energy Sword

The ion energy sword is a part of the ion collection which sports a clean and sleek design for its weapons. Its sound effects are futuristic and upon reaching level 2, the attack animation of this melee weapon leaves behind a futuristic ion effect. Its blades are transparent and it has an exposed energy source. 

18. Gaia’s Wrath

This weapon skin resembles the Elderwood skin line from League of Legends, another game made by Riot games. It sports a natural finish to the blade itself and is considered one of the best valorant skins out there simply because of its nature accents. Upon equipping the weapon, it leaves behind a trail of leaves seemingly coming off from the weapon itself. The base color is red but when compared to other variants, the blue one seems to have extra effects on it as it has symbols engraved on the weapon shaft. 

19. .Sys melee

This axe has a unique futuristic look to it with red lighting effects on the shaft itself. The weapon does not have an evolved state but the effects are more than enough to make it to the top 20 list of the best valorant skins. The red color of the axe will make you feel like a badass for the entire game as you hack and slash your enemies. 

20. Magepunk Shock Gauntlet

This weapon is a gauntlet that pops out a blade on equipment. On level 1 it looks like a simple bladed gauntlet but upon reaching level 2, the weapon gains an electric charge on the handle which allows the weapon to leave behind an electrical trail. 

Final Thoughts 

Now I know each of us has our own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to in-game cosmetics. The weapons listed above are simply what we think are the best when it comes to the included effects and value of the weapon when considering its pricing. Most of the weapons have extra descriptions as these are exclusive tier weapons having the most work put into them by Riot games. These are the top 20 best-looking knife skins in Valorant but it was not put into order as all of them share unique aspects that some players consider as the best.