Ascent Map Valorant

In Valorant gameplay, understanding the maps is like deciphering an intricate puzzle, where every pathway, corner, sightline, and route holds the key to your opponents’ strategies. Among all the Valorant maps, Ascent stands out as the second most popular and most played, boasting a pick rate of 20.46%. (The first is Haven, with a pick rate of 21.29%).

The ascent takes players to the picturesque city of San Marco, Italy. It is known to be defender-friendly, with a defender-to-attacker winning ratio of 51.20% to 48.80%. However, to be victorious is possible only with proper strategies, knowledge of callouts, and the right agent selections.

Each of the above elements contributes to the overall success of competitors in the game. Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of important aspects of the Ascent Valorant map based on our experiences. It includes effective agents and strategic callouts. Let’s delve into these details and enjoy the game to the fullest!

Valorant Ascent Map Callouts


As mentioned above, the Ascent map in Valorant is one of the largest and defense-sided battlegrounds. It means playing as a defender in Ascent needs strong communication. Given that, mastering the Ascent callouts will prove real game changers. Callouts refer to verbally or textually communicating certain locations or areas with your mates. These signals help teams stay organized, make informed decisions, and enhance their gameplay experience.

So, let’s dive into the commonly used callouts for the A and B bombsites and the key callouts for the crucial mid-area!

Bombsite A Callouts

Here are the effective callouts one can use for A bombsite on Ascent;

Generator: The generator is the most common planting location in the A bombsite that offers a strategic advantage by allowing you to plant towards A Main and Heaven. Additionally, the Generator acts as a cover and a safe vantage point to watch for enemies pushing from A Link.

Dice: Dice is another viable spot used as cover by defenders holding the bombsite or attackers playing for the retake. Planting the spike for A Main from here forces defenders to expose themselves to defuse it.

Switch: The Switch is a valuable position located near the gate that blocks access to A Link. From here, you can watch the cross from A Main without exposure to Short.

Bricks: Brick spots on Ascent provide a close and advantageous angle on your opponents. It provides you with a tactical advantage to catch enemies off guard.

Hell: Hell is located exactly below Heaven and is a golden location to surprise the enemies moving forward, believing that the site is clear. You can use it to defend or for retakes. The tricky angles of Hell add to its strategic advantage.

Heaven: Heaven is above Hell and is a commanding viewpoint over A Main. Though it exposes different bomb sites to you; however, you may be exposed to enemy fire.

B Bombsite Callouts on Ascent:

Here are some important callouts to use for A bombsite on Ascent;

Logs: It’s a secret position on the pathway to B Main, allowing the players to catch their opponents by surprise. However, this area is unclear and has the potential risk of enemy fire.

Market: Unlike the Logs, Market is a clear line of sight to catch the players who pass through the bombsite via B Main or Market. It’s a great position for attack and defense and can help push the enemy back when they try to reach the Mid.

Switch: Switch is the area next to the gate of the Market, allowing the players to get a clear sight of the Market safely from B Main. The audio cues of the enemy’s foot offer an extra advantage, but it may expose the player to the Connector spot.

Connector: The connector is a primary connecting site between the defender spawn and B bombsite. One can easily track and catch the enemies crossing from B bombsite or Market. It’s one of the safest callouts in the B bombsite.

Stairs: Stairs provide a strategic movement area from the plant area of B bombsite.

Boat House: Boat House is a site on the back of a bombsite and offers a substantial cover for players. It’s a great place to play as a defender, offering a chance to get the attackers to enter the site and secure the kills. But beware of the attackers because they usually hold this position.

Ninja: Ninja is a secret position in B bombsite, offering a chance to get the enemies off guard when they fail to check it. It’s a great angle to see opponents first if occupied earlier.

Triple: The Triple boxes offer cover from multiple angles and are commonly used as a safe plant spot. You can also maintain vision over Lane’s next spot from this position while remaining relatively safe.

Lane: The lane is the most frequently used path by attackers to reach the plant area of the bomb site. It is the shortest path connecting B Main and the B bombsite.

Dragon: If you are playing from Boat House or any other nearest site, Dragon is one of the best callouts for you. It is a point offering clear visibility to the bombsite, hence helping in engaging the attackers to expose them. Moreover, you can get the enemies to enter the site via Stairs.

Mid Callouts on Ascent:

Here are some of the best spots for Mid control on Ascent;

Top Mid: Top Mid is the only region exposing the whole Mid region to you, allowing you to peek at the Market while covering your fellow players. You can push the attackers pushing Mid Arch from this spot.

Cat Walk: Cat Walk provides a crucial passage for strategic movement by connecting Top Mid to A Link.

Cubby: Cubby is one of the most favored spots within the B bomb site and is the least scary path. You can get your opponents before being traded.

Tiles: You can observe your enemies passing through Cubby or playing on A Link when playing from Tiles. Here you can attempt a pick towards Mid and Short Arch without risk.

Mid-Arch: Mid Arch area is mostly occupied by the defenders and is located at the entrance of the Bottom Mid. The team occupying this area can easily challenge the opponents in Mid Region.

Bench: The bench is an advantageous spot mostly used by defenders, like the previous one. It provides an easy sightline to the CatWalk, Mid Arch, and Fountain. So, it is a challenging spot for opponents.

Fountain: The fountain spot is located exactly in the center of the Mid Arch. It serves as a key reference point for players in the open area nearby.

Is the Valorant PBE Server Available on the Ascent Map?

When playing Valorant PBE, familiarizing yourself with the Ascent map is essential. Explore its distinct layout and strategic elements, utilizing the keyword playing valorant pbe essential tips. Understanding the map can give you a significant advantage, as you navigate through its various pathways and make crucial decisions that can turn the tide in your favor.

Best Valorant Agents to Play on Ascent Map

To conquer the Ascent map in Valorant, choosing the right agents is essential. We’ve compiled a list of the best agents for Ascent to give you the winning edge. Let’s explore these to dominate the battlefield!



Jett is one of the most popular agents to play on Ascent. Her mobility allows her to swiftly navigate the map, seize control of crucial areas, and create space for her teammates. Pairing her with KAYO creates a lethal combination of flashes.



Due to his abilities to scout enemy positions and movements, Sova can prove to be an invaluable spy for gathering information on Ascent. When combined with KAYO’s flashes, Jett’s dashes, and smokes, he becomes a great asset to the team.



KAYO proves to be a mastermind in disrupting the enemy’s abilities and creating chaos. With flashes in his arsenal, he complements Jett perfectly, providing ample opportunities to take control of sites and thwart enemy retakes.



Omen is widely recognized for his ability to disrupt enemy sightlines, earning him a reputation as a skilled controller. His smokescreens effectively obscure vision and block advantageous angles, providing crucial cover for your team. When teamed up with Sova, KAYO, and Jett, Omen completes the meta composition for Ascent.



Astra is one of the top choices for controlling the battlefield on Ascent, thanks to her global map presence and long-lasting smoke orbs. Her CC abilities and game-changing Ultimate have the potential to turn the tide in your favor.



Calling Killjoy as the “guardian of the Ascent map” would not go wrong, as she excels at holding down areas and thwarting flanking attempts with her lockdown abilities. Whether on the defensive or offensive, Killjoy’s versatile kit proves valuable.



Raze excels on maps like Ascent thanks to her explosive entrances, making her a valuable choice for breaking through defensive setups. With her BoomBot providing valuable information and her grenades clearing out hidden corners, Raze brings the firepower needed to dominate the map.


Ascent in Valorant is a challenging map. But mastering its layout, studying strategies, and selecting the right agents will surely lead you to success. So, use teamwork, individual skill, and map knowledge to dominate the battlefield. Enjoy your thrilling Valorant gaming sessions on Ascent!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Pro players often favor Jett and Killjoy on the Ascent map in Valorant. Jett offers control and versatility, while Killjoy excels at delaying enemies and occupying sites. Agent choice depends on team composition and playstyle.

Yes! Ascent is a defense sided map, so players will have to play and win various rounds as defender to ramp the map.

Phoenix is considered the weakest player on the Valorant, no matter he had great buffs in patch 5.01. But he is not so bad and some Phoenix players may even look great in the roster.