What Does Closing A DM Do on Discord

Discord is a chat app with a ton of features for gamers and is a great way to stay in touch with your gaming buddies, but do you know what happens when you close a DM on the Discord?

Simply put, closing a DM on Discord hides the conversation.

In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of closing a DM do on Discord. Plus, we’ll also talk about the difference between closing and deleting a DM.

What Is A Closed DM On Discord?

DM stands for Direct Message and it is a one-on-one conversation. Likewise, DM on Discord is a way of sending private messages to recipients. These messages can be viewed only by you and the receiver.

Closing DMs is an option available on Discord that hides the selected DM from your recent messages.

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Closing DMs on Discord can happen in two ways, it could happen accidentally or you can close chats intentionally. Whatever way it happens, you can still recover these chats, which we will talk about a little later.

What Happens When You Close a DM on Discord?

The discord app is different from most other chat apps. What happens when you close a DM is that Discord just hides that chat, and it is not a complete removal of that chat so that you can recover it when you need it again.

You can do so if you want to chat again with the same person. And the previous messages of that closed conversation will still be there.

Moreover, the receiving party can still view the DM messages even though you hide it from your end. Closing a DM doesn’t affect the receiver’s end.

Why Do Users Close DMs On Discord? 

Users may need to close DMs on Discord for several reasons. One is that specific chats aren’t necessary or you don’t want anyone else to see when you open discord around friends. You can hide such chats that aren’t a necessity.

Another reason could be that you get hundreds of DMs and the most important messages go down. Once you close less essential conversations, you won’t miss the important messages.

Why Do Users Close DMs On Discord

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Moreover, there could be people who don’t understand their boundaries. In addition, there can be server problems that would result in bot accounts. So these are the reasons why users may need to close a particular DM. 

How to Close a DM on Discord

Let’s take a quick look at how to close DMs on both PCs and the mobile app.

Closing DMs On a PC 

You can use either the desktop app or the Discord website to do this

  • Go to DMs and Right-click on the Direct Message that you need to hide.
  • The options will appear and you will see the Close DM option.
  • Click it. It’s that simple.
close a dm

What happens after that is that the DM will disappear. To recover, search by user’s name. And you will get the chat back. 

Closing DMs On the Mobile App 

It’s true that you can close a DM using the web, but doing it via the mobile app version is simpler and fast.

  • First, open the app and log in.
  • Then click on the three horizontal lines icon on the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Now you are on the Home page. Tap the chat icon. 
  • Next, find the DM you need to close. And tap and hold it for a few seconds. 
  • Finally, click the Close DM option.

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Reopening a Closed DM 

After you close a DM on Discord, it disappears from the chat list. However, you can reopen it if you feel you need to recover it.

So there are a couple of ways to recover these hidden DMs. If the user whose DM you closed sends you another message, the chat will appear again.

The other way is searching by name. This procedure is easy if you are a friend of the user. But if the user isn’t a friend, you must both be in a mutual server to find and open the DM chat. 

Closing a DM vs Deleting a DM 

Deleting a DM and Closing a DM on Discord aren’t the same. Deleting a DM will remove messages on both sides. (But if you do it manually, it won’t affect the receiver’s end.)

To delete a DM all you need to do is tap on a message and click Delete and then Confirm, which makes the message disappear even from the other user’s end.

On the other hand, closing a DM doesn’t hide the chat for the other user. But remember, you can delete only individual messages on Discord using this method. It doesn’t allow you to delete the entire DM chart.

Basically deleting completely deletes the messages while closing DM just hides the chat.

Final Thoughts

Closing a DM only hides a chat from your message list and it won’t hide the chat from the receiver. Plus, the chat can always be recovered.

The only good use of closing a DM is to hide something you don’t want to see in the list and but still want the chat to exist so you can view it again one day.  


Does Blocking Someone On Discord Delete DMs?

No. If you block someone, it doesn’t delete DMs on Discord. What happens is the blocked user can no longer send you DMs. Apart from that, if there is any server you and the blocked user share, such servers hide messages from blocked users. However, you can view the messages in the blocked chat.

How To Delete All Messages On Discord?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward method. The least you can do is close the conversation. But there are several methods to delete messages on discord. They are – manually deleting everything, bot method, and cloning the channel method.