Looking at what the devs at Riot Games have offered you in the Valorant Store every day is one of the many things players start their day with. However, sometimes you feel too lethargic to go up to your desk, start your PC, launch Valorant and then check out the store. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a solution that will allow you to check if your store has some sick skins you can buy today — the Valorant Store Checker. 

So what is the Valorant Store Checker, how do you use it on your phone or PC, and is it safe to use? Dive into this article as we answer all of your questions so you never have to worry about launching Valorant to see what skins are there on the Market. 

What Is Valorant Store Checker

Valorant Store Checker is a third-party website and app that allows you to see what skins and items are available in the Valorant Store without the hassle of actually launching the game on your PC. It’s a pretty useful tool for those who are pretty enthusiastic about the cosmetics of the game but, for some reason, cannot open Valorant. 

Since Riot Games are pretty strict about keeping the game environment safe and healthy for their fanbase from cheaters, using most third-party websites will lead you to a ban. That begs the question; is the Valorant Store Checker safe to use?

Can Valorant Store Checker Get You Banned

Before we get into the details of how to download and use the store checker, it is essential to know whether the app is safe or not since you don’t want an unnecessary ban, especially on an account where you’ve invested a lot of money.

Valorant Shop Checker is basically a third-party app and isn’t endorsed by Riot Games anywhere. The website is made by a Valorant player for other players. The app uses Riot Games’ API to check the skins on your Valorant account. While we won’t get into the technicalities of what Riot Games API is, what we’re trying to say is that it doesn’t do anything malicious.

Valorant Store Checker

On the other hand, you need to hand over your login info to the website, which includes your username and password, which sparks a lot of debate about whether the app is safe or not. However, the Valorant Store Checker makes you enable Two Factor Authorization before you’re able to use it, so you don’t have to worry about someone trying to change your password.

While we’d be lying if we knew a definite answer to the question of whether Valorant Store Checker is safe to use or not, we haven’t come across anyone who has received a ban by using the Valorant Store Checker. Even if you do get banned, you can make a pretty strong case to present forward to Riot Games, which will probably get you unbanned. However, the likelihood of you receiving a ban in the first place is quite rare. 

How To Check Valorant Store Online

You can check your Valorant store online with ease now with the help of the Valorant Store Checker, whether you’re on your laptop/PC or using your mobile phone with just a couple of clicks. 

How To Check Valorant Store Online On Laptop/PC

Using the Valorant Store Checker on your Laptop/PC is pretty easy. If you haven’t done it before, follow these simple steps:

1. Head over to Valorant Store

2. Over here, you can scroll down in the Home tab to view the current bundle which is up for grabs. 

3. However, if you want to view your daily shop, you’ll need to go to the Settings tab and enter your login details to link your Riot account. 

4. Once you’ve linked your account, enable Two Factor Authorization, so your account doesn’t get compromised.

5. Next, Navigate to the Store section. Over here, you’ll be able to view the skins that are available for your account as part of the daily rotation.

How To Enable Two-Factor Authorization

Once you’ve linked your Riot ID with Valorant Store Checker, we recommend you enable Two Factor Authorization. Two Factor Authorization is a great way to ensure your account remains safe.

Even if someone somehow got a hold of your login details, they won’t be able to get into your game unless they type in the code that you receive on your email address affiliated with your Valorant account.

To enable Two Factor Authentication for your Riot account, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Riot account page.

2. Go to the Riot Account Sign-In tab.

3. Find the Two Factor Authorization card and click the Enable button.

4. Check the inbox of your connected email address for the MFA email from Riot games. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check the spam folder.

5. In the MFA email, click the Enable Two Factor Authentication button.

How To Check Valorant Store Online On Phone

The steps to check Valorant Store on the phone are exactly the same as you would check it on your PC or laptop. That said, unfortunately, the website only has an application that works on iOS devices and is free to use. So if you’re out of luck if you own an android. Nevertheless, if you want to download it, follow these steps:

1. Open the App Store on your Apple device.

2. Search for “Store Checker for Valorant” and download the app created by Gordon Ng.

3. Once the installation is complete, launch the app, select your account’s region and log in with your credentials.

4. The app may ask you to download additional assets. Once the download is finished, the Valorant store should be displayed in the app.

There will be other mobile apps, however, we don’t recommend you try them. While you could try them, we haven’t tested them, nor do we know if they have a reputation that can be trusted yet. So even if you want to, do it at your own risk. 

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What Does The Valorant Store Checker Show You

Apart from the in-game store items, there is also other stuff that the Valorant Store Checker can show you. If there’s a new bundle available in the game, you can check it through the Valorant Store Checker. You can also take a look at your Night Market through this app. 

Apart from cosmetics, there are also some stats regarding weapon skins that the Valorant Store Checker can show you. One such feature is the percentage of weapons that the devs at Riot Games decide to spawn in your Valorant Store. The more users use the store checker, the more accurate this service will be. 

Apart from that, the Valorant Store Checker is also handy if you’re looking to calculate how much Valorant Points (VP)  you’ve spent on the game. The website has a feature that sums up the prices of all weapon skins you’ve purchased. This is useful if you’re looking to sell your account to someone (we don’t recommend it since it’s against Valorant’s ToS) or if you just want to know its net worth of it.  

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How To Use Valorant Store Checker On Discord

The Valorant Store Checker can also be used to look up your Valorant Item Shop by typing in commands through Discord. After you’ve linked your account on the Valorant Store Checker website, follow these steps:

1. Go to the About tab and click on Discord Bot

2. Then select a server and click Continue to add the bot to your Discord server

3. Then Click Authorize and do the captcha (if asked)

4. Then go to your Discord and in any chat, type 


The bot will display your market in front of everyone in the chat. 

Try Out Other Commands

There are also a bunch of other commands you can try with the bot. To see all the commands, follow these steps:

1. Type the slash in your Discord server chat like this:

2. You’ll then see a bunch of commands load up. On the left, click on the icon of the Valorant Shop bot. 

This will allow you to see all the commands that you can use with the bot. Some of the most famous ones are /nightmarket that allow you to view your Night Market. The /wallet commands let you see how many VP and Radianite you currently have on your account. If you don’t understand something, just type in the /help command. 

AlternativeValorant Store Checkers

If you’re not a fan of ValorantStore, you can try out other Valorant Store Checkers as well. These are also third-party websites that provide more or less the same functionalities as valorantstore.net. We’ve listed some for you if you want to try them:


Valorant.Love is another great website that you can use to check out your Valorant shop today. It was created by a college student who initially did it to share it with his friends but once people realized how useful it was, it became quite famous with the help of social media.

If you want to link your Valorant account with Valorant.Love so you can check out new weapon skins each day; follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the website and log in through Discord by clicking your profile icon on the top right.  Authorize the login.

2. Under the Account Management section, click on Riot Accounts and then Add New Account.

3. On the new web page, follow the instructions to invite the Valorant store bot to a Discord server and type the following command in the server chat:


4. The bot will send you a private message on Discord. Follow the prompts to select your region, enter your username and password, and provide an encryption key if you have that setting enabled.

5. The bot will ask if you want to save your login information. React/Respond with the appropriate emojis to confirm.

Once you’re done with this, go to the Valorant.Love the website and click on the “Skin Store” option and choose your newly added Riot Account. The website will then display all the weapon skins that are in your market, along with your Valorant Points and Radianite. 

ValoMarket Bot

ValoMarket bot is a discord bot that is a great option for those people who are looking for something lightweight and straightforward to use. It displays the weapon skins that are currently in your Market, along with their prices in VP. 

You can also almost switch instantly to other accounts, so it’s a great way to check skins on your friend’s accounts too if they’re comfortable sharing their login details with you. The downside to the ValoMarket bot is that it doesn’t show any bundles in the game. 

If you want to set this bot up on your discord, just follow these steps:

  1. Invite the ValoMarket Bot to your Discord server and grant it the necessary permissions.
  2. In any open text channel, type the following command and press enter.
  1. Enter your login credentials in the provided text boxes and submit them.
  2. Wait for the ValoMarket Bot to process your credentials and display a Successfully logged-in message.
  3. To view the shop, use the Discord bot command in a text channel.

Valorant Shop

Valorant Shop is another lightweight Discord bot that will show you the skins that Riot has in store for you along with their pictures and the time remaining before the next daily rotation on Discord. It is also capable of showing your current balance in the game which includes Valorant Points and Radianite. 

To use Valorant Shop on your Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Add the Valorant Shopbot to your Discord server using the provided link.
  1. Go to a Discord channel and type /login, then press enter.
  2. Enter the Valorant username and password for the account you want to check, then press Enter. If you entered the correct credentials, you should see a message saying “Successfully linked”.
  1. Type the following command in the channel and press Enter. It may take a moment for the bot to process, but eventually, it will start sending information about the available skins and bundles in the Valorant store.

The Valorant Shop bot is also pretty famous and safe to use, however, we still recommend enabling Two Factor Authorization so that your account has an added layer of safety and cannot be breached by hackers. 


To sum it all up, Valorant Store Checkers are a great way to take a look at your Market in the game without launching it. While they aren’t endorsed by Riot Games itself, we recommend using them at your own risk.