A cover image of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 is the latest title from the FIFA sports video game series. This series is one of the more popular in the sports genre. Year after year, millions upon millions of fans play this game to celebrate their love of football (also known as soccer). So much so that the series is hailed as one of the best-selling franchises in the sports genre.

Every single FIFA game in the past notoriously didn’t support cross-platform, which is a shame given how massive the series’ player base is. It’s definitely one of the things the series needs. Thankfully, FIFA 23 finally made this change… with a slight caveat.

FIFA 23’s Cross-Platform Feature

Despite lacking this feature in every single game in the franchise in the past, FIFA 23 immediately had cross-platform at launch. This goes to show EA will listen to their players just as long as they call for something for a couple of years.

However, there’s a slight limitation to the game’s cross-platform feature.

PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S players can indeed play with each other via cross-platform. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can only play amongst themselves.

This divide between console generations can be explained by two newly added features that are only available in current-generation versions: the Hypermotion 2 and Technical Dribbling. Due to older consoles not having this, there’s a clear distinction between FIFA 23’s gameplay, accuracy, and responsiveness in the older consoles and the newer ones.

This most certainly is a fair limitation given the features that cause the hindrance. In any case, fans of the series are just happy that FIFA finally supports cross-platforms after so many years of calling for this feature.

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Turning Off the Cross-Platform Feature

While a vast majority of FIFA 23 players want to play with other players on different platforms, some may want the option to turn off this feature. The game allows this too and it’s a fairly simple process.

All the player will need to do is press R2 or RT while in the main menu. This will bring up the Crossplay Menu where they’ll be able to disable the feature or keep it enabled.

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