Is 800 MHz RAM Good For Gaming

We all know that the more RAM we have the better, which is especially true when it comes to gaming. But what about RAM speed, does that have any effect on games?

So if your RAM speed is 800Mhz, and you are wondering if it’s good for gaming. It should be fine for most games! 

Generally, RAM speed does not have a large effect on gaming, and if you are ever in a situation where you’d have to choose between more RAM or a better RAM speed, always go with more RAM.

In this post, I’ll break down if 800Mhz Ram speed is good enough for gamers and how it affects FPS.

Note – Throughout the post, I am going to assume you have 8GB 800 MHz RAM.

Can You Get a Good Gaming Experience From 800 MHz RAM? 

The general answer to this is Yes. If you’re a casual gamer, 800 MHz RAM speed should be fine. You probably won’t notice a difference between 800 MHz and, say, 1600 MHz RAM speeds.

However, 800 MHz RAM is slow for starters according to modern perspectives and standards of gaming.

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Moreover, if you need to game in 1080p or more than that, 800 MHz won’t be very ideal and you would need to upgrade your RAM size (not speed) .

However, if you need to play normal games and nothing else, 800 MHz RAM is sufficient. So you don’t need to spend much money buying 16GB RAM. However, remember that modern games require a large memory capacity. 

How Does A 800 MHz RAM Affect FPS?

Games need a considerable memory capacity. If you already have a good capacity RAM like 16 GB, more RAM speed doesn’t increase the FPS. And this is common for most games.

The reason is most games don’t go beyond that capacity. However, if your RAM is 4GB or 8GB 800 MHz, adding more memory can increase FPS in your games.

800 MHz RAM is enough only for a few. Some games don’t even reach the 4GB memory capacity. Therefore, it is ok to use 800 MHz RAM for normal gaming.

So the answer depends on the size of the game that you want to play. And also the development of games in the future will be massive. So we recommend going with a 16GB memory capacity rather than an 8GB more Mhz speed one. 

How Much RAM Speed Do I Need For Larger Games? 

As said before, everyone loves to go with more. 8 GB 800 MHz RAM is the minimum you can use, which changed in the year 2019. Accordingly, the games from 2020 require more than 800 MHz, even as the minimum.

Hence, most gamers go with 16GB 3200 MHZ RAM now. But that is not because the 8 GB 800 MHz one is entirely out of use. You can still use it for older games. But the future of gaming is changing dramatically day by day. So, you never know what will come next.

How Much RAM Speed Do I Need For Larger Games

Therefore, it is better to be prepared in advance. And the prices of computer parts are also rising. The more you are quick, the more you will be lucky. 

Is 1600 MHz/ 3200 MHz Enough for Gaming?

Yes, 8GB 1600 MHz and 16 GB 3200 MHz both RAMs are enough for gaming.

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And the latter is better than the former. As said before, you must understand your games’ memory and speed needs.

Since we are in a fast-developing world of games, we recommend you go at least 1600MHz.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the best way to figure out if 800 MHz RAM is good enough for your needs is to experiment with different configurations and see if it does okay with the games you play most.

Overall, it should be fine for the average gamer. However, if you’re a hardcore gamer 800MHz won’t be the best choice. But again, RAM Speed barely affects games.